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Collège la Cerisaie Charenton-le-Pont - France

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1 Collège la Cerisaie Charenton-le-Pont - France
Presentation Valencia, TILA, January 2013

2 Location Paris Charenton-le-Pont
Outskirts of Paris but just next to Paris – near the Bois de Vincennes – only 3 short stops from Paris 2 Location Paris Charenton-le-Pont

3 Charenton is located at the confluence of the Seine and the Marne
Charenton is located at the confluence of the Seine and the Marne. It’s close to Paris and the Bois de Vincennes…

4 Le Collège La Cerisaie

5 A town full of history….

6 … yet modern and dynamic

7 Population : 29,000 inhabitants – great ethnic and cultural diversity –
Big blocks of flats of the 1950s and more recent ones are close to more traditional housing

8 School system in France
Ecole maternelle : nursery school ………….. Pupils aged 2 ½ to 6 Ecole primaire : primary school ……………. Pupils aged 6 to 11 Collège : secondary school ……………………. Pupils aged 11 to 15 Lycée : secondary school ……………………….. Students aged 15 to 18 University

9 The only public (not private) secondary school in Charenton
The only public (not private) secondary school in Charenton. Opened in April 1973 but which was renovated in 2001 with a new building for sciences

10 Headmaster : Mr Froidefond Deputy head mistress : Mrs Thésée
52 Teachers 697 pupils 334 girls – 363 boys 6ème (aged 11to 12) 7 forms 5ème (aged 12 to 13) 7 forms 4ème (aged 13 to 14) 6 forms 3ème (aged 14 to 15) 7 forms Group class : from 23 to 30 pupils per class Coming from very mixed origins, as for their cultural background as well as their social background

11 In 6ème : pupils start learning one foreign language
usually English (4 hours per week) At La Cerisaie 6 forms learn English Since 2008 : one bilingual section pupils start learning 2 foreign languages German/English (3 hours per week for each language) In 5ème : pupils can choose to learn Latin, too In 4ème : Those who started English in 6ème must choose a second foreign language (3 hours a week) At La Cerisaie, it’s either German, Spanish or Italian in 4ème and 3ème « European » section in English, German & Italian (2 hours a week)

12 2 Partnerschools in Europe with regular exchanges: in Germany (Gustav Heinemann Schule-Berlin/Templehof) in Italy (Borgo Val di Taro)

13 TILA Teachers involved in the project :
German teacher : Ms Catherine Felce English teacher : Ms Brigitte Pitteloud Spanish teacher : Ms Ana Carvalho Maths teacher : Mr Stephane Herrero Technology teacher : Mr Louis Weiss Physics teacher : Mr Christophe Musset History – Geography : Ms Catherine Darley and Nathalie Baron Physical education : Mr Sylvain Perrier

14 TILA some thoughts for collaborative projects
Create a European city Opportunity to share cultural contents (specific buildings, institutions, means of transportation, ...) Discussions / debates about the organisation of the city (a main street, different quarters, open spaces, important/essential equipments …) Bring the learners to think about the life of the citizens in a city

15 Build a complex object together
Create a video A survey (on the characteristics of a country, for example) is written by one school et sent to the pupils/students of a partner school. The answers are filmed and sent back with their translation and/or subtitles. School B Questions Answers School A School C School D

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