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January 5, 2013 – District 8 TLI St. Louis, MO Leigh Britt, ACS-ALB.

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1 January 5, 2013 – District 8 TLI St. Louis, MO Leigh Britt, ACS-ALB

2 What are you expected to do as VPE? Promote the Toastmasters Educational Program Plan club meetings Orient New Members Organize Club Contests

3 What are you expected to do as VPE? Attend club executive committee meetings Fill in for the president as needed Attend district council meetings and vote the clubs proxy. Vote at international business meetings. Arrange for your replacement or assistance. Prepare your successor for office

4 Promote the TM Educational Program You are the in-house expert on educational awards! Work with your executive committee to plan the Successful Club Plan Know the educational status of your members, their goals and ask when they plan to reach their next goal. To earn the Advanced Leader Bronze you must serve as a club officer and help prepare the Club Success Plan.

5 Club Success Plan Goals your club should strive to achieve during the year: 1. Two CCs 2. Two more CCs 3. One ACB, ACS, or ACG 4. One more ACB, ACS, or ACG 5. One CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM 6. One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM 7. Four new members 8. Four more new members 9. Minimum of four club officers trained during each of two training periods 10. One membership renewal report and one club officer list submitted on time

6 How can you communicate your Club Success Plan to members ?

7 Document and Celebrate!! Sign manuals as projects are completed Sign off on award applications and/or submit online for members Celebrate! Celebrate! Recognize the awards achieved by your members!

8 Plan Club Meetings How is it done? Electronically – FreeToastHost, Google or other shared document? Hard copy sign up passed around at meetings? Pre-assigned schedules

9 How do you encourage participation in meetings? Full-cycle awards Personally asking Encourage a new member to take on a role Connect with the educational goal of the member Discussing upcoming agendas at meetings Delegating to the Toastmaster to help recruit

10 10 Tips for Using the CL Manual 1. Assign CL evaluators at every meeting. 2. Increase member awareness by requiring that members bring their Competent Leadership manuals to every club meeting. 3. Display the Competent Leadership manual at every meeting. 4. Recognize members when they complete CL manual projects. Ribbons for each project are available from the Toastmasters store.

11 10 Tips for Using the CL Manual 5. Work with the President to promote Competent Leadership at each club meeting. 6. Place equal importance on the leadership and communication tracks by including accreditations for both tracks in all correspondence, agendas, and programs for your club. 7. Post the Competent Leadership Achievement Chart during meetings and keep it up-to-date.

12 10 Tips for Using the CL Manual 8. Ask members to perform and receive evaluations on at least three meeting roles for each speech he or she presents. 9. Use the club website and newsletter to remind members to bring their CL manuals to the meeting. Post a congratulatory list of those who have completed the manual. 10. Ask each member who achieves the CL award to mentor a new member in the manual.

13 Orienting new members Orientation for new members Scheduling new members for roles and their ice breaker Assigning a mentor Serving as a mentor is a required activity for the CL and ACG Successful Club Series – Mentoring

14 Club contests Spring Contests: International Speech Contest Evaluation Contest Fall Contest: Humorous Speech Table Topics Other contests: Tall Tales

15 Why contesting?

16 Successful Club Contests Read and know the rules! International Speech: Contestants must have completed 6 speeches before competing Personnel: Contest Chair, Chief Judge, at least 5 judges, tiebreaking judge, 3 counters, 2 timers, unless impractical Delegate – Contest Chair can be a project to achieve CL

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