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PRESENTS Every Move You Make, Keep It Safe A Statewide Safety Campaign 1 Roadway SafetySafe Routes to School.

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1 PRESENTS Every Move You Make, Keep It Safe A Statewide Safety Campaign 1 Roadway SafetySafe Routes to School

2 Welcome and Introductions Program Goals Branding Overview Resources MVP Recognition Roadway Safety Initiatives Safe Routes to School Initiative Reporting and Measurement Timeline Q/A Lunch Photo Session Break-out Discussion 2 Todays Agenda

3 3 Program Goals Roadway Safety Initiatives To reduce roadway fatalities 5% by 2015, saving 150 lives through 4Es – Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency response Safe Routes to School Initiative To educate Ohio school students on how to walk and ride their bikes to school safely

4 4 Many Firsts Most Comprehensive, Statewide Safety Outreach Initiative in ODOTs History –Carries its own brand, website and intranet site –Features Ohios First Lady as SRTS program ambassador –Features Nationwide Insurance in a public-private partnership –Includes Ohio Association of Broadcasters statewide PSA support –Features event to raise awareness of October Walk/Bike Month –Integrates ODOT PIOs, Safe Routes to School coordinators and DSRT leaders statewide

5 5 Every Move Branding Overarching Brand –Name and logo –Color palette Message Map for Consistent Brand Voice Shared Website

6 Roadway Safety Graphics and Materials 6

7 7 Safe Routes to School Graphics and Materials

8 8 Graphic Standards

9 9 Resources Public Website: YouTube Channel: Intranet Website: –Message map –Logos/templates –Toolkits –Forms

10 10 M.V.P. (Most Valuable Player) ODOT will recognize outstanding district support for the program through a Most Valuable Player awards luncheon –Winners selected based upon reports of activities submitted via the Intranet site –To be held in June 2012

11 Roadway Safety Initiatives 11

12 Roadway Safety Initiatives 12 1.Share the Road Bike Night YouTube videos 2.Roadway Departure Radio PSAs/Nationwide and OAB sponsorship 3.Intersection Safety Statewide news event Distracted Driver The Simulator Tour is the hook for highlighting these safety issues.

13 Share the Road 13 Goals –Make Ohios roads safer for all users motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians –Increase roadway users knowledge of and compliance with traffic laws STATISTIC In 2010, there were more than 300,000 crashes across Ohio with more than 1,000 deaths and 10,000 serious injuries. The cost to Ohio was more than $13B.

14 14 Program Elements Safety IQ Quiz posted on website Tip Card to use at public events HCAT kickoff announcement Tip Card & Safety IQ Quiz

15 Goal Increase motorist and motorcycle rider awareness of safe driving practices through real life examples 15 Motorcycle Safety STATISTIC Motorcycle crashes have been rising over the past decade. In 2010 there were 169 fatalities for a 5% increase over 2009. Most crashes occur in the summer but fall riding is also an issue.

16 16 Motorcycle Safety Bike Night Video Series –Three videos taped at Bike Night with motorcycle riders –One to be posted on YouTube each month from September to November Spider

17 17 Motorcycle Safety – Your Role Kickoff in October Viral Media Campaign Interviews w/Reporters using videos as a news hook Bike Night Video Publicity Toolkit –Pitch letter –Suggested interview opportunities –News release –Tip card –Fact sheet –Reporting form

18 18 Distracted Driver Goal Show Ohioans the real dangers and consequences of distracted driving STATISTIC In 2010, law enforcement reported 39 fatalities, 454 serious injuries and 12,410 crashes due specifically to distracted driving.

19 19 State Fair video WSYX TV Nationwide Sponsorship Distracted Driver Simulator Tour –Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance –Agents to partner with district PIOs to bring the simulator to safety-related events statewide Launched at the Ohio State Fair on August 1 –NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse –Signage and tip cards –Media coverage

20 Nationwide Office of Safety Three-part approach for safer roads –Education Public Opinion Survey ODOT Distracted Driver Simulator Tour –Legislation National ban on texting –Technology CONTACT: Tracy Rock 614-948-4227 20 Nationwide Sponsorship

21 21 Program Elements Distracted Driver Simulator Event Signage Publicity Toolkit –Program outline –Tip cards –News release template –Fact sheet –Media advisory template –Message map Tip Card Simulator

22 22 Your Role Hold one event with a Nationwide agent in each district Potential locations –Safety-related events (e.g., intersection safety, high school pre-prom) –Drivers education classes –Car shows –Fairs/festivals –Shopping malls –Schools

23 Roadway Departure 23 Goal To get drivers to buckle up, stay on the road, drive defensively, avoid impaired or distracted driving, and obey the speed limit STATISTIC In 2010, fixed object crashes were the second leading cause of fatalities, with 65% of these crashes taking place in rural Ohio.

24 24 Program Elements Radio PSAs with NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. to run this fallRadio PSAs –Sponsored by Nationwide and the OAB Publicity Toolkit –Program outline –Tip cards –News release template –Fact sheet –Media pitch template –Message map Tip Card

25 Intersection Safety 25 Goals –To increase public awareness about what makes intersections dangerous for drivers, riders and pedestrians –To educate the public on how to be safe in and around intersections STATISTIC About 40% of all serious injuries occur at intersections. The majority of these crashes are in urban areas and many involve inexperienced young drivers.

26 26 Your Role Host a Media Event at the most dangerous intersection in your district Timing: Simultaneous media event in each district in early November Reach Out to leadership and safety advocacy groups as event participants and information distribution partners

27 27 Program Elements Distracted Driver Simulator Publicity Kit –Publicity program outline –How ODOT Engineers for Your Safety fact sheet –News release template –Tip card –Localized stats –Media advisory template –Message map Tip Card

28 28 Internet Site

29 29 Reporting Forms

30 Safe Routes to School Initiative 30

31 Safe Routes to School Initiative 31 Ohio First Lady SRTS Ambassador School Safety Contest Educational Materials SRTS Kickoff Rally Radio PSAs/OAB Sponsorship Karen Kasich Ohio First Lady SRTS Ambassador

32 Safe Routes to School Initiative Goals –Educate K-8 students, families, teachers and school officials on walking/biking safety –Remind motorists to drive safely in school zones 32

33 Safe Routes to School 33 STATISTIC Between 2007 and 2009, nearly 11,000 (10,724) bicycle and pedestrian- related crashes occurred within two miles of a K-8 school. This resulted in 257 fatalities and more than 10,000 (10,456) injuries.

34 School Safety Contest –Biking/walking safety education and benefits –Creative projects for students –Great prizes as incentives –Teachers can use in lesson plans 34 Program Elements

35 Tip Card –Handy size 8.5 x 5.5 –Displays a QR code that links to our online video 35 Program Elements

36 Poster –Easy to display, colorful, 11x17 –Displays a QR code that links to our online video 36 Program Elements

37 37 Program Elements Keep It Safe Out the Door Video –Performed by show choir –Glee-inspired –Demonstrates best safety practices –Features high schoolers from all over state

38 More Educational Materials –School News Article –Fast Facts Sheet: Why Walk or Bike? –Activities Coloring pages Puzzles Safety IQ Quiz Carbon footprint calculator 38 Program Elements

39 39 Program Elements October Walk/Bike to School Month Official Launch Event

40 40 Program Elements October Walk/Bike to School Month Official Launch –Introduce contest, video and website –Mrs. Kasich, Director Wray, show choir performers –Hold a local launch event

41 October Radio Campaign –:30 public service announcements –Motorist tips on how to drive safely near schools 41 Program Elements

42 42 Your Role Identify & meet with 5 - 10 new schools Notify current SRTS Schools Promote contest participation, poster display, tip card distribution, showing of video Hold local October Walk/Bike event

43 Publicity Toolkit –Articles, pitch letters and news release templates –Fact sheet –Contest flyer –Message map –Tip card, poster, video –Suggestions for use with schools –Reporting form 43 Your Role

44 Introducing… the video! Keep It Safe …Out the Door 44 Every Move Video

45 Reporting and Measurement The importance of reporting Completing and returning forms Tracks program performance MVP recognition 45

46 Timeline 46

47 Timeline 47

48 Timeline 48

49 Timeline 49

50 Timeline 50

51 51 Roadway SafetySafe Routes to School

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