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Keith Lotter Samantha Trapp Pat Gaffney Mike Grabowy.

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1 Keith Lotter Samantha Trapp Pat Gaffney Mike Grabowy

2 SizeOn is a popular creatine supplement produced by Gaspari Nutrition. Comes in two forms: -SizeOn Maximum-Performance -SizeOn Pre-Contest

3 A nitrogenous organic acid that is found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates mainly in the form of phosphocreatine and supplies energy for muscle contraction.

4 Maximum Performance- Intra-workout drink (during workout) Pre-Contest- Pre-workout creatine drink. Major Difference- Maximum Performance contains excess carbohydrates so workout lasts longer/ recovery is shorter. Pre-Contest version- has recently been discontinued due to lack of popularity.

5 Promote Protein Synthesis & Muscle Force Recovery Support Muscle Volume, Muscle Fiber Size, Cell Volume & Plasma Amino Acid Levels* Encourage Myogenesis and Muscle Recovery While You Are Still Training Deliver Vital Nutrients, Essential Minerals, and Growth Cofactors To Skeletal Muscle Tissue Harnesse Power of Pterostilbene Includes LOLA, their cutting-edge L-Ornithine-L- Aspartate combination. However.. These claims are not approved by the FDA.


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8 Article from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Compared SizeOn Maximum performance and a similar competitor product (CP) Both Products have equal amounts of Creatine, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Only difference is the SizeOn Proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients.

9 Study Population: 20 healthy men ages 19-31 Men were matched up by age, height, weight, training past, and body fat. Nine week study.

10 Participants were tested on: 1RM bench press RTF(rep til failure) body weight bench press Lean mass gains/ loses Fat mass gains/ loses All exercise sessions were documented and observed.


12 1-RM Bench press- Sizeon- +19.8% CP- +15.3% Lean Mass-Sizeon- +2.4% CP- +.27% RTF(reps til failure)-Sizeon- +44.8% CP- +20.9% Fat Mass-Sizeon- -9.8% CP- +4.1%

13 1. How often do you use size on, and how long have you been using it? 1. Ive been using it for 6 months and I consume it during my workout once daily and I use it one month on, one month off. 2. Does the supplement give the desired results as it claims it will? 2. Yes it does everything it says it will if you put the work in that is necessary. Its not magic powder. Consistent brutal workouts are a must to get what you want. 3. Are there any side effects you experienced while taking size on that were not labeled? 3. The only side effects I faced were my abs became less visible during cycle due to increase in water intake.

14 4. What is your typical workout routine? 4. (MON)-Legs and Abs (TUES)- Back and Biceps (WED)- Shoulders and Traps (THURS)-Cardio and Plyos (FRIDAY)-Chest and Triceps. All workouts are about 2 hours and it just keeps repeating the days. My day off is my Plyos and Cardio day, so the days repeat 7 days a week. 5. Are there any positive and negative things to say about size on? 5. I have only positive things to say about size-on. Its awesome for hard gainers out there but you still have to be committed. 6. Would you recommend SIZEON? 6. I definitely recommend it to anyone 18 year old and above.

15 7. Do you take anything else with SIZEON? 7. I take Gaspari MYO-FUSION protein and Super Pump pre-workout. 8. What is your diet like? Have you increased any food intake to enhance your desired look? 8. I dont really have much of a choice on my diet since I am in Afghanistan. I dont get a choice on food because I live on the side of a mountain. I eat as much as I possibly can.



18 YoungPoppin Age: 29 Joined: 8/2012 YoungPoppin Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 7 To start I want to say I love Gaspari nutrition supplements. They usually deliver in quality and I think its a great company overall. Effectiveness 9/10 Size on is awesome in effectiveness. It is loaded with carbohydrates to keep glycogen stores full while you are working out, 6 grams of bcaa and over 6 grams of creatine. The blueberry flavor tastes great and is enjoyable to sip on while lifting. Value 8/10 40 bucks for a month of servings really isn't great at all but its a good product so I had to try. Overall 8/10 Pretty good product. Lots of creatine, does make me bloated a little. Its got a lot of leucine which is a bonus and is great for adding endurance and recovery to workouts Pros: Taking It Increase Your Energy Builds Muscle Tastes Great And Refreshing At Least Lemon Ice Does Huge Strength Increase Recovery Cons: Too Expensive Bloating

19 Expert Rating: 8/10 User Rating: 8.3/10 Reviewer Trust: 89% (Good)

20 ne-000297.htm ne-000297.htm University of Maryland Medical Center Reports the positive and negative effects of creatine supplements. Describes how to properly take creatine supplements. Describes creatine and its natural production in the body.

21 SIZEON is available at : Amazon Mass Nutrition All Star Health Ill Pump You Up Best Price Nutrition A1 Supplements Body Building Muscle & Strength Netrition My Supplement Store TF Supplements The Price ranges from $30 - $50 for a 1 month supply.

22 Canning, M. (n.d.). Gaspari nutrition sizeon. Retrieved from Farlex Inc. (2012) Creatine. Retrieved from Gaspari Nutrition. (n.d.). Sizeon maximum performance. Retrieved from Gaspari, R. & MrSupplement. (2010). GASPARI SIZEON MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE & SIZEON PRE-CONTEST. Retrieved from Interview with Brandon Moffett. Schmitz, S., Hofheins, J., & Lemieux, R. (2010). Nine weeks of supplementation with a multi-nutrient product augments gains in lean mass, strength, and muscular performance in resistance trained men. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 7 (40), Retrieved from Supplement Reviews. (2006). SizeOn Reviews. Retrieved from

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