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Swine Session Dirk Aaron December 1, 2012.

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1 Swine Session Dirk Aaron December 1, 2012

2 Philosophy Live and Die by the Percentages Champions are made at Home!
Start out with a Good One Manage number of head on feed

3 The Keys to Success its never just one thing
Good Genetics + Good Nutrition Work Ethic

4 “ Don’t be afraid to give your best to the small jobs
“ Don’t be afraid to give your best to the small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.” -Dale Carnegie

5 Show Goals: Breeding….vs.... Market
Register able vs.... Look Birth Date vs..... Weight Composite vs... Terminal Manipulating vs... Feeding Fitting (What Not to Do?) Who’s the Judge?

6 Selection Issues !!!!!!! Not Criteria
Family Goals Facilities Cost Show Dates Vs... Pig’s Age Experience Breed Preferences Who’s Judging

7 Selection Criteria-Market Swine
Muscle Leanness Size Balance Structure

8 Selection Criteria-Breeding Gilts
Structure Volume Balance Femininity Underline Lean Muscle

9 Today’s Objective Appreciation Nutrition Health Selection Facilities
Planning Showmanship Home Alone

10 Nutrition Clean Fresh Water Proper Nutrition (This doesn’t mean Hold!)
Control weight gain?? (This doesn’t mean Hold!) Consistency is the key (Every Bags the Same!)

11 Nutrition: Types of Feed
Many different brand of feeds Lindner Feed SunGlo Moorman’s Show Tec Purina Acco Showmaster Kent/Evergreen Find one you are comfortable with and stick with it !!!!!!

12 Stages in Feeding Period
Arrival/Receiving “Acclimation” (3 wks.) Growing a.) ~ pounds b.) pounds Finishing a.) pounds b.) above #

13 Arrival Stage Receive/Acclimation (3 wks.)
Getting on feed (~3# feed =1-1.5 ADG) Feeding same time every day (establish schedule) Comfortable environment Appropriate feed and transitioning Get Healthy (including gut health…) Penning Together at first BUT BEST individuals per pen Get tame Surface

14 Arrival Stage >20% protein 1.3-1.4% Lysine
Medicated with Mecadox-Banmith, CTC/Denegard or Linco (to aid in respiratory stress and disease control from hauling, mixing, and environmental change Medicated with Linco/Safeguard for respiratory and joint health as well as deworming ***632: 20% protein; 1.3% Lysine; 4.6% fat Medication: Linco/Safeguard ***611: 23% protein; 1.42% Lysine; 7.1% Fat Medication: CTC *** Lindner Products

15 Growing Stage Growing &Training a.) ~80-125 pounds
Train yourself to feed to a phenotype (Looks) Start Training to eat! Be realistic - Expect (3-4# consumption; 1.5-2# ADG) Be patient and strong 1) Just give enough to clean up by next feeding 2) Let pick through the day, but pull feed after 20 min at night 3) Pull feed after 20 min Start Training to Show – Get on the Field

16 Growing Stage ~100-150 pounds
Add supplement (s) after 100 lbs. Slowly and For a Reason (ask yourself Y?) When Changing Rations Increasing consumption Not as crucial on switching feeds Start Weighing - Minimum Weekly Start at 100 lbs.

17 Growing Finishing Stage
16-20% protein ~ % Lysine Feeding time varies depending on phenotype of the pig Important: do not drop protein too quickly during crucial times of muscle and skeletal growth, But make sure you are aware what type of pig you have. (Extreme vs Plain)

18 Example Rations 20%-more muscle, shape, expression (usually comes with higher lysine levels) 18%-obviously intermediate, and typically can be used on a majority of pigs. Often mix 6832 (20%) and 685 (16%) to get this accomplished. 16%-use on a little harder pigs, or when definitely need to soften in shape, also during periods of rapid growth will help to not tighten up ( additional 16% and other 14% are available for ultra extreme pigs) ** Lindner examples

19 Specialty Finishing Feeds
**611 or 613 Scud Missiles: 23% protein; 1.42% Lysine; 7.1% Fat 611 is Great to start, Great for the Final Push or any time for fat and mass. 613 contains Paylean at 9g/ton when fed 4 lbs./day . Unique products in the market **“Slop” 698: Additive or Complete feed. Can be used daily to prevent stomach health issues and finicky eaters and at the show to increase consumption while adding fill, rib and body. **“Weight Watcher” 696 unique holding ration, slow down gain without crashing! ** Lindner examples

20 Magic Tricks !!!!!! Voodoo ? Protein - Fat - Carbohydrates
Supplements? Exercise ! Spend time with animal ! Understand growth ! (Age vs Fresh) Make a plan ! Call an Audible !!!!

21 Additives ??????? Clean Water --- Magic Drug
Good Complete Feed --- Elite Sources No Miracle Cures or Silver Bullet Know what the additive is for? Most feeds have all you need?

22 KISS Method Keep is Simple Stupid!!!!
Kid Friendly!!!


24 Keys to Success: Strategies When Your Home Alone!!!
Grand Supreme Carcass Contest Athletic Contest Beauty Contest

25 Keys to Success Home Alone !!
Spend time with your pig every day ! Walk at least 3 times a week ! Keep warm in winter, cool in summer ! Good feed, clean water ! Number management !

26 “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
Darrel Royal, Football Coach Get on the Field!!!!

27 Keys to Success: Strategies Home Alone!!!!
Carcass Contest Lean Vs Fat Know the wholesale cuts Understand terminology 2005 HLS&R Quality Pork Contest Breed Crossbred Percent Muscle 56.632%

28 Keys to Success: Strategies Home Alone! (Education)
Athletic Contest Exercise Heart Angles Lung Joints Durability Structure

29 Athletic Contest??? Soundness V.S. Straight

30 In Motion ????? The Four Horsemen !!!
Same Hog

31 Keys to Success: Strategies Home Alone!!!!
Beauty Contest. Skin Care Hair Care Stale….vs.... Old Fresh….vs... Youthful Education

32 Preparation by Practice!!!! What do I do?????
Pen Size? Bedding? Number Per Pen? Hand VS Self?

33 The Four W’s From Day one Practice Arena Magic Drug Wash Rack Math!!
Walk Water Wash Weight Magic Drug Wash Rack Math!! Record!!

34 Do the simple Stuff !!!! Poop Scoop Brush Shampoo Soap Training

35 Health Issues !!!!! Know Your Vet. !!!!
Pigs should be wormed every 30 days ! Use only recommended medications ! Keep accurate records of medications and treatments ! Early detection is the key!!! (Mom’s)

36 Health Issues ? Prevention ?
Pigs need a dry place to sleep No mud holes! Clean water is a must! Control fly population

37 Health Issues: Parasites
Prevention Worm every 30 days Topical wormer Injectable Oral paste In feed Worms are common Symptoms: diarrhea rough coat worms in feces coughing

38 Health Issues: Diseases and Parasites
Lice/Mites/Mange Symptoms Scratching/Itching Weight loss Bedding!!! Prevention/Cure Spray/Pour-on Spray barn with insecticide

39 Health Issues: Diseases Know Your Vet!!!!!
Respiratory Infections Vaccinate Symptoms Coughing Wheezing Out of breath Off Feed Limping Prevention/Cure inject able Vaccines from local Veterinarian Antibiotics from your Veterinarian

40 Health Issues Injection, How and Where?
*Yes Know routes of administering medication Always be aware of withdrawal times Use clean syringes and undamaged needles *NO

41 “Setting a goal is not the main thing
“Setting a goal is not the main thing.” “It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” Tom Landry Great Man!!

42 Power of Knowledge!!!! How should I clip?
Rope? Clippers? Blocks? Lube? Care?

43 Hair Length???? Length vs Bald? Snout? Speedo Guides #2 ----#00
Equipment? Snout? Speedo Guides #2 ----#00

44 Clipping Instructions
#OA = 5/16 # 1 = 7/16 # 1A = 9/16

45 Conclusion Show Preparation Starts Day # 1
Stick to what works for you! Build Relationships! Don’t go crazy on price$ Have fun!! Remember the ultimate goal!

46 ?

47 Intermission Next Up Selection

48 Swine Selection Art ? Science ? Instinct ?

49 Selection What is Ideal?

50 Show Goals: Breeding vs.... Market
Register-able vs.... Look Birth Date vs..... Weight Composite vs... Terminal Manipulating vs... Feeding Fitting (What Not to Do?) Who’s the Judge? David’s slide 50

51 Selection Issues !!!!!!! Not Criteria
Family Goals? Facilities? Cost ? Show Dates..Vs..Pig’s Age? Experience? Breed Preferences? Who’s Judging? Dirk’s slide 51

52 First View Upper Width Base Width Shoulder

53 Depth of Fore rib Depth of Flank Parallel Lines Balance Levelness
Second View Depth of Fore rib Depth of Flank Parallel Lines Balance Levelness

54 Muscle Shape ?? Can you read Shape? Describe Her? Negatives?

55 Three Dimensional ? 6 weeks? 10 weeks? 5 Months 6 Months 10 Days?
Indicators ? 6 weeks? 10 weeks? 5 Months 6 Months 10 Days?

56 Three Dimensional Side View Profile Can you see? ?

57 Profile ? Measurements Length Height Width Bone Stride

58 Bird’s Eye View? What is this View?

59 First Look ?? Age Size Birth Date Body Muscle Bone Skeleton Health

60 Major Phenotypical Differences
Muscle Extremely Heavy Muscled (Very Shapely) Normal Show Pig Muscle (Above Average) Light Muscled (Below Average) Body and Associated fat cover Tight Middle (Tubular) Good Bodied with Full (Natural look) Overly big bodied (Sagging middle) Too much fill (Manufactured)

61 Example #1

62 Example # 2

63 Example #4

64 Questions? Thank you! Special thanks goes to: Carrie and Kelton Mason
Lindner Feed & Milling

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