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… not a just a day but an adventure in learning!.

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1 … not a just a day but an adventure in learning!

2 Are you a teacher who… wants students to question? wants students to show curiosity about what is studied? wants students to take control of their learning? wants students to be excited about history?

3 Students will be excited as they… choose a topic of personal interest think about the research and how it will be presented read, see, hear and touch history through primary sources discover history rather than be told about history present and discuss their research with experts National History Day supports Standards Based Learning by…

4 NATIONAL HISTORY DAY IS NATIONAL HISTORY DAY IS NOT A nationally recognized history education program A program that teaches research skills, reading skills and historical thinking simultaneously A program that engages and encourages students to go beyond the limits of the research! A prescribed program Another assignment for students A science fair project for history

5 HISTORY SKILLS: STUDENTS WILL… LITERACY SKILLS: STUDENTS WILL… Identify a topic Utilize secondary and primary sources Gather evidence in support of the thesis Analyze and formulate an interpretation And present their research in interesting and informative ways Research widely: The National Archives, Library of Congress… Learn to cite sources And create an annotated bibliography

6 National History Day supports Teachers by providing Curriculum Materials Theme book Theme Sheet Making History Series Website H-Historyday listserv Teacher Workshops at the state and national level Teacher Summer Institutes

7 Performance Website Documentary Exhibit Paper

8 Questions Teachers Need to Consider Before Integrating NHD in their Curriculum. When do I have time to add this to my curriculum ? Will I require students to enter in the contest ? How will I grade the research ?

9 Good News! You have the control! You can keep the students researching in the content of the class. You are probably already doing a research project with your students. National History Day exceeds expectations for most high school senior papers You can design a model that fits your needs In class Outside of Class Enrichment Activity Year long/concentrated unit

10 Benefits Student research extends into the community Students receive feedback from the experts in the field Students have the opportunity to win scholarships and recognition Challenges Students become overly competitive and the focus shifts from the learning to winning Dont want anyone to lose – hurt feelings. Parents

11 How will I grade a year-long project? Tips : Complete evaluation forms can be downloaded from the NHD website. Have weekly mini assignments (See Doing Historical Research with National History Day)



14 Past Themes 1998 - Migration 1999 - Science & Technology 2000 - Turning Points 2001 - Frontiers 2002 - Revolution, Reaction, Reform 2003 - Rights & Responsibilities 2004 - Exploration, Encounter, Exchange 2005 - Communication 2006 - Taking a Stand 2007 - Triumph & Tragedy 2008 - Conflict & Compromise 2009 - The Individual 2011 – Innovation in History 2012 – Revolution, Reaction, Reform

15 Correlations See handout NHD can… Provide lesson plans Project ideas Formats for Student Presentation Grading Rubrics And that is all before the contest!!!

16 Student motivation Additional evaluation Student Self-esteem Even for those who dont place Determination Revise, revise, revise Awards Scholarships Cash Trips

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