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Big Read Partnerships Provide Big Learning Opportunities 2014 MASL Spring Conference.

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1 Big Read Partnerships Provide Big Learning Opportunities 2014 MASL Spring Conference

2 Jeannine Birkenfeld 11 years-Childrens Associate Springfield Greene-County Library MEd from Drury University M.L.S. from Texas Womans University-in progress

3 Amy Price 7 years-LMS Springfield Public Schools district Wilsons Creek 5th-6th School M.L.S. from Mizzou E-mail/Twitter: o o @AmyDPrice (professional account) o @WCreekLibrary (school library account)

4 Organizing The Big Read The Public Librarys Role

5 What is the Big Read? An annual community- wide reading event Throughout the month of April the library sponsors programming and events related to a featured adult book title and a companion title for kids and/or teens.

6 Source of Funds National Endowment for the Arts Arts Midwest Friends of the Library The Library Foundation

7 Why Should Schools Compete for the Author Visit? Its FREE if you win! Famous & Expensive authors will inspire your school community! It shows you are willing to go the extra mile for your students and teachers.

8 Application Example Big Read Author Contest 2014 Application Big Read Author Visit Application 2014 Ideal: school librarians and teachers work together to fill out application. Involve multiple disciplines in creating a dynamic application.

9 How the Public Library Chooses the Winners Polished & Thorough - organized -typed I nterdisciplinary - author visit adds value to multiple subjects Set your School Apart -tell us why your kids will benefit from an author visit

10 Scheduling Logistics Authors contract is usually very specific o Your school must be flexible & agree to host an assembly on a pre-determined date during the school day in April. Do you have the space? o # of kids, teachers, and parents in attendance?

11 Other Opportunities for Kids @ the Public Library Big Read photo Contest Big Read Flash Fiction Contest Bookmark Contest Greene Teen Review Board Teen Advisory Board Weekly Childrens & Teen Programming

12 Write a Winning Application The Library Media Specialists Role

13 School-Wide Get as many students involved as possible!

14 Appeal to Kids Incorporate technology Involve the 5 senses

15 Student Effort Book Review Contest Essay Contest Why should I be allowed to attend? Author Questions Community Involvement (tie-in with the book)

16 Book Review Contest

17 Collaborate with Specialty Teachers Art-draw a scene from the book Music-songs connected to a time and place

18 Collaborate with Core Teachers Classroom book clubs Teach genres based on the authors work Use authors work to teach content (i.e. Social Studies) Research authors website for advice about writing.

19 2014 Big Read: The Call of the Wild Art-draw an animal PE-wilderness survival boot camp English-read/write stories from the POV of an animal. Science-Alaskan climate and weather Social Studies-Alaska, Gold Rush

20 How to Get Students Excited and Prepared Personal connection to book and/or author. Lots of announcements Bulletin boards/displays Utilize your student workers Students choose from prize box for completing activities

21 Promotion District P.R. Social Media-tag the author Twitter Facebook School Newsletter School/Class Announcements

22 Preparations for the Big Day! Bottled Water Podium Comfortable Chair Table Pen Sticky notes and pencils for students to write their names Laptop with PPT Projector Large screen Handheld microphone Electrical Outlet Posters/Student artwork

23 Big Learning Opportunities for Students How education impacted their decision to become an author. Writing Process Inspiration Struggles with Writing Rejection Censorship Writing Advice


25 Your Ideas and Experiences Schools involvement in the Big Read? Collaboration with the public library?

26 Thank You! So Matildas strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone. - -Roald Dahl, Matilda.

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