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English 9 A The Odyssey Part Two.

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1 English 9 A The Odyssey Part Two

2 Part Two – Coming Home Read 928-934
Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca , but his dangerous journey is far from over. Odysseus has been gone for twenty years, and his son, Telemachus, has been gone for a year. Odysseus’s house has been overtaken by enemies. Read

3 The meeting of Father and Son – The Beggar and His Faithful Dog
Telemachus has not seen his father in twenty years. He obviously will not recognize him. What part of the Epic Hero Cycle is the story at? Read

4 Questions 928-934 Coming Home
Who helps Odysseus return to Ithaca after twenty years? Once in Ithaca, whom does Odysseus visit and how is he disguised? In Odysseus' absence, where has his son Telemachus journeyed? Why? What news does Athena share with Telemachus? The Meeting of Father and Son When Telemachus returns to Ithaca, who does he visit first? Why? What important Greek value does Telemachus' and Eumaues' treatment of the unknown beggar reveal? How does Athena transform Odysseus just before he reveals his identity to Telemachus? The Beggar and the Faithful Dog Why is it ironic that Odysseus should return to Ithaca in beggar's rags? What is Argos' condition when Odysseus sees him? In telling us how Odysseus's dog is kept, what is Homer also telling us about conditions in Ithaca? What tale does the "beggar" tell Penelope? How does he describe Odysseus, and why do you think he adds these details? How is Penelope's interview with the beggar ironic? Who recognized Odysseus, despite his rags, when he returns to his kingdom? By what hidden sign did she recognize him? What do we learn about the character of Penelope in her interview with the beggar? Why do you think Odysseus continues to keep his identity hidden from his wife?

5 The Test of the Great Bow
Penelope has spent three years weaving and unweaving a shroud in order to avoid the suitors. In this account, she creates a test for the suitors, but she knows that only Odysseus could actually complete the task. Does Penelope know that Odysseus is home? Read

6 Questions 936-940 The Test of the Great Bow
In setting up the test of the bow for the suitors, how is Penelope really suggesting she is looking for Odysseus? What does Penelope promise the winner of the contest? Just before Odysseus steps forward to try the bow, he reveals his identity to two other people. Who are they, and why does he reveal himself to them? As the epic reaches its climax, two signs are sent from Olympus to indicate the gods' approval of Odysseus. What are they?

7 Death at the Palace - Odysseus and Penelope
This account is the climax of the story. Odysseus has returned home under a strange sail, but he is now ready to rid his kingdom of the suitors and reclaim his throne. Who, from Part One, gave Odysseus advice about dealing with the suitors, and what was the advice? In the second account, Penelope has one final test for Odysseus. Read

8 Questions 941-947 Death at the Palace
List at least five images/examples of figurative language that help you picture some of the most tense or most horrifying moments in the battle? Is Odysseus revenge on the suitors and maids excessive? Defend your answer. Odysseus and Penelope Is Odysseus revenge on the suitors and maids excessive? Explain your answer. How does Penelope test Odysseus after the battle?

9 Review Who is Odysseus disguised as when he returns home?
What is an example of dramatic irony from The Odyssey? What difficult task does Penelope propose for her suitors? Who joins Odysseus in his fight against the suitors? Why does Telemachus execute the maids? How does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope? How does Odysseus show traits of an epic hero in book 2? Name 3 themes that you see in The Odyssey. What character, besides Odysseus, in Part Two do you think is the most heroic? Why? Answer Questions 1-6 from page 950 and complete the Reading Check.

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