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Rosia Montana The Way It Is. Gabriel Resources (GR), a Toronto-based mining junior intends to develop a large part of Romanias Apuseni mountains. Rosia.

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1 Rosia Montana The Way It Is

2 Gabriel Resources (GR), a Toronto-based mining junior intends to develop a large part of Romanias Apuseni mountains. Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) is a joint venture between Gabriel Resources (80%) and Minvest S.A. (- 20%), Romanias state mining company. Under the agreement GR will deliver the base capital of $450mio; in exchange the Romanian government will receive a 2% gross production royalty. GR is a Barbados registered company.

3 The project covers an initial 1600ha; including Rosia Montana and Corna. Opencast mining will be developed in Rosia Montana and will cover a minimum of 722 ha. The adjacent valley of Corna will house the tailings pond. It will cover a surface of up to 800ha. and will be held by a 185m high Dam made of waste rock. Given that both valleys are inhabited, 2150 people; 740 subsistence farmers and 138 apartments will have to make way and resettle. Mine life is at an average of 14years. During peak operation the project will employ a workforce of 248.

4 This is how Gabriel advertises Rosia Montana

5 This is how Rosia Montana actually looks like

6 Rosia Montana The Way It Is This is Rosia Montanas fate according to Gabriel

7 What does it MEAN?

8 But What does it MEAN? Something like this pit but 4 of them

9 Whats there now?







16 Under Romanian law Rosia Montana is a protected valley and this because of its great cultural patrimony. Until nationalization in 1948, Rosia Montana was a prosperous town; this because the locals had rights over the mine galleries and the gold. Many still own these documents, Claiming that These rights are still valid and therefore contest the Legality of Gabriels license. large town houses dating from the 18th & 19 th century still bear witness of Rosia Montanas glorious past. They date from times when the locals were left free to shape their own lives. Mining and agriculture have since time immemorial Been closely connected.




20 Rosia Montana is Romanias oldest documented mining settlement; also know known by its Roman name Alburnus Maior. Gold has been mined here since 2000 years and the area is littered with important archaeological remains such as temples, thermae, settlements, fortified buildings, Roman cemeteries, Roman mine galleries; to name but a few. Whilst some of these treasures have been unearthed; more still lie beneath the surface…


22 Roman mine galleries of Rosia Montanas Cirnic Massif

23 Entrance into a Roman Gallery on Cirnicel

24 Entrance into a Roman Gallery on Cirnics surface

25 Rosia Montanas Orlea Roman galleries

26 If we are to have progress, supermarkets and apartment blocs, then we have to accept that some of the archaeological treasures will have to be destroyed. Andrew Kuczmarek ex-vice president and General Manager, Gabriel Resources

27 This is one of Rosia Montanas historic buildings

28 But it is also a home

29 And this is its owner

30 And she owns a property

31 She, too owns her property

32 And so does she

33 And she owns a property

34 And so do they…

35 And she owns property

36 And he owns more than just his bees

37 And they own homes… right where Gabriel wants to build Europes largest open cast gold mine…

38 And she does

39 This sign reads: This house is not for sale


41 They are all Gabriel Resource Rebels And their homes are Not for sale

42 There are many of them… Alburnus Maior represents over 350 families; opposed to Gabriels project on social, environmental, economic and patrimonial grounds.

43 This is Othilia

44 She lives in a valley adjacent to Rosia Montana She lives in a place called Corna

45 This is Corna Valley



48 This is how tailings look like

49 This is how a tailings pond looks like

50 And because Gabriel wants to make a lot of profit, they will use cyanide. It will end up in the tailings pond that will cover up to 800ha.

51 Gabriel intends cover Corna with a metal sludge like this

52 This is what cyanide - laced tailings can effect when they accidentally escape

53 Rosia Montana, 28.July 2002

54 Because tailings, pits and waste dumps take up a lot of space, 2150 locals will have to be involuntarily resettled and make way for Gabriels Rosia Montana open-cast gold mining project.

55 This is how involuntary relocation looks like …

56 …to those who havent been asked

57 In absence of the projects Environmental Impact Assessment and public consultations, Gabriel is already relocating the local population.

58 We are sure that eventually we can convince all of the affected population about the benefits of moving. Bruce Marsh, ex Gabriel Resources vice president Environmental & Regulatory Affairs

59 Othilias opinion on involuntary resettlement

60 This is how she stopped the politicians in the first place

61 And she is not on her own…

62 Rosia Montana, 16. April 2002




66 Bucharest, October 2002

67 Bucharest, October 2003

68 Solidarity March; 6-11 September 2003


70 Bucharest, 16. June 2003

71 Once more, Alburnus Maior warns Gabriel Resources shareholders and all possible investors that this project will never take place. And this, besides any other reason, for the simple fact that we will not sell our homes, pastures, forests, churches and cemeteries, and we will not move from Rosia Montana or Corna. Nobody, and no money can force us out. May be you consider that we are poor people by Canadian standards, but we are not for sale, and you should understand that there are things and people that money cannot buy. We know very well our rights, just as we know that the concessions rights obtained by RMGC are not legal, and can be suppressed at any time in a court of law. Bucharest, 16. June 2003

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