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Flanders Marine Institute 9th VLIZ Young Scientists Day welcome...

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1 Flanders Marine Institute 9th VLIZ Young Scientists Day welcome...

2 2009 Statistics 170+ participants 69 scientific contributions all marine science disciplines 45+ different institutes and research teams UGent, VUBrussel, KULeuven, UAntwerpen, UHasselt ULB, ULg, UCL AMA/HZS, KHBO ILVO-Fisheries, INBO, Flanders Hydraulics, RBINS, MUMM Students: MareLac, EcoMaMa, EMBC, others Flemish and federal administrations CEME, NIOZ, Prov. Zeeland, Waterschap Zeeuwse Eilanden SIC, CC-ICZM, Soresma,...

3 Programme 9:00-12:10Plenary session Welcome and introduction: Jan Mees, VLIZ Plenary lecture: Jan Tytgat (KULeuven, toxicology/blue biotech) Expectancies of a toxicologist: from sudden poisoning to miraculaous discovery Oral presentations: Tom Maris (UA, estuarine ecology) Guillaume Delefortrie (WL, nautical research) Frank Bockelmann (VUB, biogeochemistry) Heroen Verbruggen (UGent, algology)

4 Programme 13:00-13:50Plenary lecture Trevor Platt Partnership for the Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) « Observing the Ocean »

5 Programme 13:50-15:30« Marine Science Fair » poster session: 40 posters in competition! 13 demonstrations photo contest networking

6 Programme 15:30-16:30Plenary session Presentations by laureates of North Sea Award: Els Verfaillie (marine geology, seabed mapping) Thesis Awards: Steven De Meester (microplastics) Elisabeth Robert (mangroves)

7 Poster competition Best Poster Awards Jury –8 post-docs Public –One european wentletrap (scientific content/structure) –One elephants tusk shell (lay-out) see guidelines...

8 Photo contest Best Picture Award 8 pictures public: three votes per person professional jury

9 Demonstrations - VLIZ Biological databases: TISBE and WoRMS Internet encyclopaedia: coastal and marine WIKI Data and information portal: Scheldemonitor Web-interface: Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index Indicators: sustainable development Scheldt estuary Data archaelogy and rescue: historical fisheries data Outreach: European seafood biodiversity Education: e-learning project Digital library: the open marine archive OMA RV Simon Stevin and Land-based Facilities

10 Demonstrations - others Scheldt Information Centre Flemish Hydrography Belgian Marine Data Centre European MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

11 Your active participation Public poster award: shells by 15:30 Photo contest: forms by 15:00 Learn from other disciplines Talk to your peers Explore opportunities for collaboration and interdiscipinarity Inform yourself about VLIZ Use our services, join OMA

12 Celebrating 10 years VLIZ Friday, November 27th, Thermae Palace, Oostende 10th VLIZ young scientists day: be there! Overview of all marine and coastal research Even broader than today... Challenge: target public at large, the press, the media Invited plenary lectures Posters and very short presentations Academic session: invited speakers, speeches,... Supported by publications, movie, etc.

13 Celebrating 10 years VLIZ Feedback, suggestions, ideas are very welcome (contact Jan Seys)

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