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Stacey McCrath-Smith Student Centered Collaboration Conference JSCEE October 29, 2011.

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1 Stacey McCrath-Smith Student Centered Collaboration Conference JSCEE October 29, 2011

2 We will identify components of an effective collaborative decision making process.

3 Daughter of SPS teacher Student in SPS Teacher in Los Angeles and SPS Parent of 2 SPS students Principal in Los Angeles and SPS SPS Central Office Administrator, Special Ed.



6 CEO Director Team Director Superintendent Central Office Schools Administrators Parents Teachers

7 Administrators TeachersParents Student Centered Studen t

8 Modern Special Education services have their roots in the French philosophy of education Lassiez-Faire meeting the child where they are

9 General Educations roots stem from a Germanic philosophy of goals and achievement

10 The authors of Special Education law envisioned the development of the IEP to be a collaborative process that could bring together two schools of thought as well as providing parents/guardians with authentic involvement in the educational process.

11 Specialization No Child Left Behind State Testing Inadequate Funding/Diminishing Resources Cuts to Social Services

12 Turn and Talk What do you see as other Barriers to the Collaborative Process ?

13 Sometimes it feels like you never get a straight answer…..Hello this is Peggy..

14 Negotiation is a fact of life. We are all negotiators

15 DisatisfactionDiscord SOFT Participants are friends Goal is agreement Concessions to cultivate Accept one sided losses to reach agreement Try to avoid a contest of will Yield to Pressure HARD Participants are adversaries The Goal is victory Demand concessions Make threats Distrust Try to win a contest of will Apply Pressure

16 Roger Fisher and William Ury

17 Separate the People from the problem Focus on Interests not positions Generate a variety of possibilities before deciding what to do Insist that the result be based on some objective standard.

18 We are not are positions Separate ego from the situation Soft on People Hard on the Problem Proceed independent of Trust

19 Explore interests Avoid having a bottom line Always redirect to what is in the best interest of the student

20 Develop multiple options to choose from, decide later Weigh the options based on their merits, not on opinion Suspend disbelief

21 No dirty tricks Reason and be open to reason Yield to Principles not Pressure Try to reach a result based on standards independent of will What are the outcomes we want to see?

22 Constructive Transparent Frequent

23 Maintain vigilance but temper with patience Change takes time

24 By breaking down barriers and creating partnerships we are able to create successful environments for our children!!

25 Stacey McCrath-Smith (206)252-0807

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