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Welcome to Sixth Grade Orientation Rafael Cantu Junior High

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1 Welcome to Sixth Grade Orientation Rafael Cantu Junior High 2014-2015
Home of the Cavaliers!

2 Mr. Rafael Cantu Our school was named after former teacher, principal, and superintendent of MCISD. He was a hard-working and dedicated educator to our students. We are very proud to have our school named after Mr. Rafael Cantu.

3 What is a Cavalier? In former times, a cavalier was a mounted soldier or knight who fought on horseback. Cavaliers were known as gallant and chivalrous men. Rafael Cantu Cavaliers are committed to bravery and loyalty. We respect others; always showing thoughtfulness, politeness, and graciousness. Our bravery and loyalty is revealed in our commitment to our educational success. Although we face obstacles such as peer pressure and fear of failure, we rise up and conquer. When speaking and interacting with others, it is our duty as Cavaliers to model appropriate behavior. If we see an injustice act occurring, we must stand up for those being mistreated to keep our Cavalier commitment of thoughtfulness, politeness and graciousness. Acts of righteousness and commitment to bravery against all obstacles lead to what we call Cavalier Pride.

4 Purpose The purposes of this morning’s Orientation: 1. to become familiar with Rafael Cantu Jr. High 2. to assist you in the transition from elementary school to 6th Grade 3. to familiarize you with core classes and electives The transition to Jr. High can be an exciting yet stressful experience for some students.

5 Our Sixth Grade Class is made up of students from three different Elementary Schools.
The three are: 1. Alton Elementary School Midkiff Elementary School Salinas Elementary School Although 3 schools make up our 6th grade class, here you become ONE 6th grade class.

6 Mr. Jose Luis Rios Principal Mrs. Gina Alvarez Mrs
Mr. Jose Luis Rios Principal Mrs. Gina Alvarez Mrs. Sandra Estrada-Claflin Assistant Principal Assistant Principal

7 Rafael Cantu Jr. High Counselors Mr. Ruben Magallan
Mrs. Melva Hicela Perez Mr. Ruben Magallan Mrs. Jessica de la Garza

Librarian Nurse Security Guard Police Officer Instruction and Assessment Strategist

9 Expectations We expect our students to…
represent R. Cantu Jr. High well in the community and/or in any competition that they may be involved in -- being athletics or UIL. have self –respect for themselves, respect each other, and respect our teachers and staff. do well academically – keeping up with their work inside the classroom as well as doing their work at home. practice and use their social skills and manners that have been taught either at home or school.

10 Expectations (cont.) We Expect our Students to ……..
be responsible individuals and take full responsibility for their actions and words. understand that their actions and words have consequences. Continue having success here at Rafael Cantu Jr. High, as you have had in elementary.

11 On the Move Single-file Keep to the Right

12 Remember to Dress for Success!

13 Breakfast in the Classroom
If you are hungry, please eat breakfast to ensure optimum brain function! 8:00 a.m.- 8:15 a.m. Breakfast in the classroom

14 CAMPUS RULES Talk, while you walk on the right hand side
Wear shirts tucked in, IDs, and jeans with a belt above the hips No horseplay or foul language All electronics should be off and not visible Consequences: Stop, go back and do it right Stop, tuck in shirt and lift pants Demonstrate desired behavior Electronics will be confiscated if visible

15 Class Rules Rules: 1. Come prepared to class with required materials
2. Raise your hand to participate 3. Listen & follow directions the 1st time given and be attentive 4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself Consequences: 1st offense Verbal warning 2nd offense Student/Teacher Conference 3rd offense Parent contact/conference resulting in detention 4th offense Disciplinary action referral

16 Restroom Info 10 Minute Rule- No leaving the classroom within the first and last 10 minutes of class Be prompt- others may be waiting and instruction is important

17 Campus Security -Doors around campus are kept locked
-Cameras are positioned in every hallway, as well as near restroom entrances -All visitors are required to enter and check-in at the front office -Campus lock-down procedures will be discussed and practiced once school starts

18 Remember- When you miss school, you miss out!
Attendance is Key! First Bell rings at 7:55 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 8:00 a.m. Absences should only be due to illness or death of a loved one Schedule trips and appointments after school Remember- When you miss school, you miss out!

19 Grading Scale A B C D 69-below F

20 Campus Life

21 Junior High Life

22 Making memories at Rafael Cantu Junior High School
Clubs and Organizations Band / Competitions Choir / Competitions Student Council UIL / Competitions Pep Squad Science Club Chess Club

23 Academic Teaming All students at RCJH are placed in academic teams representing a college/university. Each team consists of the five required core classes. * Reading * Language Arts * Math * Science * World History All classes including electives are 51 minutes long. yes

24 Team 61-Baylor University
“Bears” Team 62 – University of Texas “Longhorns” yes

25 Pre-Advanced (Pre-AP) Program
*MCISD strongly encourages all students to set high academic expectations. *Pre-AP classes are offered in Language Arts, Math, Reading, World History and Science. *These courses typically move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging and require more independent learning and homework. *A parent/student contract is signed as a commitment to maintain the quality of work expected. *Criteria requiring 80% correct answers on Both Math and Reading STAAR

26 Elective Class Choices
Electives Elective Class Choices (Full Year) Beginners Band Choir Intro. to Spanish Required Elective: All 6th graders are required to take PE for the full year. Students are required to dress up in gym clothes. yes

27 Beginners Band Students will learn to read and study music while learning to play an instrument. Students perform at several concerts including a fall, Christmas, open house and spring concert. Band students also participate in All-Valley Band, solo and ensemble contests, and UIL. yes

28 Choir Choir is offered to 6th – 8th grade boys and girls who like to sing. The choir students present at least three concerts every year (fall, Christmas, and spring). Students have the opportunity to participate in solo and ensemble competition in the fall and the All-Region choir contest in the spring. All students are welcome to join. yes

29 Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Students will be introduced to the Spanish language with emphasis on the four basic skills of : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing The learner will apply these skills to research a variety of cultural aspects of the language and its people. yes

30 Electives Semester Courses
Theatre Arts Art I Speech/Video Productions Exploring Careers Technology Applications Teen Leadership

31 Technology Applications
*This course focuses on the integrated use of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications. * Also, the use of drawing and painting tools is integrated in the finished documents. Scanner and digital camera input is edited and inserted into projects. yes

32 Teen Leadership Teen Leadership prepares students for continued success by helping them develop a sense of personal responsibility, healthy self-concepts, self-awareness, self-motivation, public speaking and communication skills, decision-making, personal responsibility, and goal-setting, while enabling students to recognize and resist peer pressure. yes

33 Students learn essential theatre vocabulary and process of theatre in theatre arts. They will be involved in acting experiences which focus on developing and exploring concepts of self, body, voice, improvisations, acting techniques, and reading/writing related to theatre. yes

34 yes Students will be introduced to the basic elements of art. Students will produce works combining line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. They also learn about the history of art and major artists throughout the ages.

35 Speech/Video Production
This class is designed to give students a better understanding of video production, and offers students the opportunity to become familiar with various UIL speaking and acting activities. yes

36 Exploring Careers Students will be given the opportunity to learn and explore different careers. This course is designed to guide students through the process of college and career achievement plan.

37 Exit Policy At the end of the first six weeks, the student may drop/change his/her class selection. After the first six weeks, no other change in class selection will be made until the end of the semester pending approval by the campus principal. yes

38 To Ensure Your Success…
Read Daily Complete all Assignments and do Your Best Keep Good Sleeping Habits and Good Hygiene Maintain a Positive Attitude Attend School Daily and Arrive on Time Discuss Your Day with Your Parents/Guardians

39 Rafael Cantu Jr. High yes

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