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Montgomery County Public Schools School Energy and Recycling Team Sustainable Schools LEA FACILITY PLANNERS MEETING Thursday, May 2, 2013 Paint Branch.

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1 Montgomery County Public Schools School Energy and Recycling Team Sustainable Schools LEA FACILITY PLANNERS MEETING Thursday, May 2, 2013 Paint Branch High School Its your world…choose to conserve.

2 Sustainability Principle Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. Balancing social, economic, and environmental systems, to benefit and protect our future can be achieved by considering the effects of our decisions, purchases, plans, and practices.

3 US Department of Education Green Ribbon Program 2012 ED-Green Ribbon Schools: Francis Scott Key Middle School One of 78 winning schools 2013 ED-Green Ribbon Schools: Cedar Grove Elementary School Summit Hall Elementary School Two of 54 public schools awarded federal Green Ribbon School Award. (10 privates) 2013 Green District Award: Montgomery County Public Schools One of 14 districts awarded

4 Stewardship Environmental stewards strive to sustain natural resources and our environment for future generations.

5 School Energy and Recycling Team The mission of the School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT) program is to significantly reduce energy and water consumption and increase recycling rates system wide through: sustainability training and education; incentives, recognition, and award programs for conservation; accessible energy, water, and recycling data; individual sustainability programs for energy and environmental investigation-based learning opportunities; and conservation operations and procedures.

6 School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT)MCPS recognizes that significant energy savings can be achieved when school- based staff and students engage in responsible energy behavior. In our schools: Engaging Occupants The SERT program educates and supports the efforts of school-based teams in all schools to reduce energy consumption and increase recycling.

7 School Resources Activity Packets Welcome to SERT Energy Audit Elementary Integrated Curriculum 2.0 Read Alouds, assemblies, videos, activities,and games Contests Watts Up? Power to Save Poster (K-8) Lead by Example: Energy and Recycling Awareness Campaign (6-12) Recycling Spirit (secondary) Northwest HS wins Recycling Spirit Contest

8 MCPS SERT Website Valuable Resources: Data Activities Best Practices News SERT Flash Forms Recycling Achievements Contests Posters Flyers Twitter - SERTMCPS

9 Energy and Recycling Data Awards are granted based on performance and demonstrated savings

10 Energy Cost Avoidance (kWh)

11 SERT Data

12 Carbon Footprint Reduction

13 Recycling Responsibly

14 Interior and Exterior Recycling Exterior recycling bins provide opportunities to recycle outside of the building for staff, students, and community users. Interior recycling stations provide students, staff, and community users with comprehensive station which allows all building users to make the right choice.

15 Curriculum Environmental Science Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math K-12 K-Describe observable changes in water on the surface of the Earth 3-Recognize and explain how Earths natural resources from the natural environment are used to meet human needs 3-Explain that some of natural resources are limited and need to be used wisely Outdoor Education Program – collaborative relationships Contests and activities that tie into curriculum Lead-by-Example (8 th Grade) Watts Up? (K-12) Recycling Spirit (6-12) Like-minded community partnerships

16 Environmental Science Incorporating SunEdison solar direct connect site to study amount of energy produced on MCPS schools. High school students are learning about site design and sustainability Lead by Example – Contest used in 8 th grade classrooms SGA and Green Teams in all schools

17 User-Friendly Interface

18 Curriculum Connections Decision makingsocial impacts Natural Capitalism – incorporating the environment impacts of business and services Recycling Water conservation Relationships that underlie the systems of the natural and physical world Innovations assessed through technological literacy Engineering developing green portable classroom lesson Science – carbon and water cycle – imbalances? Technology allows innovations to be tested – cutting edge

19 Systemwide Strategies Commit and dedicate Brand it – plan it– present it – talk about it – publish it – incentivize participation Create credibility to receive buy-in and commitment from the top Establish buy-in from front line employees (easier, more-productive, less waste) Know peoples motivators Reward and recognize sustainable efforts Integrate sustainability into the curriculum Recycled Content Playground Paint Branch High School

20 Maryland Association of Environmental Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Green Schools SERT is a certified Green Center SERT provides support to schools applying for Green School Certification with: Professional Development Community Partnerships Best Management Practices Conservation classroom activities, lessons, and outreach Education and Awareness

21 Solar Powered Water Fountain Back-to-School Fair 2011 Hillary Kirchman SERT Program Manager MCPS Department of Facilities Management 240-314-1092 Hydroponic Gardens Paint Branch High School

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