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Improv Matt Faragasso and Mr. Grouzes December 20, 2012

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1 Improv Matt Faragasso and Mr. Grouzes December 20, 2012
**Be sure to write something and put it in the hat**

2 The Plan Why? What? “Group Mind” Acceptance Hierarchy of Comedy
Commitment Physicality Using Space/Creating Reality

3 So, why? You’re always doing it Speaking publically
Getting to know people Thinking on your feet. It’s ridiculously fun

4 Questions that will not be answered today.
What are the secrets of improv? It’s improvised. Can’t have secrets. How can I be funny? Just have fun and hope that funny happens. What is the right way to improv? There are guidelines, but no rules.

5 Improv is Improv is not Role playing Imaginative Cooperative Original Material Awesome Stand-up Comedy Scripted A Contest Stealing Material Not awesome

6 Group Mind Listen to each other Whole troupe - same page Confidence
Yourself Your troupe Selflessness No Personal Agenda Listen to each other

7 Listening With your ears With your body (huh?) Offers

8 NO Acceptance Go with it. Don’t say “No.” “Yes, and…”
Live in the moment. Go for the story; not the laugh. Attack and offer NO

9 Bad “-ings” Blocking Wimping Gagging Steamrolling

10 Hierarchy of Comedy Puns/Wordplay Visual Comedy Riddles Jokes
Slapstick Sexual Humor Hierarchy of Comedy Racial/Biased Humor Poop Humor

11 The Truth

12 “Failure does not exist.”
Commitment “Failure does not exist.”

13 Physicality Stretch Space Pantomiming Actions speak louder than words

14 Reality Once it is created, do not try to change it.
Story Atmosphere Characters Falls under Commitment

15 Questions

16 Let’s have some fun.

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