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CLGC, Review of 2011 Season Local Clubs Reporting Accomplishments, News Sporting Events and Results.

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1 CLGC, Review of 2011 Season Local Clubs Reporting Accomplishments, News Sporting Events and Results

2 2011 Soaring Season Local Clubs: Relevant events, licenses, badges, new gliders Club Events that made a Difference Safety Considerations Membership

3 NISC (Northern IL Soaring Contest) After a slow start the local flying season was again quite successful. Submitted were a total of 135 flights over a total distance of 16,357 mi (raw) or over 100 mi per flight. Compared to the East Coast clubs, we had a strong weather season after mid-June Even without the Sky Memorial-Day contest contributing, the total stats are impressive, congrats to all participants

4 NISC Participation Number of flights, total mileage, number of pilots are all up vs. 2010. Weekday-flying was stronger than last year. Aggressive task-setting at CGC yielded more and longer flights (Thanks SH and BB) The NISC is alive and well and it seems to be quite unique in the US Soaring scene. John C. deserves loads of thanks for doing most of the scoring. (Applause please) Who won?

5 2011 NISC Results Score# of flightsName 1. 800024Kilian, Herb 2. 793811Cochrane, John 3. 758518Shakman, Michael 4. 67579Macys, Robert 5. 641817Dziedzic, Jan 6. 56466Borycki, Marek 7. 54377Akerley, Mark 8. 54367Eisenbeiss, Duane 9. 52788Ridenour, Neal 10. 48675Spitz, Bob 11. 47487Konrath, Ray 12. 22414Molidor III, Gerry 13. 22324Norton, Robert 14. 17392Russell, Jeff 15. 14032DeRosa, John 16. 9941Molidor, Gerry 17. 7831Ratajewski, Dariusz 18. 6721Watkins, Dale 19. 4921Weck, Geoff

6 Online Contest (OLC) More local pilots entered flights Our Region 7 quite a bit behind others in flights and distances entered Blackhawk Soaring in Iowa beat all Chicago Clubs, cant let that happen again! We are doing the fastest flights, however Stats for Region 7 only containing flights that originate in region Following are stats that I downloaded from the OLC results spreadsheets:

7 #NameClubSumFlight 1Flight 2Flight 3Flight 4Flight 5Flight 6 1 Michael McGlothlen (US /Blackhawk Soaring Club2518561.47pt. (11.09)466.93pt. (05.09)444.36pt. (10.08)378.88pt. (14.08)354.44pt. (09.10)311.82pt. (08.05) 2Don Gurnett (US /Blackhawk Soaring Club2274438.75pt. (11.08)435.01pt. (11.09)396.64pt. (07.05)373.77pt. (05.09)320.80pt. (14.08)309.51pt. (21.08) 3Herbert Kilian (USChicago Glider Club2058384.12pt. (10.08)363.94pt. (29.06)335.70pt. (29.08)334.37pt. (06.05)332.65pt. (11.08)306.73pt. (09.07) 4Christopher PrinceRed Wing Soaring Assn.2007684.86pt. (24.04)341.52pt. (26.05)304.34pt. (17.04)241.96pt. (05.06)222.45pt. (09.10)211.59pt. (16.05) 5James Hard (US / )126 Association1990439.99pt. (13.09)394.43pt. (26.05)387.26pt. (16.05)279.91pt. (05.06)259.31pt. (11.09)228.74pt. (05.09) 6Terry EdmondsBlackhawk Soaring Club1950369.80pt. (11.08)358.84pt. (10.08)317.16pt. (17.05)309.18pt. (05.09)299.32pt. (06.07)296.20pt. (06.05) 7Kevin Ford (US / )126 Association1939536.71pt. (11.09)427.35pt. (15.08)388.15pt. (19.05)296.57pt. (06.05)148.20pt. (09.10)142.47pt. (21.08) 8Ted Clausing (US / Wisconsin Soaring Society1898387.07pt. (28.08)342.62pt. (21.08)309.71pt. (10.09)304.91pt. (27.08)296.16pt. (04.07)257.39pt. (06.08) 9Cochrane John (USChicago Glider Club1851338.77pt. (05.09)329.60pt. (29.06)327.71pt. (15.09)304.17pt. (17.09)290.74pt. (26.06)259.53pt. (04.07) 10Steve Johnson (US Wisconsin Soaring Society1743347.31pt. (10.08)317.49pt. (08.07)316.08pt. (27.08)286.45pt. (28.08)240.59pt. (04.07)235.01pt. (05.09) 11Daniel JohnsonNone1673411.33pt. (06.07)316.52pt. (08.07)260.55pt. (05.09)232.96pt. (28.08)225.92pt. (13.07)225.42pt. (03.05) 12Barry Jaeger (US /Cross Country Soaring1645338.08pt. (06.07)330.33pt. (11.09)277.03pt. (03.05)271.13pt. (10.09)227.75pt. (08.07)200.85pt. (02.07) 13Curt Lewis (US /Sylvania Soaring Adv1644352.04pt. (10.08)291.47pt. (04.07)276.15pt. (08.07)268.99pt. (17.09)232.86pt. (11.09)222.04pt. (15.08) 14Mark Akerley (USChicago Glider Club1275332.38pt. (29.06)246.36pt. (06.05)181.05pt. (28.08)179.96pt. (20.05)177.62pt. (11.09)157.82pt. (12.06) 15Steve Kennedy (Red Wing Soaring Assn.1205266.70pt. (24.04)252.53pt. (05.09)227.14pt. (06.05)176.23pt. (05.06)153.68pt. (07.05)128.41pt. (21.08) 16Leon Zeug (US /Cross Country Soaring889232.43pt. (03.05)176.23pt. (06.07)155.59pt. (14.08)134.05pt. (10.09)113.34pt. (28.06)77.63pt. (26.05) 2011 Region 7 OLC Champion

8 #NameClubTotal Score 1Gordon Boettger (US / R11: CA-N GU HIMinden Soaring Club8832 2Jim Payne (US / R12: CA-S)Tehachapi Soaring8351 3Michael Higgins (US / R4: DE DC MD VAM-ASA Mid-Atlantic Soaring Assn6195 4Devin Bargainnier (US / R6: IN KY MI OH)Caesar Creek Soaring5911 5Mitch Polinsky (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club5870 6Ramy Yanetz (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Hollister Gliding Cl5677 7Wilfried Krueger (CA / ON/Q)York Soaring Association5414 8Pedja Bogdanovich (US / R9: AZ CO NM UTSoaring Society of Boulder5184 9Gary Ittner (US / R12: CA-S)Hole in the Wall5137 10Randall Acree (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Tucson Soaring Club4903 11Kevin Wayt (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4889 12Baudouin Litt (BE / R4: DE DC MD VA WV)M-ASA Mid-Atlantic Soaring Assn4842 13Uwe Kleinhempel (CA / R11: CA-N GU HIMinden Soaring Club4823 14Ken Sorenson (US / R10: AR KS LA MO-WSoaring Club of Houston4823 15Bill Hill (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Albuquerque Soaring4748 16Robert Templin (US / R2: NJ NY-S PA-E)Aero Club Albatross4729 17Doug Levy (US / R12: CA-S)Warner Springs Gliders4656 18Rolf Siebert (CA / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Albuquerque Soaring4609 19Darren Braun (CA / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Hollister Gliding Cl4547 20David Leonard (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Black Forest Soaring4527 21Michael Mitton (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club4518 22Jerzy Szemplinski (CA / ON/Q)SOSA Gliding Club4484 23Paul Seifried (US / R2: NJ NY-S PA-E)Aero Club Albatross4303 24Michael Reid (US / R12: CA-S)Tehachapi Soaring4231 25Martin Eiler (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4216 26Mike Abernathy (US / R9: AZ CO NM UTAlbuquerque Soaring4186 27Russ Owens (US / R12: CA-S)Warner Springs Gliders4162 28Bill Ruehle (US / R10: AR KS LA MO-W NETSA-Texas Soaring Association4128 29Terry Stroud (US / R10: AR KS LA MO-W NETSA-Texas Soaring Association4121 US OlC Champion 2011 East of Mississippi

9 #NameClubsumFlight 1Flight 2Flight 3Flight 4Flight 5Flight 6 1Herbert Kilian (US / R7: IL IChicago Glider Club528.56 97.16pt. (10.08) 91.80pt. (06.05) 90.34pt. (26.06) 85.72pt. (11.08) 82.39pt. (29.06) 81.14pt. (29.08) 2 Michael McGlothlen (US / R7: Blackhawk Soaring Club464.16 96.89pt. (11.09) 75.88pt. (09.10) 73.67pt. (17.05) 72.92pt. (10.08) 72.47pt. (14.08) 72.33pt. (08.05) 3Cochrane John (US / R7: ILChicago Glider Club463.03 82.71pt. (15.09) 82.46pt. (17.09) 80.77pt. (05.09) 74.33pt. (29.06) 72.63pt. (11.09) 70.14pt. (04.07) 4Barry Jaeger (US / R7: IL IA Cross Country Soaring443.44 77.97pt. (10.09) 75.97pt. (03.05) 75.81pt. (11.09) 73.14pt. (06.07) 72.55pt. (25.09) 67.99pt. (08.07) 5Don Gurnett (US / R7: IL IA Blackhawk Soaring Club429.82 85.41pt. (07.05) 79.65pt. (11.09) 79.59pt. (11.08) 62.21pt. (05.09) 61.87pt. (19.05) 61.09pt. (21.08) 6Christopher Prince (CA / Red Wing Soaring Assn.429.09 90.97pt. (24.04) 73.66pt. (16.05) 72.12pt. (26.05) 69.86pt. (17.04) 68.00pt. (02.07) 54.49pt. (09.10) 7Ted Clausing (US / R7: IL IA Wisconsin Soaring Society428.24 83.63pt. (28.08) 72.18pt. (04.07) 71.96pt. (10.09) 71.57pt. (21.08) 67.78pt. (27.08) 61.12pt. (06.08) 8Terry Edmonds (US / R7: IL Blackhawk Soaring Club421.46 83.07pt. (06.05) 74.53pt. (11.08) 70.46pt. (10.08) 65.20pt. (07.05) 65.12pt. (05.09) 63.07pt. (16.05) 9Steve Johnson (US / R7: IL Wisconsin Soaring Society416.42 74.00pt. (04.07) 72.78pt. (08.07) 72.47pt. (10.08) 68.86pt. (28.08) 68.41pt. (27.08) 59.89pt. (09.07) 10Daniel Johnson (US / )None406.95 75.88pt. (06.07) 69.16pt. (13.09) 68.99pt. (05.09) 68.54pt. (28.08) 63.28pt. (03.05) 61.11pt. (13.07) 11Curt Lewis (US / R7: IL IASylvania Soaring Adv391.7 74.74pt. (08.07) 67.96pt. (17.09) 65.61pt. (04.07) 63.01pt. (20.05) 61.42pt. (11.09) 58.96pt. (21.08) 12Mark Akerley (US / R7: IL IAChicago Glider Club372.98 76.41pt. (06.05) 72.81pt. (29.06) 61.02pt. (11.09) 56.39pt. (28.08) 54.21pt. (12.06) 52.14pt. (20.05) 13James Hard (US / )126 Association320.37 72.68pt. (16.05) 69.94pt. (11.09) 61.65pt. (13.09) 58.66pt. (26.05) 57.44pt. (05.09) 2011 Champion, Speed-OLC

10 #PointsNamekmFlights 15,606.06Terry Edmonds (US)5,817.7730 25,191.05Herbert Kilian (US)4,901.8523 34,430.24Michael McGlothlen (US)4,189.5516 43,620.01Daniel Johnson (US)3,558.8824 53,288.69Steve Johnson (US)3,084.8917 63,283.34Curt Lewis (US)2,721.1416 73,020.37Don Gurnett (US)2,898.9810 82,933.60Ted Clausing (US)2,699.8312 92,661.54Barry Jaeger (US)2,611.0014 102,660.17Cochrane John (US)2,563.8910 112,314.25Christopher Prince (CA)2,053.608 122,138.34James Hard (US)1,292.057 132,068.10Kevin Ford (US)1,079.857 141,827.73Steve Kennedy (US)1,603.5214 151,275.19Mark Akerley (US)1,234.496 16889.26Leon Zeug (US)903.647 17861.32David Hoppe (US)757.124 18832.54Daniel Shallbetter (US)855.445 19703.98Tim Gossfeld (US)724.745 20698.95Robert Norton (US)634.574 All Flights OLC 2011

11 #PointsClubkmFlightsPilots 113,056.67Blackhawk Soaring Club12,906563 29,825.36Chicago Glider Club9,335434 37,846.39Wisconsin Soaring Society7,316445 44,343.41126 Association2,446164 54,254.79Cross Country Soaring4,239263 64,141.98Red Wing Soaring Assn.3,657222 73,620.01None (US / )3,559241 83,283.34Sylvania Soaring Adv (US )2,721161 92,774.68Minnesota Soaring Cl (US )2,743189 10740.14Sky Soaring, Inc (US / R7: IL602163 11592.84 Saint Louis Soaring (US / R7: IL75463 12336.29Black Hill Soaring Club (US36611 13161.83Association de Vol a Voile15611 1498.18APA American Polish Aero8311 2011 Best Club Region 7, OLC

12 US National Contests Seniors Contest, Clermont FL (R. Ridenour 8 th, Kroesch 12 th, Spitz 17 th, Macys 24 th ) total of 6 pilots from CGC Sports Class Contest, Benton TN (R. Ridenour 6 th ) 15 – m Class, Logan UT (Cochrane and Shakman) Pre-Worlds Uvalde, TX, Cochrane Some Regionals were also attended, have no details

13 Comments Regarding Logan UT Controversial contest with high number of comments from pilots Disturbing number of highly rated pilots left the contest, especially in Nationals. There were 3 damaged gliders, 2 of them pretty badly. Task calls by KS were very aggressive No thermals in the valley, had to go rock-polishing to make it up the mountain More relights than desirable, especially for water-ballasted ships Day starts very late (2-3 PM), lasts until around 7 PM Intimidating terrain, perceived out-landing options are scarce J. Cochrane and Duane Eisenbeiss did very well Organization was lacking, no retrieve office was established until John C. stepped in, CM was ineffective and inexperienced, no Port-a-Potties Local knowledge was more important than usual

14 Were the risks any greater than elsewhere? Perhaps; I didn't feel any more vulnerable flying along the ridge than usual, didn't have any close calls, and with some sensible planning it was always possible to reach a reasonable field for landing. But that's because I was flying in survival mode much of the time and not able to think much about competing, so I was making sensible rather than competitive decisions. There was some damage to a few gliders whose pilots knowingly carried on into bad weather over inhospitable terrain, but not necessarily more than would occur in a contest anywhere else. The real carnage was in the dwindling number of competitors as the contest went on. Mass landouts, late night retrieves and aggressive and inflexible tasking options relative to the actual weather conditions took their toll, and by the end of each competition a very significant proportion of the competitors had chosen to go home early, rather than risk becoming a statistic. From Tom Kelleys Blog (711)

15 The Logan 15m Nationals and Regional contest was by far the worst managed and most dangerous contest of the season. We were extremely lucky to get away from that contest with *only* 3 broken gliders and no serious injuries or fatalities. After the first contest day, my contest strategy changed to please let me leave this place with all my body and glider parts in the same order in which they arrived. They got just about everything wrong, with the topper being their decision to censor my commentary from the contest. Too bad they spent so much time getting wound up over my use of the Unlandable word and not enough time figuring out how to run a safe contest in the Logan soaring area. These guys really ought to get a life and enjoy the sport a little more ;-). My vote would be to never hold another nationals at Logan either – it is just too technical, and there are too many temptations to literally bet your life on the outcome of a tricky transition. it would be a great place for a soaring safari, with its spectacular scenery and great soaring potential, but not a good place for a serious contest. From Frank Paynters Blog (TA)

16 For more information, google Logan Contest on rec.aviation.soaring, also go to Frank Paynters blogs on where you can find comments from John Cochrane and Mike Shakman

17 Show some flight recordings, picture slides and video from Logan if time permits!

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