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1 #RideTogetherBC Provincial Campaign October 2013.

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1 1 #RideTogetherBC Provincial Campaign October 2013

2 2 Provincial Campaign: # Ride Together Umbrella Campaign supports brand & message The bus is the original social media Soft launch on shelters, benches & buses – spring 2013

3 3 Ride Together BC Instagram Contest Page Full launch September 2013 Focus on Instagram contest Launched through social media & IBCs Includes webinar for regional partners Based on I-spy game Your Mission – Funky Footwear

4 What is Instagram? Instagram is: A photo-taking and sharing app. BC Transit launched our iSpy inspired Ride Together BC contest using Instagram. 4

5 5 How do I play? Three Missions: 1. Funky Footwear 2. Dazzling Destinations 3. Snappy Signs

6 How does it Work? 1.Customers post images on their Instagram page 2.Include hash tag ridetogetherbc 3.BCTs moderator approves 4.Viewers vote for favourite image 6

7 7 Licence to Ride: Learn how to ride A.Look for answers throughout the images B.Include your phone & name C.Print out Licence

8 Promote your Transit System! Heres your chance for community participation – and regional competition! 8

9 9 Visit the Marketing Resource Centre Find more information on the Marketing Resource Centre

10 10 Find us on BC Transits home page Ride Together Webpage: Public And on the Go Green webpage On your systems home page

11 11 Thank you 250-385-2525 Questions? Click on the Heart image to go directly to the #RideTogetherBC Instagram Page

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