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OGLA Annual Meeting Oct 13, 2012. Welcome Introduction of Board Highlights for this season: supporting the community Successful Player clinic yesterday.

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1 OGLA Annual Meeting Oct 13, 2012

2 Welcome Introduction of Board Highlights for this season: supporting the community Successful Player clinic yesterday youth and HS Todays coaching clinics JV Jamboree is back – March 16 th at Wilsonville Team Grants available again – deadline is Jan 4th

3 Registration Dues – Reduced fees back to 2010 season rates Varsity $325 Junior Varsity $225 Varsity Plus $450 Register as Varsity program $325 Register as JV program & pay $125 – (use discount code) New JV $125 (use discount code) Registration due in full December 3rd, 2012 Register and pay via Sportability or via Invoice/Check

4 Todays Schedule OGLA Meeting1:00 – 2:00 Approve Bylaws for Incorporation Important Dates & Deadlines Updates to Reference Manual Scheduling Reminders: Rule of 2 / Code of Conduct / Transfer Playoffs & LaxPower Preview: US Lacrosse Rule Changes OWLUA Update Jenn Becker2:00 –2:30 League Meetings2:30 –3:00

5 Approve By Laws Recap of why approving by laws Questions? Collect Ballots See the Ballot in Program Folder

6 Important Dates & Deadlines 2012 -2013 Season Calendar 8/20/2012Start of OSAA 2012-2013 season. Off-season practice rules in effect 10/12/2012OGLA Player Clinic 10/13/2012MANDATORY All-League Meeting @ Wilsonville High School 12/3/2012Teams Registered in Sportability and program dues paid 1/6/2013Team Schedules due to League Representatives 1/13/2013Team Schedules due from League Rep to OGLA via template 1/27/2013Changes to Game Schedules completed and confirmed by both Programs Jan TBDCPR/1 st Aid recertification class (renewals only) 2/1/2013All Coaches required documentation submitted 2/1/20132013 Schedule is FINAL and posted at 2/1/2013Player Transfer Request Form due to OGLA 2/4/13League Rep Submit SOPs to OGLA 2/22/13US Lacrosse numbers/expiration dates submitted for all players and coaches Feb TBDCollege Recruiting Clinic Feb TBDStats/Scoring clinic 2/25/2013First day of Practice 3/11/2013First Contest Date 3/16/2013JV Jamboree @ Wilsonville HS 4/6/2013National Tournament Team Tryouts @ OES 5/9/2013Last Contest Date (No games scheduled Fri May 10 th ) 5/13-5/17Playoff Week 5/21/2013State Semifinals 5/23/2013State Championship 7/28-8/3/13Moratorium Week (no contact between coaches and players 8/19/13Start of OSAA 2013-2014 season. Off season practice rules in effect See the Handout in Program Folder

7 Updates to the Reference Manual Clarifications/Reminders: If an assistant coach is ever running practices alone, they must meet all of the head coach requirements. Last Contest Date- No games scheduled for Fri. May 10.

8 Updates to the Reference Manual Additions: Uniforms entered into Sportability- Players must have their names and jersey numbers entered into Sportability and they should match all season long. If a coach or team delegate changes players uniforms without notifying opponents, that coach and/or program may be fined $100 per incident. OWLUA will provide a card recording form for home teams A fine of $100 will be imposed upon any team if they mistakenly mark a player as played in Sportability in a game where they were suspended for a red card.

9 Game Change Requests Acceptable cancellations: Unplayable Fields 12:00pm or before on game day home team contacts OWLUA with a phone call OWLUA is the only entity who shall determine that the game is officially postponed or cancelled Send an email to all of the following if field is unplayable: Need confirmation that the message was received

10 Reminders: Scheduling Scheduling Each team must play each contest for which they are scheduled Double check school and district calendar before finalizing schedule Think about scheduling 1-2 makeup games Must have minimum of 9 field players to start a game without forfeiting the game Reminder of Deadlines Last Regular Season game must be played by Thursday, May 9th

11 Reminders: Scheduling Non League Games Non league Games All Teams will be responsible for scheduling their own Non League matchups and contests. Plan the # of NL matchups your program can handle (max. 18 games in- state) Contact coaches directly to schedule Reminder – we need all teams to be willing to share in travel, make sure you meet coaches for teams in leagues you havent played in past. Use today as a Speed Date to meet some non-league opponents.

12 League Growth Moving up to Varsity in 2012 West Albany – Gold team New JV in 2012

13 Reminder: Rule of 2 OGLA will continue to follow OSAA Practice Limitation Rule. This applies from August 20, 2012 – February 25, 2013: A team may not make any attempt to gather more than 2 members of the same high school program together per day outside the defined lacrosse season to receive specialized athletic instruction from any coach associated with the high school program (paid or volunteer). Any activities cannot be mandatory, must be open to all, and no sticks

14 Reminder: Undue Influence & Tracking Transfers Undue Influence Cannot recruit players, if potential player contacts you, redirect them to OGLA Tracking Transfers – Request due Feb 1 Transfers are allowed for students whose school doesnt have a team She may play for the school within her home district closest to where she resides, with approval of that schools officials If student attends a private school that doesnt have a team, she must play for the public school she would have attended If a student is a senior and her family moves to a different school district, or a new team is started at her school and she is a senior she may continue to play for her current club if she desires.

15 Reminder: Coaches Code of Conduct Key provisions With regard to players: I believe that the score of the game comes second to the safety and welfare of all players. With regard to opposing teams Neither I nor my players will display hostile behavior towards opposing players. With regard to Umpires: I will display a controlled an undemonstrative attitude toward umpires at all times.

16 Playoffs & LaxPower Playoffs ONLY league games will be used to determine playoff berths. Four (4) teams from each league will receive a playoff berth. Each League will determine how berths are awarded and league rankings. All League Playoff Policies, including selection and tie-breaking procedures, must be on file with OGLA by 2/1/2013

17 Playoffs & LaxPower Bracket Placement of 20 qualifying teams Teams will be seeded into the bracket according to their LaxPower ranking as of 5/10/2013 at Midnight. Out-of State contests will NOT be recorded/included in LaxPower Adjustments may be made by OGLA board to avoid first round matchup between teams in the same league

18 2013 USL Rule Changes Reminder: Uniform requirements go into effect PDF of all requirements can be found online: OGLA/Important Updates

19 2013 USL Rule Changes See the Handout in Program Folder outlining Rule changes from USL

20 USL Events To Register… Jan 11-13, 2013, Philadelphia

21 OWLUA Update with Jenn Becker

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