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National History Day in Nevada Rights and Responsibilities in History 2013-2014 Program Year.

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1 National History Day in Nevada Rights and Responsibilities in History 2013-2014 Program Year

2 WCSD Social Studies Professional Development Day Introduction to History Day TimeTopicSpeaker/Presenter 9:10-9:20Warm Up: Skills You Want Your Students to Leave Your Class With? Lindsey Clewell 9:20-9:40What is NHD? History Day Works! History Day Website & Our Website Northern Nevada Contest Judging the Categories and the rules of History Day Christine Hull 9:40- 10:00 Rights & Responsibilities in History Unpacking the Theme Brainstorm possible topics Sue Davis 10:00- 10:10 Questions and Exit PassChristine Hull

3 Introductions Christine Hull-Nevada State Coordinator of History Day (NV Department of Education) Sue Davis- Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator of History Day (Washoe County School District-Retired) Lindsey Clewell-History Day Teacher (Gifted and Talented Program-Mendive Middle School)

4 History Day Contest Rules/Program Overview

5 What is History Day? What skills do you want your students to leave your class with? History Day Works! Our website- History Day Website-

6 School Contest Form Please fill this out (one per school) Return to Christine by December 20 th If you are the only classroom in your school, the classroom/school contest will be the same date Schools with more than one teacher should consider having a classroom and school contest School: Participating Teachers: Please indicate with an * which teacher in your school will be the main contact for this years History Day Program ______________________________ _ Dates of Contests: Classroom Contests School Contests Registration for State Contest State Contest National Contest ______________________________ _ March 31, 2014, Online April 26, 2014, UNR June 15-19, College Park, Maryland History Day Interns If you are interested in having an intern assigned to your school please indicate what times of the day/week you plan to work on History Day in your classroom(s) so that we can schedule interns.

7 Program Overview Divisions: Junior Division: Grades 6-8 Senior Division: Grades 9-12 Contest Categories: Paper (individual only) Exhibit (individual or group) Performance (individual or group) Documentary (individual or group) Website (individual or group)

8 How Entry will be Judged Historical Quality= 60% Relation to theme= 20% Clarity of Presentation= 20%

9 Rules for All Categories Must relate clearly to Annual Theme Student may participate in only 1 entry per year Group exhibit size is 2-5 students All entries must be ORIGINAL (may not revise a project from previous years to fit new theme) Students are responsible for research, design, and creation of project but may receive help from & advice from teachers and parents on mechanical aspects.

10 Rules for All Categories Equipment and set-up is responsibility of student. Students will have a discussion with judges and be prepared to explain in detail their project. Prohibited Materials- Anything dangerous such as weapons, firearms, animals, organisms, plants Title of project must be clearly visible on all written materials

11 Rules for All Categories All entries must have a : Title page Process paper in 500 words or less describing how the research was conducted and process of creating project Annotated bibliography-each source must explain how source was used and how it helped to understand the topic. Primary and secondary sources must be separate in the bibliography Proper citation format and consistent (MLA or Turabian)

12 Rules for all Categories Plagiarism- failure to cite information is plagiarism and may result in disqualification

13 Paper Length: no less than 1500 words and not to exceed more than 2500 words. 2500 words excludes: notes, annotated bibliography, illustration captions, and supplemental materials (appendix) Citations within the paper are required Papers must be typed and turned in electronically as one file Pages must be double spaced, numbered, & stapled in the top left corner (not in a binder).

14 Exhibit Size requirements- no larger than 40 inches wide, 30 inches deep, & 6 feet high. No set design of exhibit (not always a 3 board presentation) Media devices must not run for more than 3 minutes and limited to 500 words. Text on exhibit limited to 500 words, includes: Titles, subtitles, captions, graphs, timeline, media materials Not included in the 500 word count is brief citations or credits for illustrations or quotations

15 Performance Must be entirely student created May not exceed 10 minutes Allowed 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove any props needed for performance May use slides, tape recorders, computers, or other media with performance. May rent or make costumes

16 Documentary May not exceed 10 minutes Allowed 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove equipment Documentary must be narrated by students May use photographs, films, recorded music and provide proper citation Documentaries must be uploaded through SmugMug

17 Web Site Must be constructed using the NHD web site editor no more than 100MB of file space May use photographs, graphics, video, recorded music but must be properly cited Contain no more than 1200 student- composed words (code used to build website does not count) Multimedia clips may not last more than 45 seconds Student must narrate any audio Must submit the URL in advance

18 Getting your students started

19 Primary and Secondary Sources Start them off right by teaching them how to vet resources and what a Primary Source is. The annotated bibliography requires students to distinguish between primary and secondary sources. See Research Section

20 Annotated Bibliography All entries required an annotated Bibliography An annotation summarizes the source and describes how that source was useful to the project. Keep a working annotated bibliography during the research process. Lack of annotations can significantly damage a student's evaluation in the competition. Students must include both secondary and primary sources in their research. Handout- History Fair Notes…

21 resources Chicago History Day Bibliography/citations Nevada History Resources pecoll/

22 Its Not About the Competition Teacher Inservice Program One Inservice credit for attending the various events throughout the year History Day Interns M.A. & PhD Students in History Education Pre-Service teachers Day at the Museum/Library Historical Society & Special Collections @ UNR

23 Save the Date(s) October 2nd, Location TBD 3:30-6:30 Fall Teacher Workshop* Saturday, February 8 @ 8:30-12:00 (UNR) Day at the Library/Museum* February and March Classroom/School Contests Saturday, April 26 @ 8:00am-3:00pm (UNR) Northern Nevada State Competition* Saturday, May 10th 9:00-3:00 @ TBD Northern Nevada Winner's Workshop* May 20 Deadline National History Day Contest Registration June 15-19 National History Day Contest, College Park, MD

24 Its Not About the Competition Program Partners Nevada Humanities NV State Museums & Historical Society State Library & Archives KNPB UNR-History Department, College of Education UNR Library-Special Collections Washoe County School District And many more…

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