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Lets Solve Water Challenge XYLEM / IGKNIGHTERS Oct 01, 2013.

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1 Lets Solve Water Challenge XYLEM / IGKNIGHTERS Oct 01, 2013

2 Before we get started, who is Xylem? A company focused on water We develop products and systems that: -Treat water to make it potable (drinkable) -Transport it to where its needed (heres where your solutions come in!) -Test and analyze water -Clean it for reuse after its many uses We are a global company and our products can be found in every corner of the globe in places like: -hospitals -airports -schools -sports stadiums -homes -hotels -just about everywhere 2

3 Who is PTC? PTC PTC is the leading technology provider in product development software. We provide Product Lifecycle Management solutions to over 27,000 companies in the following industries: Industrial High Tech Automotive Aerospace and Defense Consumer Medical Device Passionate about Education For more than ten years, our team of engineers and educators have been working with schools to enhance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. 3

4 Welcome to the LSW challenge! Goals of the challenge Provide you with an exposure to water engineering problems Expose your teams to the complete design process from concept inception through cad and production Support FIRST Robotics teams through opportunities to earn awards and develop expertise without the burden of significant cost of participation Overview of the challenge We are very excited to introduce you to the Lets Solve Water Challenge. This contest will allow you and your fellow students the opportunity to contribute to solving one of the most important issues facing our world today---developing a product that has the potential to bring water to the people who need it. Water pumps, of all sizes and types, are what all of us depend on for the delivery of water. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is… 4

5 Building your own water pump In this challenge youll be asked to modify an existing pump to be human powered. Not all areas of the world are fortunate enough to have electric or fuel power. The pumps developed in this challenge could potentially help solve some of the water challenges faced by those in emerging markets around the world. There are many aspects to pump design and performance and weve narrowed our scope to 4 unique categories. Your pump will be judged on Oct. 19 th on the following: Cost – $2000 -(calculated as cost per output) CAD – 1 st and 2 nd places offered – $2000 and $1500 respectively Performance– 1 st and 2 nd places offered – $2000 and $1500 respectively Most elegant design – $3000 -(rated on the combination of product/design characteristics) 5

6 How the challenge works Well provide you with… A virtual kit of parts -Working model of diaphragm pump that can be used in CREO -PTC Creo software -PTC Mathcad software A pump and hose kit that includes: -A diaphragm pump (model 29270-0000) -A sample hose -A copy of this presentation -Access to a Xylem mentor to assist with this challenge …youll turn it into Use the resources available to develop a manual water pump that moves water in the optimal way for design, time, exertion and pressure, 20 feet. 6

7 More about diaphragm pump technology Key Features This type of pump is considered a positive displacement pump which uses a flexible diaphragm or membrane along with inlet and outlet control valves. The diaphragm is most commonly made of rubber or thermoplastic materials. The diaphragm or membrane is reciprocated back and forth using a variety of drive options (mechanical / electrical) Why it would make a good manual pump Self-priming, good suction lifting characteristics, solids handling (slurries, sludge), can handle viscous liquids & good run dry characteristics. Why it might not make the best manual pump Flow tends to pulsate which can cause hammering effect. Inlet/outlet valve requirements. 7

8 The rules of the challenge To qualify for a prize: Must use pump as supplied Budget must be <$50 and be documented (keep receipts) Note: used assemblies will be assessed at 50% of new cost as determined by the highest value found on the internet by the judges. Any tubing, fittings, fasteners, small bushings, hardware type items and raw materials for fabrications may be purchased Premade assemblies and components may be used, see the second bullet Must connect to sample hose supplied Pump system must operate on a lawn surface and may be wet, provisions for sinking should be considered Power on competition day will be from a member on your team, as selected by the judges All inquiries and replies will be open forum to all teams Only one award per team Judges rulings are final Play hard, think hard, learn and have fun! Cooperation and mutual support between teams throughout the challenge is encouraged. 8

9 Presentations & selection of winners October 19, 2013 All teams will demonstrate a working sample of their pump All teams will present a short (5-10 minute) PowerPoint presentation on their development process, challenges faced, and what was learned in the process. Judges will select the team member from each team who will power the pump on the day of the challenge (selected at Random): All pumps will be judged on these 3 categories: -Cost (calculated as total cost) -CAD Design (1 st, 2 nd ) -Performance (1 st, 2 nd ) -Most elegant design, A panel of judges (Xylem staff & other water professionals) will be responsible for all final decisions. Invite your friends and family to join the fun! -We will invite local media to the event; you might be asked for an interview 9

10 Deliverables for the challenge October 19, 2013 Cost Awards Fully costed and detailed bill of material Identification of supplier source for all components or assemblies Documentation of costs, copy's of invoices, receipts for materials purchased, etc Spreadsheet showing final cost 10

11 Deliverables for the challenge October 19, 2013 CAD Awards All teams wanting to compete to bring 4 printouts, in a folder, to the competition: Project Plan (MS-Word doc format) describing their engineering process along with milestones/deliverables 2 color printouts of CAD model. Include an expanded Model explorer in Creo Hard copy of any/all calculations used during design process 11

12 Deliverables for the challenge October 19, 2013 Performance Awards Design allows a 35 lb child to operate unit to deliver water against 20 feet of static head Maximum force measured through one full stroke Total Distance traveled circular, linear, etc for one pumping stroke Minimum total work, the product of max force and total distance Detailed drawing of kinematics for the total distance traveled during the delivery stroke 12

13 Deliverables for the challenge October 19, 2013 Most Elegant Design Award Success in cost, performance and CAD Engineering effort, design space, calculations, test data Execution of the system Judges overall impression of the presentation and deliverables 13

14 Water applications / CAD experts Mentors Paul Ruzicka, Xylem Inc. Mark Ingersoll, Xylem Inc. John Sheehan, PTC jsheehan Judges John Sheen, PTC Paul Ruzicka, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Xylem Inc. Volunteer Judge TBD 14

15 Questions? 15

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