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Uniformity: The Key to OUR Success. If this happens – Will we be ready?

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1 Uniformity: The Key to OUR Success

2 If this happens – Will we be ready?

3 1. Ballot Design (One template) 2. Clarity Control (Election Calendar) 3. Clarity Support (Fully Integrated) 4. Logic & Accuracy Testing (Simplified) 5. Election Canvass (Improved) Uniform Processes to Improve the 2008 General Election

4 Ballot Design County Information Review Form Election Directors Input on Design 14 Ballot – 2 Sided Redesigned Voter Instructions Shading added for emphasis






10 Uniform Ballot design contributes to election success in NC.

11 Eric Barcliff Jennifer Sparks Bev York Clarity Control

12 What is Clarity Control Its your Election Calendar Election deadlines will never be missed again. The State Board of Elections WILL DO the setup for you

13 Key Features of Clarity Control Uniformity Web-based Auto Alerts Outlook Connector

14 Uniformity Consistent process state-wide Facilitates uniform General Statute compliance Provides tool to monitor election readiness for all counties

15 Web-Based Access Control from anywhere there is an Internet connection Home Another County/Meeting Location Vacation

16 Auto Alert Notifications Timely Email Reminders of Scheduled Tasks Administrators – Can setup auto alerts for every task assigned to themselves as well as to any user. Users – Can setup auto alerts for tasks assigned to themselves. All – Can setup auto alerts to notify when tasks are scheduled to start or when tasks are overdue.

17 Setting The Auto Alert

18 Auto Alert Example

19 Outlook Connector Take Advantage of Clarity Features While Using Email Allows the user to update tasks and monitor their individual progress via Microsoft Outlook. Gives you the ability to synchronize tasks directly from Outlook to Clarity Control.

20 Outlook Mail Sync To Control Outlook Task View Open Task View

21 Summary Clarity Control Features and Benefits Uniformity = Consistent results Web-Based = Access from any location Auto Alert = Complete critical tasks timely Connector = Access Clarity from email The State Board of Elections will do the setup for YOU! The DETs are ready to assist you in your efforts.

22 Clarity Control Election Calendar contributes to election success in NC.

23 HELP! Getting the help you need, When you need it… Clarity Support Clarity Support Prepared by: Laura Dell. DET District 4 Travis Leach. DET District 6 Doyle Alley, Election Support

24 HELP! Key Topics For Review Introduction Adding Link to Favorites Logging in Creating an Incident Creating user accounts

25 HELP! Introduction

26 HELP! Adding Link to Favorites Click on the plus star icon on your browser tool bar Then select Add to Favorites

27 HELP! Logging in Start here

28 HELP! Creating an Incident 1. From Project Home page- Select Create Incident tab

29 HELP! Creating an Incident 2. Enter a brief description in Title field

30 HELP! Creating an Incident 3. Each field with red lettering is mandatory

31 HELP! New Instant Escalation New Creating an Incident 4. In the Status field - select Escalated 5. Click Save

32 HELP! Creating an Incident Optional: Verify Escalation-via History tab

33 HELP! Creating user accounts 1. From Project Home page -select Administration tab 2. Click to reveal Project tab and select

34 HELP! Creating user accounts 3. Select Add Agents

35 HELP! Creating user accounts 5. Enter Password 4. Add user info 6. Save

36 HELP! Clarity Support Your FIRST CHOICE to request support assistance from SBE or from your DET Getting the help you need, When you need it…

37 HELP! Clarity Support contributes to election success in NC.

38 Sherwood Brantley Karen Brinson Brooks Garrett-Jones Logic & Accuracy Logic & Accuracy

39 Why Have L&A Testing? 8 NCAC 4.0307… The CBE shall test or cause to be tested each voting system or unit that will be used in the election to ensure that the system is operating properly and has been programmed to count votes accurately.

40 Need for Uniformity in L&A Testing Consistency: Like equipment should be tested in the same manner Accuracy: Pre-determined, planned testing verifies accuracy of equipment Confidence: Equipment is ready to do the job Uniformity in L&A Testing is OUR verifiable paper trail!

41 The L&A Process 1 st : Plan and prepare test scripts and equipment – start ASAP 2 nd : Conduct testing and compare with expected results 3 rd : Accumulate results for all tested polling locations and equipment 4 th : Read results into ERM and verify totals are correct 5 th : Upload to ENR and confirm with SBE 6 th : Prepare equipment and materials for Election use

42 Components of a Test Script Test scripts should be written before testing is performed. Scripts must be compared to final results. Every candidate and/or question for all ballot styles must be tested. Additional votes must be scripted such that candidates and/or questions have unique vote totals. Example: 5 candidate contest… cast votes in the following variation Candidate A – 5 Candidate D – 2 Candidate B – 4 Candidate E -- 1 Candidate C – 3

43 Components of a Test Script Additionally test: o Blank ballots o Ballots containing overvoted and undervoted contests o Ballots containing write-ins o Ballots containing straight party and crossover votes

44 Creating a Test Script The SBE is in the process of generating a uniform test script that all counties will be able to utilize. A uniform test script ensures that minimum test script standards are met statewide.

45 AutoMark and M100 No significant changes are being made to the L&A documents for the AutoMark or M100. Updated editions of these documents will be available in the coming weeks.

46 Changes to iVotronic L&A Testing GOAL: To create more effective yet efficient testing of the iVotronic voting machines. 1) Procedures for Testing Ballot Coding 2) Procedures for Testing Equipment Funcitionality

47 Changes to iVotronic L&A Testing Procedures for Testing the Ballot Coding These procedures must be completed on AT LEAST ONE voting machine per polling place. The ADA designated voting machine may be used for these procedures o Ballot must be listened to in its entirety to ensure that all pronunciation is correct and audio matches voter touch commands. o At least one ballot outlined by the pre-determined test script must be voted on the ADA designated voting machine.

48 Changes to iVotronic L&A Testing Procedures for Testing the Ballot Coding (cont.) Alternative: One-Stop and Transfer o Procedures may be distributed among all equipment. Example: 20 precincts, 5 voting machines assigned to the One-Stop site Test 4 precincts per machine

49 Changes to iVotronic L&A Testing Procedures for Testing the Equipment Funcitionality At minimum, these procedures must be completed on ALL voting machines per polling place. Once one machine per polling place has been tested in full, cast one test vote rotating through the test script on all remaining machines assigned to that polling place. Complete steps of iVotronic Check Log, including: o Settings o Opening and closing o Clear & Test

50 Changes to Test Results Reporting Procedures for Reporting Test Results Testing media for all polling locations and tested equipment must be processed through the ERM software module and then uploaded to the ENR site. Verify that results are accurate and correct between the results tape, ERM and ENR. Test results must be reported no later than 10 business days prior to the election date. Procedures outline steps for zeroing out the modules and uploading testing results.

51 Uniformity Follow scripts exactly Use the checklists Dedicate time for testing Document everything Keys to L&A Testing

52 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2008 Thorough Logic & Accuracy Testing contributes to successful North Carolina elections.

53 Rosemary Blizzard, DET District 7 Kathie Cooper, DET District 2 Election Canvass Election Canvass

54 Why Audit? Required & necessary function – in order to complete the canvass To insure integrity of the election – what happened on Election Day? Determine accuracy of voter history, ballots cast and official results – establishing the election record.

55 Pre – Election Day Audits Distributing ballots and supplies. By mail absentees including applications received. Ballots returned approved and disapproved by the board. Onestop Absentee Voting – daily tracking at each site and summary totals ELECTION AUDITS Election Day Audits (before 7:30 pm) Voter counts vs. machine counts throughout the day Machine totals vs. ATVs/Pollbooks Election Day Audits (after 7:30 pm) Collect and secure election media ERM reports vs. ENR display

56 ELECTION AUDITS Post-Canvass Audits Voter history – complete by state canvass (counties with special circumstances should notify SBE) Sort voting data by voting tabulation districts Pay pollworkers…or not Pre-Canvass Audits Checking ballot accounting forms Returning and securing voting equipment Comparing Unity and ENR totals Number of voters against number of ballots cast (explain differences) Process & count provisional ballots Sample hand-to-eye count

57 The Auditing Process Some things to keep in mind: You DO have to be…. PREPARED, ORGANIZED, THOROUGH, and sometimes PERSISTANT! You DO NOT have to be an accountant!

58 SAMPLES Onestop Daily Tracking (M100) Onestop Daily Tracking (M100) Onestop Daily Tracking (Ivo) Onestop Daily Tracking (Ivo) Precinct Audit Sheets (Individual) Precinct Audit Sheets (Individual) Election Night Tracking Form Election Night Tracking Form Precinct Audit Sheet (Summary format) Precinct Audit Sheet (Summary format)

59 Need Help With the Paperwork? The CD you received for this seminar contains the samples of the forms used to conduct Onestop and precinct audits as well as a copy of this presentation. You may also find these forms as part of the Precinct Uniformity Project at the following website: Adapt to meet your specific needs.

60 The Canvass Meeting 11 am - the tenth day following the general election. This public meeting is used to complete the canvass. All audit materials and findings should be presented to the board for their review and before certifying the final results. If a contest has an ongoing protest or complaint, DO NOT certify that contest. Check and re-check contest totals before having board sign official canvass abstracts or uploading to ENR.

61 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2008 Candidates say NC Audits sound. 2 ND place finisher concedes!

62 Presented by: Keith Long Brooks Garrett-Jones Eric Barcliff Doyle Alley Karen Brinson Kathie Cooper Laura Dell Jennifer Sparks Sherwood Brantley Travis Leach Rosemary Blizzard Bev York

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