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Lowell High School Pre-Season Meeting Fall 2012. Enhancing Education through Athletics.

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1 Lowell High School Pre-Season Meeting Fall 2012

2 Enhancing Education through Athletics

3 Top 10 Workplace Expectations 1.Have a positive attitude 2.Work well with others 3.Follow directions 4.Show up for work on time 5.Recognize problems and find solutions 6.Manage time effectively 7.Apply good listening skills 8.Be honest and dependable 9.Pass a drug or background test 10.Dress properly and practice good grooming

4 Introduction of Fall Coaches Head Coaches Athletic Trainer: Diana Miller Cheerleading: Jennifer Lenzo Boys Cross Country: Jake Rakoczy Girls Cross Country: Scott Coil Football: Keith Kilmer Girls Golf: John Harris Boys Soccer: Chris Werling Girls Soccer: Melissa Buche Boys Tennis: Dustin Hudak Volleyball: Dana Jeffries Assistant Coaches Cheerleading: Lori Roadruck, Teresa Patrevito, Kelly Reed Girls Cross Country: Amy Geruska Football: Jim Carlson, Jim Kiechle, Jamie Kirin, Ed Miracle, Derek Thompson, Jeremy Bilka, Larin Childress, TJ Lukasik, Adam Hudak, Paul Lacy, Chris Charters Girls Golf: Roy Keeton Boys Soccer: Brandon Newcomb Girls Soccer: Brian Cielesz Boys Tennis: Christi Bisacchi, Ray Cusic Volleyball: Ann Bobos, Kelly Korth

5 Communication – Chain of Command What are the issues – emotion vs. facts? Discussion coach/athlete Discussion coach/parent Contact the athletic department

6 Social Networking Sites (ex: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube) If posted online – available to the world Posting address, phone number, etc. Future employment and graduate schools monitor these sites. May prevent you employment or attendance at post secondary school. Violation of program policies Be sure to refer to the document your child has signed before participation is permitted to understand consequences

7 Equipment - Practice Packs - Fundraising Committed to purchasing game uniforms contest equipment, officials, transportation. Athlete purchases practice packet items and items that are personal uniforms Equipment expectations: varies Booster Club Support – President: Joe Rodenbucher Financial support – WHY!! Dollars for Devils – WHY! Volunteerism – WHY!!!!! (gates, 50/50, award events, concessions, video production, golf outing, etc.)

8 Important Web Sites * Red Devil Booster Functions – Booster minutes, financial reports, committee activities – Booster Alliance – Booster membership – Booster Interest survey * Become a member today –name will appear in Fall program * View schedules * Register and receive notifications of cancellations/postponements * Receive information via email and/or text

9 Student Athlete Handbook Lets take a close look at some of the topics and changes this year.

10 Important Documents Student Athlete Handbook (View Online) IHSAA Physical Form (completed before first summer workouts) Sign off sheet Emergency Contact card (completed online and before first practice) Code of Conduct Medication Release Concussion Policy Drug Testing Policy The IHSAA requires all athletes to have a physical on file in the athletic office before participating in conditioning, plyos or summer workouts. All other paperwork must be on file before the first official day of practice. Dont wait until first day of practice! Physical forms are only good for school year in which they were applied.

11 NCAA Clearinghouse (Collegiate Athletics) All Division I and II athletes Athletes register on-line. web site- Compose athletic resume and college letter(s). Coaches will speak about college opportunities, scholarships, and the role of the parent, athlete, and coach. (Use of letters, stats, videos, contacts) PLEASE NOTE – difference between CORE SUBJECT G.P.A. AND OVER-ALL G.P.A. Relation between G.P.A. and S.A.T. scores (core changes) When should we start?

12 IHSAA Rules Age limitations Amateurism / awards and gifts –to accept or not to accept Illness, injury, and attendance 10 separate days of practice prior to first contest (5 day rule) Scholarship rule – 70% Physical exam – when is it affective Participation rules

13 SEASONS – as defined by the IHSAA School year – In season School year – Out of season Summer season Practice season Contest season Open gym / conditioning

14 During the season…. Athletes cannot: participate in tryouts participate in an organized contest with or against players from another school in current sport participate as an individual on another team – current sport participate in demonstrations of athletic ability in that sport as a prospective post secondary athlete attend a non-school camp attend and participate in a student clinic exceptional athlete rule

15 During the school year and out of season… Athletes can not: Participate in team sport contests that charge admission Participate as a member of a non school where more than the following number of students participated on the same team during the previous year: * Basketball = 3, baseball = 5, football = 6 * Volleyball = 3, softball = 5, soccer= 6 Receive instruction from H.S. coach exception open facility rule

16 During the summer… Begins with Monday Week 49 (June 3, 2013) or close of school year. Ends Monday, Week 4 (July 29, 2013) for fall sports and Monday, Week 5 (August 5, 2013) for all other sports. Attendance at a school sponsored or non-school camp after week 4 (July 23, 2013) for all fall sports must be terminated. Attend any other non-school camp after week 5 for all other sports. Must be terminated prior to Monday, Week 5. Note – Summer participation is open participation –exception is MORATORIUM WEEK (Monday July 1st – Sunday July 7 th ). Conditioning program may continue until Saturday of week 4 – Saturday, July 27 th.

17 Attendance Must be in school to participate Tardies/2 Delayed Start Days - Students must report to school within 30 minutes of designated start time Missing 5 to ten days – IHSAA Missing more than ten days – IHSAA No parental waiver – medical determination Review the student handbook for exceptions.

18 School Suspension Students suspended from school are not permitted to attend practices, meetings, or contests. The responsibility to serve school detentions or in school suspensions will take precedence over athletic activities. Long term detentions will not be changed.

19 Dropping a Sport Athlete forfeits all athletic awards. Athlete is not permitted to participate in another sport until the sport season he/she dropped is completed (unless coaches in each program mutually consent).

20 Participation Status Athletes earn participant status by trying out and securing a position on a team roster. Athletes maintain participant status in the school year they participate and in the immediately succeeding school year. (365 day rule ). (Parent/Athlete Code form) What is defined as successfully completing a seasonattitude, scholarship, attendance, achievement. IHSAA EJECTION RULE

21 Insurance Corporation does not carry the student medical insurance All athletes have the option of purchasing supplemental insurance plan. The brochure from Markel National is available on line both on the high school website and Tri-Creek School Corporation sites. Understand the statement on the IHSAA physical form – Check the appropriate box on form.

22 What Should Athletes Drink Not-so-good-choices for hydration: * Fruit juices and milk – although they have nutritional benefits, they are not optimal hydrators. Poor choices for hydration * Very high sugar drinks (like HI-C or Kool-aid), carbonated or caffeinated beverages * Energy drinks (guarana, ephedra, mate, kola nut) * Alcohol Good choices for hydration would be: * All day long water and sport drink – 90 to 125 oz/day * Drink 2 or 3 cups 1 to 2 hours BEFORE exercise * 3 cups for every pound lost during exercise

23 Affects of Alcohol and Drugs on Athletic Performance Illegal Dehydration Decreased level of performance because………… Reduced recovery time for injuries because……….

24 Athletic Training and Its Role Athletics carries with it an inherent risk of injury. Review sport specific cautionary statements warning on Athletic website Our goals are to minimize the risk of injury through preseason conditioning and proper coaching techniques. To evaluate and treat any injury that occurs as efficiently and effectively as possible. To return the injured athlete to scheduled participation as soon, and as safely, as possible.

25 Injury Treatment Student Athletic Trainers Emergency Action Plan Accident Reports and Communication Team Physician

26 Student Athletic Trainers Student athletic trainers assist the head athletic trainer each season. Each student athletic trainer is trained in the following: first aid, CPR, taping and bandaging, emergency procedures. Student athletic trainers are not primary care providers but are present at practices and contests to assist the head athletic trainer or coaches with injury care.

27 Emergency Action Plan The athletic department has an emergency action plan in place in the event of a potentially serious injury. The emergency action plan gives coaches step by step instructions for care of an injured student athlete. Included are steps to follow when the athletic trainer is present and when coaches are by themselves at late night or early morning practices. Instructions on how to activate the emergency medical system are posted at all athletic department telephones All coaches are familiar with all aspects of the emergency action plan

28 Team Physicians Doctors Pitchford and Anderson with Great Lakes Orthopedics 219-365-0220. Locations in St. John and Crown Point They will usually be able to see patients within 24-48 hours after injury during the week. Contact the athletic trainer or athletic office for quick access to the doctors office.

29 Why is out of season training emphasized? Strength development - counter size with stamina Optimizing athletic performance Reduces injuries, decrease recovery time, Optimizes safety Enhances muscular growth and development Maintains year around athleticism and conditioning of athlete

30 STRENGTH, PLYO, SPEED and AGILITY Athletic Program Advanced physical education electives * core lifts, auxiliary lifts, plyos, agility drills, speed drills, etc. * define standard of excellence * develop consistency program to program * educate athlete to become source for others Red Devil Athletic and Speed Development Program * offered every Tues. and Thurs. 3:15 to 4:30, field house (Fall, Winter, Spring ), open to all athletes in conjunction with strength training

31 Awards Coaches have been asked to communicate lettering policies. These are outlined in the student athlete handbook under each sport Be familiar with the type awards that may be awarded by each respective sport and the athletic office. Scholar Athlete Sportsmanship Defender Award (Awarded at Senior Banquet) Blanket Award (Awarded at Senior Banquet) Red Devil Award (Awarded at Senior Banquet) Above and Beyond

32 Team Guideline Coaches will communicate their own team guidelines. Some of these may include practice attendance policies, dress codes, curfews, transportation rules, and etc.

33 Hazing Coercion, threat, intimidation, assault Penalties outlined in school corporation handbook Bullying – intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm

34 Code of Conduct Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and improper behavior: If possessing or using students are in violation of athletic policies. Participation during suspension vs. non-participation policies. First offense, second offense, third offense policy. Athletic Council Decision If a violation of the drug policy is detected through the Tri Creek Drug Testing program, this will be considered proof of a violation. A second test may be administered to confirm results.

35 Practice Guidelines Program expectations: Out of season conditioning Summer condition The WHYS – safety, preparation for those who have been preparing, better conditioning leads to less injuries, 10 day practice rule * 2 in one day * normal length rule Sunday

36 Athletic Fee State budget cuts How does this impact athletics? transportation related costs, athletic trainer services, supervising services, strength & fitness program Athletic program financing – * Corporate Sponsorships (Banners) * Booster Club - Dollars for Devils Program * Promotion Accounts * Gate receipts

37 Indiana vs. Florida

38 Only 2 states are not funded by school system monies in the USA - IN and FL Our corporation is extremely helpful with what they can legally provide: Coaches salaries, large building projects through CPF, and a portion of our AT, as well as a portion of transportation. We have more teams than all NCC schools except for Hobart. We fund more teams than more than half of the Duneland Schools of our 20 programs, 9% break even or provide income Funding is through LABC (approx. $70,000 last year), gate, a portion of concession funds (PLEASE WALK TO THE NORTHSTAR), corporate sponsorships, Dollars for Devils (half is donated back and used toward $20,000 transportation cost), and the $30 Athletic Fee. There is a misconception that Football gates pay all the bills. It costs $500 per player just to suit up (helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, and pants).

39 Solution Please pay your Athletic Fee and sell your D4D ticket in a timely manner Be sure to volunteer to work a gate or concessions during your teams assigned weeks. Volunteerism is KEY! Please join LABC Let us know of Corporate Sponsors that might be willing to get involved. Notify us if you are willing to fill in when we have emergency cancellations Be supportive of your athlete and all other athletes

40 Locker Room Security LOCKER AND LOCK POLICY * Assignment – records * Closing the door/ snapping the lock/turn the dial * Accountability vs. blame SUPERVISION

41 Current Corporation Policies Parking Lot –movement of vehicles. * Speed of vehicles WE NEED YOUR HELP! – 10 MPH – pedestrian crosswalks!!!!!!!!! * Band practice area – south parking lot * Athletes - No parking Lot E – Home games Entrance and exit to school lot: * North lot – east exit/west exit Entering and exiting building athletic facilities: * Door number 17, 24, and 25 * North commons * Road to # 24 and #25 – new sidewalk * Issue with cars blocking area for team busses. Building security: * Door security * Camera security

42 Conflict Policy Comparing practice & contest schedules of each program. Communicate any and all conflicts with the coaches/ sponsors of each program. Asking coaches/ sponsors to meet and attempt to resolve conflicts. Adhere to the resolution.

43 Transportation Coaches submit a transportation request form. Copy to be posted. Check for information School sponsored activities must use school transportation Transportation release form for emergency situations No student drivers, must be parent/guardian

44 Schedules, Directions, and Cancelations Coaches will communicate special information regarding special sites, directions & changes as they occur during the season. Practice schedules are done one month at a time but changes do occur. Tri-Creek Web Site/Lowell High School/Athletics/Schedule Star

45 Tickets Pitchfork Passes * Family Pass $140 (2 Adults, up to 4 children grades K-12) * Student Pass $50 * Adult Pass *70 Dollar Saver Passes * $25 Value for $20 * $50 Value for $40 Single Session Price * Football and Basketball - $6 (Gr. 6-Adult) / $5 (Grades K-5) * All other events $5 (Gr. 6-Adult) / $4 (Grades K-5) (excluding NCC Tournaments, Invitational and IHSAA) Senior Citizen Pass * Available at no charge to Tri-Creek School Corporation residents. Must show proof of Age and residence. Not valid for NCC Tournaments, Invitational and IHSAA

46 Individual Sport Meetings JV/Varsity FootballAuditorium Frosh FootballLarge Instruction Room (A307) VolleyballLittle Theatre Girls SoccerHealth Rooms (G103 and G104) Boys SoccerMr. Werlings Class (A222) Girls Cross CountryMs. Kalvaitis Class (A220) Boys Cross CountryTBD on another date CheerleadingCafeteria Girls GolfMr. Higgins Class (A221) Student TrainersTraining Room (F003) Boys TennisMr. Hudaks Class (A201)

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