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Primary School Gornji Mihaljevec Croatia, Međimurje.

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1 Primary School Gornji Mihaljevec Croatia, Međimurje

2 A school water advertisement contest

3 During January, a school water advertisement contest was organised. Our pupils from 5th to 8th grade have come up with some ideas for a label design on water packages. They've made graphic materials using colour pencils and markers (felt-tip pens) during Art lessons.

4 Dorotea Miljančić, 7th grade Nikola Gregorinčić, 7th grade

5 Nives Čurin, 6th grade Sanja Gregorinčić, 7th grade

6 Bernarda Flinčec, 7th grade Sanela Mesarić, 8th grade

7 Klaudija Pal, 7th grade Lara Kralj, 6th grade

8 David Kraljić, 8th grade Lea Markulin, 6th grade

9 Lorena Trupković, 8th grade German language teacher

10 Tamara Moharić, 8th grade Karla Kovačić, 8th grade

11 Mihael Mlinarić, 8th grade Lucija Pokrivač, 6th grade

12 Jelena Kocen, 8th grade Ana Doničar, 8th grade

13 During December, class teacher Ljubica Žabek-Horvatić and 5th graders have organised a workshop within the school water advertisement contest. They have created labels for water packages using colour pencils and markers (felt-tip pens).

14 Barbara Pokrivač, 5th grade Nikolina Horvatić, 5th grade

15 Jan Kos, 5th grade Marta Markulin, 5th grade

16 Nika Guterman, 5th grade Sabina Petković, 5th grade

17 David Vugrinec, 5th grade Nino Čurin, 5th grade

18 Deni Lovrec, 5th grade Mario Novak, 5th grade

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