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Elks VEA Membership Program Keys to Assisting a Lodge in Achieving A Gain In Membership.

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1 Elks VEA Membership Program Keys to Assisting a Lodge in Achieving A Gain In Membership

2 Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks And the Virginia Elks Association Presented by VP Frank Poole General Chairman, Membership Committee

3 Grand Lodge Programs Lodge Activities Youth Activities Charities Public Relations Membership

4 Local Lodge Activities Appeal to ALL Age Groups Dinners, Dances, Karaoke – Well advertised and supported by Officers, PERs, etc Family Brunches Family Picnics Childrens Activities Antlers Program

5 Grand Lodge Programs All-American Contest Community Service/Image Contest Elks Memorial Contest Lodge Bulletin Contest ENF Lodge Per Capita Contest ENF Lodge Chairman Contest

6 Grand Lodge Programs contd Elk of the Year Officer of the Year Citizen of the Year Grand Exalted Ruler Awards Exalted Ruler Awards Outstanding Members

7 Youth Activities Hoop Shoot Soccer Shoot Boy/Girl Scouts Americanism Essay Contest Junior Golf Program Sponsor Boys Little League and/or Girls Softball Team

8 Youth Activities contd Sponsor Boys/Girls Basketball Teams Provide or Supervise Teen Dances Promote the Most Valuable Student Scholarships Antlers Program Student or Teenager of the Month Award

9 Local Charities Food Baskets Scholarships Bell-Ringing for the Salvation Army Visit Shut-Ins, the handicapped, the elderly, and veterans during the various holiday seasons. Make donations to private organizations that help the needy

10 Local Charities contd Homeless Shelters Domestic Abuse Shelters Dovetail Your Drug Awareness Program With Local Law Enforcement Programs

11 State Charities/Major Programs Do you understand Virginias Major Projects? Can you sell the projects? Will assistance from the program help promote your Lodge in the community? What are Virginias State Major Projects (2)?

12 Public Relations Perception Of The Lodge Appearance Cleanliness Accessibility Customer Service Attitude

13 FIVE Is Invite Family Friends Neighbors Business Associates

14 FIVE Is Investigate Quality Over Quantity No Rubber Stamp

15 FIVE Is Indoctrinate Hold On Separate Day Cover All Facets Lodge State Grand Lodge Ask For Questions Invite Family/Friends

16 FIVE Is Initiate Rehearse Ritual Prior To Initiation Eye Contact Clear Enunciation Know The Words

17 FIVE Is Involve Assign To Committee Involve Sponsor Involve Officers Involve Committee Chairman Involve Current Members

18 Lapsation Contact Begins April 1 st Personal Contact Not The Secretary Reinstatement Set A Goal (2%)


20 After All We Are The Elks

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