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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Dear Mr. Henshaw Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Wires are _______ to prevent short circuits from occurring. muffle submitted insulated grade

3 Vocabulary 2. We put up a _______ to divide the room into two parts.
refinery grade muffle partition

4 Vocabulary 3. The tiger _______ in the tall grass, searching for its prey. muffles submitted prowls enhances

5 Vocabulary 4. Strong fumes were rising from the nearby oil _______.
refinery insulated partition grade

6 Vocabulary 5. The road had a steep _______, so the truck driver shifted to a lower gear. muffle grade submitted partition

7 Vocabulary 6. Because every student in class _______ his or her book report on time, our teacher read us a story. prowls muffle grade submitted

8 Vocabulary 7. If you put the alarm clock under a pillow, you will _______ its loud ring. insulated muffle refinery devote

9 Comprehension 8. How can you tell Leigh enjoys writing in his diary?
He thinks that will please Mr. Henshaw. He got a new notebook. He always has it up-to-date. He filled up his first notebook.

10 Comprehension 9. What shows that Leigh is having trouble with an idea for a story? He is thinking about writing a poem on butterflies. He needs one more idea for his story about a ten-foot wax man. He hopes to write about batteries. He writes a letter to his dad instead of writing a story.

11 Comprehension 10. Leigh thinks he can make an alarm because _______.
he is always inventing things the hardware man goes to Leigh’s house he has been reading library books on the subject his dad is an electrician

12 Comprehension 11. How does the man in the hardware store figure out what Leigh is making? He sees Leigh walk into the store. The bell rings in the store. He hears Leigh talking about what he intends to make. He notices Leigh’s lunchbox and the items he picks out.

13 Comprehension 12.What does Leigh do when he has a problem with his alarm lunchbox? buys another lunchbox asks Barry for help thinks and experiments gives up on the whole idea

14 Comprehension 13. Why can’t Leigh wait for Monday to arrive?
He loves schools. He is going to find out who stole his lunch. He has a new lunchbox with a padlock on it. His mom will make salami and cream cheese sandwiches.

15 Comprehension 14. When does Leigh begin to feel like a hero?
when everyone wants his lunch when he finds out who stole his lunch when everyone is interested in the alarm when his alarm startles everyone

16 Comprehension 15. “I dashed off a description of the time I rode with my father.” In this selection, dashed off means _______. ran after wrote and wrote put in short lines wrote down quickly

17 Comprehension 16. Why is Leigh mad and disgusted?
because there are only beans and franks for dinner because his father sounds lonely because his parents aren’t married anymore because he doesn’t know what to say to his father

18 Comprehension 17. In the Young Writer’s contest, Leigh wins ______.
first prize second prize third prize honorable mention

19 Comprehension 18. Mrs. Badger says all of the following things are true about Leigh’s story except _______. he wrote honestly about something he knew about Leigh imitated Mr. Henshaw’s writing style the story was a splendid work for a young writer the reader experiences going down a steep hill

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