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Regional Coordinators Meeting May 9, 2006 Focusing on Assessment.

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1 Regional Coordinators Meeting May 9, 2006 Focusing on Assessment

2 AGENDA Updates Local Regional State Summer Planning Resources Coordinator Community Focusing on Assessment

3 Local Updates GIS Day – November 15, 2006? Texas High School Project College Readiness Indicators vs. TAKS Stanford Redesign Breaking Ranks II

4 Grade 11 TAKS All Tests Taken Met Standard 2005 - State (1 SEM) First Administration

5 College Readiness is Low for All Groups (State) Percent of Students Meeting THECB Standard for Higher Education Readiness English/LAMath All students39%47% African-American28%26% Hispanic29%34% White48%61%

6 ELA Grade 11 TAKS Met Standard (1 SEM) and Higher Education Readiness Component TAKS Scale Score 2200 and 3 on Writing (State) TAKS Passing Standard is 59% of items correct.

7 Math Grade 11 TAKS Met Standard (1 SEM) And Higher Education Readiness Component TAKS Scale Score 2200 (State) TAKS Passing Standard is 55% of items correct.


9 Other College Readiness Indicators: Percent at or above the criterion, where the criterion is 1110 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT Percent of graduates completing the Recommended and/or the Distinguished Achievement Program

10 Regional Updates History Day Results available online at rs_2006.html rs_2006.html Making History workbooks Regional History Fair 2007 Triumph and Tragedy in History When: Saturday, March 3, 2007 Location: Education Service Center, Region 20 Regional Annual Social Studies Conference Bridging the Achievement Gap: Strengthening Curriculum Instruction, and Assessment When: Saturday, October 28, 2006 Location: Education Service Center, Region 20

11 State Updates TETN May 16 – Texas Register online TSSSA Conference Spring 2006 - great information source – TCSS Annual Conference – October 13-15, 2006 – Ft. Worth TXASCD Annual Conference – October 15-17, 2006 – Austin Renaissance Hotel Texas History Conference - January 12-13, 2007 TSHA Annual Meeting – March 8-10, 2007 in San Antonio (What topics are you interested in learning more about?)

12 State Updates Call for Book Reviewers – Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas – contact Steven Schroeder by July 1 st at May 18 – International Museum Day Museums and Young People Freedom Documents Fund – Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution FOR YOU!

13 Summer Planning ESC 20 Staff Development Leadership Academy for Social Studies (LASS) - Deadline is June 9 LASS for Coordinators – suggestion from coordinators Leadership Academy for Social Studies July 2009 June 2006 to LASS


15 Summer Planning - June Geography Professional Development – 3 day workshops – infusing geo-technologies into MS and HS teaching & learning – for information, email Andrew Milson at UNT at June 1-2 Economic Summit Beyond Our Backyard June 3-9 – TSHA Connecting Texas: Los Caminos Reales June 8-9 Texas Fine Arts Summit VII – one strand is music and social studies June 15 deadline – Aramco Educators to Saudi Arabia in November 14-28, 2006 May, July, August – World in Transition Workshops

16 Summer Planning - June June 26-30 – World Affairs Council of Washington DC Summer Institute Looking Towards Asia June 17-24 & June 25-July 2 – NEH James Madison and Constitutional Citizenship June 18-24 – FTE Economics for Leaders in Austin Texas Alliance for Geographic Education June 5-7 – Leadership Academy (veteran teachers) June 12-14 – Geography 101 (novice teachers)

17 Summer Planning - July June & July – TCEE – economics for 4 th – 8 th grade (Texas History & economics, Math & economics, Invest in Texas) July 15-21 – We the People…Texas Institute July 19-22 – National History Day: In Pursuit of Excellence July 17-19 – NCSS Reading Strategies to Unlock the Social Studies July 25 - Globalization 101 – 3 hour forum July 26-28 – Mariachi across the Curriculum – cross-curricular connection between music and academics – Contact: Natalie Arsenault at (512) 232-2404

18 Summer Planning - August August 1- Personal Finance Workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Antonio

19 Future Planning Coordinator Meetings August 29, 2006 from 8:30 – 12:00 October 31, 2006 from 8:30 – 12:00

20 Resources San Jacinto Museum of History www.sanjacinto- museum.orgwww.sanjacinto- Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative free summer workshops Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum primary sources for teachers email & Gilder Lehrman – site improvements for teachers –

21 Resources Bill of Rights Institute 1 st Amendment for middle school & high school Being an American Essay Contest for high school – for a packet Degree Confluence Project – visit latitudes & longitudes all over the world and take pictures Access to government websites

22 Resources Texas History primary sources sources.html#tx_doc sources.html#tx_doc Texas Beyond History Through the Eyes of the Explorer plains/kids/cabeza-south/ plains/kids/cabeza-south/cdv_mainpage.html Kids Around the World child profiles Issues and Controversies in American History from Facts on File News Services

23 Resources $$$$$$$$$$$ 2006-2007 Save Our History Grant of up to $10,000

24 Coordinator Community Forum: Focusing on Assessment Tools Time to Share

25 Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

26 Focusing on Assessment TOOLS WebCCAT – Emily Lorenz Sharon Rodriguez, Medina Valley – item analysis in Austin in June Get on Track for the TAKS! TOPCAT – Texas Online Preparation for College Admissions Tests – SAT & ACT prep Side by Side documents Improvement Plan (analysis)

27 Side by Sides - example

28 Improvement Plan Content Area: Grade: Objective # ____Team Members: Student Expectations Tested: (Identify TEKS # and Student Expectation) % / # Met Stnd. # Did Not Meet Stnd. What is our understanding of these expectations? What should students know and be able to do? Reflection: Instruction? Curriculum? Assessments? TEKS-based? Coherent? Focused? Equitable Opportunities? Differentiation? Rigor? Necessary Actions # _______/___ # _______/___ # _______/___ # _______/___ # _______/___ # _______/___

29 Focusing on Assessment Time to Share What strategies/activities/resources are you using to instruct educators to use data for the purpose of tailoring instruction? What successful strategies/activities/resources are you using to support SENIORS who fail Exit-level SS TAKS? What successful strategies/activities/resources are you using to support students in preparing for TAKS? What staff development opportunities will you offer for Social Studies teachers in 2006-2007? What initiatives will be introduced or continued this year to support Social Studies education, TAKS preparation, etc? (ex. TAKS Saturday, Super Saturday…)

30 Contacts Tori Austin 210.370.5471 Ravae Shaeffer 210.370.5403

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