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Tony Melvyn Product Manager OCLC Delivery Services Enhancement Overview for ALI, Academic Libraries of Indiana March 11, 2011.

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1 Tony Melvyn Product Manager OCLC Delivery Services Enhancement Overview for ALI, Academic Libraries of Indiana March 11, 2011

2 Todays agenda The new WorldCat knowledge base Enhancements to sharing of electronic resources For ILLiad users For WorldCat Resource Sharing users Getting your data into the WorldCat Knowledge Base Reciprocity Calculator A naming contest

3 1-2-3 The OCLC Knowledge base and WorldCat Resource Sharing Three things to remember: 1.One way to Get your Data 2. Two ways they affect OCLC ILL 3.Three OCLC Services

4 3-2-1 Working backwards this is what we are doing with the OCLC Knowledge base and WorldCat Resource Sharing 3OCLC Services 1.OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing 2.OCLC WorldCat Knowledge base 3.License Management facility

5 Two things to remember 2Ways they affect OCLC ILL 1.As a lender you will get links 2.Revamped Direct Request for Articles

6 We make it easy to get you started Getting your Data OCLC uses Pubget to retrieve your holdings data to load into the OCLC KB

7 It is all about the links…. If a picture is worth a thousand words… Take a look at this WorldCat lending request.



10 Just remember 2 things Enhancements added to the WorldCat Resource Sharing service to improve the lending of articlesespecially e-articlesin two distinct ways: 1.Provide e-links to a lending librarys incoming copy requests 2.Revamp and improve Direct Request for articles

11 1. As a lender you will get links Add your librarys knowledge base to the WorldCat knowledge base to benefit from efficiencies as a lender of articles Lending requests with OCLC numbers are processed against the WorldCat knowledge base When your library holds the requested item electronically and can supply that item the service provides a link to the document in the ILLiad collection tab

12 2. Direct Request for articles Articles processing is complex: Need to know: which library owns the article, year, date, volume, etc. The WorldCat knowledge base provides Direct Request with the detailed article-level information Direct Request for articles uses new license management tools to determine which lenders have the OK from publishers to lend the material



15 WorldCat knowledge base Combines data about your librarys electronic content with links to the content Included in your OCLC Cataloging subscription at no additional charge Maintained in a single place for use with many OCLC and non-OCLC applications

16 License Management facility Tell OCLC KB which collections and titles are licensed for ILL Provide any instructions/restrictions when lending your licensed content Print and Send Print and Scan

17 1-2-3 Enhanced sharing of articles

18 WorldCat knowledge base Benefits to WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad subscribers now: More efficient request for articlesrequest for articles Filters requests for items available from your library Helps staff more efficiently process incoming requests for e-articles you own Included in WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad subscriptions at no additional charge

19 Loading local data into the WorldCat knowledge base Complete knowledge base request form and enable in Service Configuration Previous method Provide holdings exports from local link resolver systems on a monthly basis Partnership with Pubget Faster, easier way to add and maintain holdings to WorldCat knowledge base Saves time and effort for your staff

20 Pubget Pilot status Successful pilot with 50 libraries from October 2010 to December 2010 Feedback gathered through January 2011 Positive reaction to the method of gathering holdings automatically using admin logins Worked out the kinks in the process to populate the WorldCat knowledge base Now available to all WorldCat knowledge base libraries

21 What is Next? March 13 th Direct Requests supports e-book selection through the KB. All open access material will be flagged as held by your library You can also select subscription based e-book collections held by your library. In May the KB will support both E and P via LHR




25 Getting started Complete an initiation request ( )initiation request Work with an OCLC Implementation Manager to add your librarys holdings and license data into the WorldCat knowledge base via FTP data load or manually through OCLC Service Configuration ( ) Turn on access to the WorldCat knowledge base in WorldCat Services administrative module For maximum benefits: set up the Direct Request feature

26 Reciprocity report Used to: Determine the validity of librarys current set of reciprocal partners Identify new potential lending partners Adjust custom holdings Make informed reciprocal arrangement decisions






32 Reciprocity report Run your report for the last year Rank the report based on net lending Compare report with your custom holdings Adjust custom holdings Grow your lending partners

33 Finally one More Item.. New Lender Field New Borrowing Category In May OCLC will introduce a new Lender field to alert the borrower that The filled request needs their attention. Any data in this new field will create a new borrowing category for the Borrowing library to take immediate action. EXAMPLE: New e-book document supplier indicates they can supply they copy a time sensitive URL into this new field they update to SHIPPED Borrowing library would see new category and know that it is time and they need to act on the request immediately.

34 Naming Contest!!! Name that field: E-link: Special: Expidite: Name that category: Look at Me!! E-Link Supplied Time Sensitive

35 Questions?

36 Additional information WorldCat Resource Sharing Web site: Implementation resources: resourcesharing/ersa/ resourcesharing/ersa/

37 Thank you

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