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2 AGENDA About the Award Aims Rise of mobile penetration worldwide How to Apply? Time Frame Categories Evaluation Criteria WSA Expert Panel

3 ABOUT THE AWARD The WSA-mobile content (WSA-mobile) selects and promotes the worlds best in mobile content and innovative applications. It is based on the expertise, mechanism and network of the World Summit Award ( and is held every two years, with the first Winners Gala to take place in Abu Dhabi in December 2010 in cooperation and along with the UN DESA GAID Global WSA-Mobile Website:

4 Aims The WSA-mobile... emphasizes cultural diversity and identity Supports the creation of varied information content and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural heritage Raises public awareness and gives deserved public recognition to the highest quality in e-Content

5 Rise of mobile penetration worldwide Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index, June 2009, 481360.pdf; IDATE, IBM institute for Business Value analysis

6 HOW TO APPLY for WSA-mobile National pre-selections for the WSA-mobile run through the WSA National Expert Panel. Each national expert nominates and submits to the global contest 8 best applications or projects from his / her respective country, one in each of the 8 categories.

7 TIME FRAME May-JuneContest Promotion JuneContest launch and start of national pre-selections JulyOpening of WSA-mobile contest registration September 15Closing of the registration OctoberEvaluation and Jury in Abu Dhabi December 6-8Winners Events & Celebrations in Abu Dhabi December 6thWSA-mobile Global Winners Gala

8 CATEGORIES m-Business & Commercem-Government & Participationm-Learning & Educationm-Entertainment & Lifestylem-Tourism & Culturem-Media & Newsm-Environment & Healthm-Inclusion & Empowerment

9 CATEGORIES m-Business & Commerce Supporting m-Business processes and commercial transactions, including real-time travel bookings; creating new business in m- Commerce; offering customers convenient services and supporting SMBs in the marketplace; using mobile phones for buying, selling and banking, as well as for servicing customers and for collaborating with business partners.

10 CATEGORIES m-Government & Participation Delivering mobile services in public administrations to individuals, businesses and organizations, in order to improve access to services; fostering quality and efficiency of information exchange and citizen centric transactions; strengthening the participation of individuals and groups.

11 CATEGORIES m-Learning & Education Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills via mobile phone in a quickly changing world; transforming educational institutions through mobile learning resources; creating active m- Learning communities and solutions for corporate training, as well as life-long learning.

12 CATEGORIES m-Entertainment & Lifestyle Sports, games, music, fashion and fun: supplying mobile entertainment products and services; entertaining the user with a range of innovative games by taking advantage of the properties of small, wearable devices; supporting interactive entertainment and fun; mobile content, services and accessories to enhance and excite the quality of life.

13 CATEGORIES m-Tourism & Culture Bringing cultural heritage to mobile platforms; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively, using state-of-the-art mobile technology; providing guides to the diversity of cultures, sites and objects, and all in a multilingual package. Enabling travellers to find attractions, to be informed and enlightened, to enjoy safe travel and have access to up2date travel information; enhancing intermodal use of public transport, supporting orientation in cities and countryside, allowing the hotel industry to address customers, providing new perspectives on the space around us; using maps and navigation-based contents.

14 CATEGORIES m-Media & News Reporting the news using the mobile phone, crowd sourcing, citizen journalism, covering natural disasters, public campaigning, multimedia news, mobile media aggregation and search services; new forms of mobile video and m-TV, movies and current affairs.

15 CATEGORIES m-Environment & Health Content and services to encourage sustainable models of living; smart use of mobile media to promote green energy; new mobile approaches to monitoring and reducing pollution; mobile portals and social media applications to encourage climate controls and holistic environment- friendly habits; client-centred models of health care, where stakeholders collaborate; mobile technologies to deliver health care and to meet the needs of citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and providers; epidemic and pandemic alert services; wellness and behavioural education.

16 CATEGORIES m-Inclusion & Empowerment Measures to support integration within the global information society; bringing least developed regions and groups of society into the mobile information society; reducing the digital divide between technology- empowered and technology-excluded communities, such as groups in rural areas, women, senior citizens, disabled citizens and children; bridging society through mobile contents and applications; empowering citizens and stakeholders in public services.

17 EVALUATION CRITERIA 1.Quality of content and comprehensiveness 2.Ease of use on the small screen: navigation and orientation 3.Quality of design: aesthetic value of graphics / music or sounds 4.Range of functionalities 5.Technical quality: performance, craftsmanship, stability S Strategic importance for the development of a quality Information Society A Accessibility: cost effectiveness meeting the social and economic needs of intended user groups

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