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Opportunity. For Life.. Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! The Duke University Talent Identification Program --- 4th-6th Grade Talent Search.

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1 Opportunity. For Life.

2 Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! The Duke University Talent Identification Program --- 4th-6th Grade Talent Search

3 Opportunity. For Life. Non-profit identification and support services for the academically gifted Educational opportunities and resources Since 1980, more than 2.5 million participants What is Duke TIP?

4 Opportunity. For Life. Working with students, educators, and their families we are here for you! Together we serve. Academically Talented Student Duke TIP Educators Parents & Families

5 Opportunity. For Life. Above-level Assessment Talent Search Model Talent Search 7th Grade Network of Programs and Resources Motivation and Encouragement Special Support 4th–6th Grade

6 Opportunity. For Life. Talent Search -- where the TIP experience begins. Identification Enrollment Participation Identification, academic challenge, and peer interaction through resources and programming

7 Opportunity. For Life. Current 4th, 5th, or 6th graders 95th percentile or higher in at least one subtest area on a qualifying test Check the website for acceptable tests and scores: Eligibility

8 Opportunity. For Life. Participation is Rewarding! Special motivation to focus on academic achievement and self-challenge Interact with academic peers Access an array of opportunities and resources Assess intellectual abilities through above-level testing and assessment

9 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Helpful Resources Fun and educational publications created specifically for students

10 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Helpful Resources Staying on Course: Articles written by gifted education professionals, suggestions for home activities, and review of educational research Educational guidance from TIP staff at any time

11 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Book Club Virtual classroom discussions via a secure blog atmosphere and interactive, online lessons – all driven by the selected book Three to four books covered per year

12 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Writing Contest Entries judged by members of the Duke faculty and TIP staff Monetary prizes to the winners (each grade) and their enrolling schools 1st Prize: $250 2nd Prize: $100 3rd Prize: $25

13 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Online Lessons Self-paced, independent study covering concepts and skills in creative writing, math, and science Story Writing: Spin Me a Yarn Number Secrets and Secret Codes Energy: Powerful Connections in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Reinventions in Architecture

14 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: Helpful Resources Digest of Gifted Research Online newsletter providing conceptual, theoretical, and practical information Educational Opportunity Guide Online directory showcasing schools, summer programs, and academic competitions in the U.S. and abroad

15 Opportunity. For Life. Benefits: EXPLORE Optional above-level testing experience Eighth-grade level test as an academic, diagnostic tool November, January, or February test dates 99th percentile composite scorers are honored at a state recognition ceremony Fee: $35

16 Opportunity. For Life. Enrollment is Easy! Begins October 1 Online at By mail Fee: $37 Benefits continue through sixth grade year

17 Opportunity. For Life. Financial Aid Qualify for free or reduced lunch and there is no fee to participate More than $3 million awarded across all programs in 2013

18 Opportunity. For Life. Educational Programs Outstanding learning opportunities for grades 4 and up

19 Opportunity. For Life. Academic Adventures Challenging, hands-on learning experiences for TS participants One-day study exploring topics not typically covered in schools Locations include: Georgia Kansas Kentucky Missouri North Carolina South Carolina Texas

20 Opportunity. For Life. CRISIS A week-long, residential, summer program for fifth and sixth graders Emphasizes problem-based learning and leadership skills Students work together to solve a community crisis

21 Opportunity. For Life. Rosetta Stone® through Duke TIP Discounted, one-year subscription to this renowned online language-learning program Uses speech recognition technology and real- life simulated conversations 25 available languages including Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, German, and more!

22 Opportunity. For Life. Independent Learning Self-paced, engaging studies anytime, anywhere for grades 4 - 12 No qualifying criteria Various formats: CD-ROM, workbook, and/or online Students work with a local mentor Participants and schools receive a discount!

23 Opportunity. For Life. Duke TIP 4th-6th Grade Talent Search (919) 668-9100

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