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National Science Talent Contest (NSTC)

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1 National Science Talent Contest (NSTC)
STEM Careers Programme A joint venture of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, for grooming in Fields of Science, Technology, Engineering an Mathematics (STEM) National Science Talent Contest (NSTC)

2 STEM Careers Programme
STEM Careers Programme has two fold mission: Inspiring the youth of the nation to opt for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and preparing them for participation in the annual International Science Olympiads in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Encouraging engineering students to come up with innovative solutions to problems of national interest. National Science Talent Contest, or NSTC is meant to address the first of these objectives, and National Engineering Competition, or NEC strive to address the second of these objectives

3 From NPTC to NSTC NSTC is an extension of the National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC) which was launched by PAEC in 1995 on the directives of the then President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. To realize the above mentioned extended mission, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) approved a proposal of Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) to initiate National Science Talent Contest (NSTC) in 2003 under the umbrella of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Careers Project.

4 Eligibility Criteria A School or College may nominate;
Students, who scored an aggregate of 70% or more marks in Matriculation and currently studying in F.Sc (Part-I) b) Students, who scored an aggregate of 70% or more marks in O Levels and currently studying in A-Level (Part-I) c) Exceptionally talented younger students of O Levels or Matriculation.

5 Registration Procedure
Nomination form duly attested by the college with complete information Application Processing Fee (Non-refundable) Rs. 500/- for students falling in category (a) Rs. 1000/- for students in category (b) For Matriculation students in category (c) is Rs.500/- while for O Level students is Rs.1000/- Please deposit the application processing fee through online bank Account # of Allied Bank Limited, Cabinet Division Branch, Islamabad (Branch Code: 0793). This fee can be deposited in this online account through any online Allied bank branch anywhere in Pakistan. The fee can also be submitted in the form of postal orders. However, the postal order amount should not be less then Rs. 50 i.e. to deposit Rs. 100 two postal orders of Rs. 50 or one postal order of Rs. 100 may be attached. Postal order of fewer amounts are not acceptable. Important Note: No other mode of payment like bank drafts, money order, cheques and cash etc is acceptable. Documents Required Original Receipt of Application processing fee 3 passport size Photographs should be attached. Proof of Age i.e. Matric / O level mark sheet / Birth certificate (Attested copy). Photocopy of NIC of father /Guardian Nomination for category (c) students Fill clearly the complete postal address, phone numbers of your home and college for timely correspondence

6 Selection Procedure Screening Test will be held on 12th of January, 2014. Training/Selection Camps during summer in each respective home institute Olympiad teams of 4-6 students are selected through a series of subsequent training camps during a year.

7 Home Institutions of NSTC
National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad for Biology H.E.J Institute of Chemistry, Karachi University for Chemistry Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS), G.C.U. Lahore for Mathematics Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad for Physics

8 National Biology Talent Contest (NBTC)
Home Institute: NIBGE, Faisalabad. Pakistan participated in IBO for the first time that was hosted by Argentina during Muhammad Affawn of Bahria College won a silver Medal in IBO-2008 in Mumbai India. Venue of 25th IBO 2014 is Indonesia.

9 Achievements:17th IBO, Argentina, 2006
Dr. Sarwar Khan (Coordinator NBTC) with Chairman IBO Jury and Pakistani Team

10 Achievements:18th IBO, Saskatoon, Canada, 2007
(Lest to right) Dr. Sarwar Khan (Coordinator NBTC), Ms Abeera Ali (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Shoaib, Ms fatima Khurram, July, 2007

11 Achievements: 19th IBO, Mumbai, India, 2008
Muhammad Affawn Ashraf, first silver medalist of Pakistan in International Biology Olympiad. He was born in Sialkot and is Hafiz-e-Quran as well. He also wants to pursue his career in Fundamental research in Genetics, Immunology and Hematology and to bring a Nobel Prize for the country. He got admission in SSE LUMS.

12 Achievements: 20th IBO, Tsukuba, Japan, 2009
Pakistani IBO-2009 Team: From Left Standing: Dr Muhammad Saeed, PS NIBGE, Mr. Al Hasanat Rasul, PD SCP, Ms Mahym Mansoor, Bronze Medalist, Ms Tayyaba Maqbool Malik, Bronze Medalist, Dr Zafar M Khalid, Director NIBGE. Sitting,from left, Ms Saima Hanif and Mr Raheel Sufian Siddiqui, 18th July, Tsukuba, Japan

13 Achievements: 21st IBO, Changwon, Korea, 2010
Pakistani IBO-2010 Team: From Left Standing: Ms Warda Faridi (Bronze Medalist), Ms Fatima Tun Nissa, Ms Ama Tus Salam Naila (Bronze Medalist), Mr Abdul Moiz, Dr Muhammad Saeed (Deputy Team Leader), Dr Zafar M Khalid (Team Leader), and the Pakistani Team Guide July, Changwon, Korea.

14 Achievements: 22nd IBO, Taipei, Taiwan 2011
IBO-2011 Team: From Left: Mr. Armaghan-E-Rehman Mansoor (Bronze Medalist), Dr. Zafar M. Khalid  (Team Leader), Dr. Zahid Mukhtar (Deputy Team Leader), Ms. Urooj Imdad Ali (Bronze Medalist), Ms. Saneeha Shahid (Bronze Medalist) & Ms. Numra Abdul Aleem (Bronze Medalist), Taipei Taiwan

15 Achievements: 23rd IBO, Singapore 2012
Pakistani IBO-2012 Team: From Left: Mr. Hassan Mirza (Honorable Mention), Ms. Hafsa Shahab (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Usama Tahir (Bronze Medalist) and Dr. Zahid Mukhtar (Team Leader), SINGAPORE

16 National Chemistry Talent Contest (NCTC)
Home Institute: HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi. Coordinator: Dr. Khalid M Khan Pakistan participated in IChO for the first time that was hosted by South Korea during 2006. Venue of 46th IChO 2014 is Vietnam.

17 Achievements: 38th IChO, South Korea, 2006
Participants of First Pakistani IChO Team in South Korea with Dr. Khalid M. Khan, Coordinator- NCTC and Dr Shaiq Ali, July, 2006.

18 Achievements: 39th IChO, Russia, 2007
Participants of Pakistani IChO Team in Moscow, Russia , In the front, Mr. Shehzad Iqbal, Second row from right, Ms Shaina Khan (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Hamza Khan, Ms Anita Pabani (Bronze Medalist). July 2007

19 Achievements: 40th IChO, Hungary, 2008
Members of Pakistani IChO (from Left-front row) Ayesha Ahmed (admitted in AKU, Karachi), Ali Kamran Ahmed (Admitted at AKU, Karachi), Dr M Shaiq Ali, Deputy Team Leader, Peter Szollosi (Pakistani Guide), Dr Khalid M Khan, Coordinator NCTC, Leader Pakistani Team, Gibran Mushtaq Hashmi (university of Minnesota), Maha Malik (Studying at IBA, Karachi) at Budapest, Hungary, July, 2008.

20 Achievements: 41st IChO, Cambridge,UK, 2009
Pakistani ICO-2009 Team: From Left Standing: Mr. Bilal Shahid, Ms Nayha Enver (Bronze Medalist) Dr Khalid M Khan, Coordinator NCTC, HEJ, Dr M Raza Shah, Asstt. Prof. HEJ, Ms. Saman Zia (Bronze Medalist) and Mr. Asad Ur Rehman, 26th July, Cambridge, UK

21 Achievements: 42nd IChO, Tokyo, Japan, 2010
Pakistani IChO-2011 Team: From Left: Mr. Izhar Ali, Mr. Hafiz Hassan Ali , Mr Muhammad Anus , Ms. Minahil Sana Qasim Khan, with Pakistani Guide July, 2010 , Tokyo, Japan

22 Achievements: 43rd IChO, Ankara, Turkey, 2011
Pakistani IChO-2011 Team: From Left: Prof. Dr. Khalid M Khan (Team Leader), Mr. Syed Muhammad Saad Imran  (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Uzair Ijaz Khan, Ms. Marium Ahmed Uqaili (Bronze Medalist), Ms. Amna Rashid and Dr. Raza Shah (Deputy Team Leader) Ankara, Turkey

23 Achievements: 44th IChO, United States, 2012
Mr. Armughan Ahmad (Bronze Medalist), IChO-2012, UNITED STATES

24 Achievements: 45th IChO, Moscow, Russia, 2013
Pakistani IChO-2013 Team: From Left:, Dr. Muhammad Raza Shah (Deputy Team Leader), Ms. Syeda Ayesha Siddiqua, Ms. Huda Zahid (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Muhammad Zain Raza (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Khan (Bronze Medalist), Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan (Team Leader), Moscow, RUSSIA

25 National Mathematics Talent Contest (NMTC)
Home Institute: SMS, GCU, Lahore. Chief Coordinator: Dr. A. D. Raza Choudary Pakistan participated for the first time in 46th IMO in Mexico in 2005. IMO 47 was hosted by Slovenia during summer 2006 in which Pakistani Team member Mr. Zaeem Hussain won an Honorable Mention. Venue of 55th IMO 2014 is South Africa.

26 Achievements: 46th IMO, Mexico, 2005
Mr. Ahmed Mahmood Qureshi (middle second row), Coordinator, NMTC-1 with Students at Pakistani Team and their Mexican guide , who is holding the banner, at the 46th International Mathematics Olympiad, Mexico, 8-19 July, 2005

27 Achievements: 47th IMO, Slovenia, 2006
Pakistani Team of 47th International Mathematics Olympiad (From left) Syed Sarim Ali, Barbu Berceanu (Coach of Pakistani Team), Prof. Dr. A. D. Raza Choudary(D.G. SMS & Team Leader), József Pelikán (Chairman, IMO Advisory Board), John Webb (Secretary, IMO Advisory Board), Syed Hasan Riaz, Saad Anjum, Zaeem Hussain (HM), Afsah Shafquat in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

28 Achievements: 48th IMO,Hanoi Vietnam, 2007
Pakistani Team of 48th International Mathematics Olympiad (From left) Mr. Zaeem Hussain (Bronze Medalist), Muhammad Fahad Waseem, Sohaib Afzal (Honorable Mention), Team guide of Pakistani Team, Mr. Awais Tariq, Mr. Mustaffa Abbas and Mr. Saif Sultan in Hanoi, Vietnam, July, 2007

29 Achievements: 50th IMO,Breman Germany, 2009
Pakistani IMO-2009 Team: From Left Standing: Mr. Absar-ul-Hassan, Mr. Isfar Tariq, Mr. Ahmad Bilal Aslam, Dr. Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi (Deputy Leader), Mr. Waqar Ali Syed (Bronze Medallist) and Mr. Qasim Mahmood., July-2009, Bremen, Germany

30 Achievements:51st IMO, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2010
Pakistani IMO-2010 Team: From Left: Mr. Abdusami Bin Khurram, Mr. Zaid Saeed Khan, Mr Barbu Berceanu Mr. Waqas Ahmed, Dr A D Raza Ch.  (Team Leader), Dr. Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi (Deputy Team Leader), and Mr. Waqar Ali Syed (Honorable Mention), july-2010, Astana, Kazakhstan.

31 Achievements: 52nd IMO, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011
Pakistani IMO-2011 Team: From Left: Mr.Syed Muhammad Ahmed Ghufran, Mr. Hammad Ali Khan Seyal (Honorable Mention), Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi (Deputy Team Leader), Ms. Misha Nasir Jamy, Mr. Waqar Ali Syed (Bronze Medalist), Amsterdam, Netherlands . 

32 Achievements: 53rd IMO, Argentina, 2012
Pakistani IMO-2012 Team: From Left: Dr. Barbu Rudolf Berceanu (Team Leader), Ms. Huma Sibghat (Honorable Mention), Mr. Waqar Ali Syed (Silver Medalist), Mr. Usama Zahid Malik, Mr.Azlan Shaukat, Mr. Dilsher Ahmed, and Dr Ahmed Mahmood Qureshi (Deputy Team Leader), ARGENTINA

33 Achievements: 54th IMO, Colombia, 2013
Pakistani IMO-2013 Team: From Left: Mr. Awais Muhammad Chishti, Mr. Muhammad Adnan (Honorable Mention), Mr. Shahzaib Ali (Honorable Mention), Mr. Muhammad Faaiz Taufiq (Honorable Mention), Mr. Usama Zaid Malik and Mr. Ejaz Hussain Malik (Deputy Team Leader), COLOMBIA

34 National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC)
Home Institute: PIEAS, Islamabad Chief Coordinator Dr. Abdullah Sadiq Coordinator: Dr Shahid Qamar, PS, PIEAS Resource Persons: Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy and Dr. Kashif Sabih of Quaid-e-Azam University and Drs. Naseem Irfan, Masroor Ikram, Masood-ul-Hassan, Anila Usman, Mansoor Hameed Inayat, Imran Chughtai. Pakistan has been regularly participating in IPhO since 2001 and won one Silver Medal in IPhO-2008 and Bronze Medals and Honorable Mentions several times. Venue of 45th IPhO 2014 is Kazakhstan.

35 Achievements: IPhO-32, Turkey , 2001
Yaser Raza Khan (HM*) of Beacon House Margalla Campus, Islamabad, now at the University of Toronto, Canada, receiving his Honorable Mention. He was also awarded the Best Performance Prize for the countries participating for the first time. *Honorable Mention

36 Achievements: IPhO-33, Bali, Indonesia , 2002
From Left; Umair Safwan Malik (HM*) of Aitcheson College and now in MIT , Murad Tariq (HM*) of City School, Islamabad and now in FAST Lahore, Osama Ahmed (HM*) of Burhan College, Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, Dr. Masood-ul-Hasan, Wasil Intisar Mohar Bronze Medalist (BM^) of Atchison and now in Middlebury College, Indonesian Guide Tessy Tri Kurniati and Abid Hasan Naqvi Bronze Medalist (BM^) of Beachonhouse, Islamabad, and now in NUST ^Bronze Medal *Honorable Mention

37 Achievements: IPhO-34, Taipei, Taiwan , 2003
From Left: Umair Sadiq, Bronze Medalist, (BM^) of Cadet College Hasan Abdal and now in GIK-I, Dr. Masroor Ikram, Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, Ahmed Qureshi, Taiwanese Guide Stella Yu Wen Wang, Hamood Zafir Arham of Beachonhouse, Islamabad, now in Michigan State University, Talal Bin Akram of Cadet College Hasan Abdal and now in UET Lahore. Wajahat Faheem Khan (HM*) (not shown in the picture) of Edwards College Peshawar and now in MIT Special Prize for Umair Sadiq for Best Participation among the countries participating for the last 3 years. ^Bronze Medal *Honorable Mention

38 Achievements: IPhO-35, Pohang, South Korea , 2004
From Left (standing) : Foaad Tahir (HM) of Adamjee Government Science College, Karachi, now in GIK-I, Dr. Masroor Ikram, Amir Ali (HM) of Agha Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi, now in LUMS, Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, Sabeen Faridi (HM) of Karachi Grammar School, Karachi and now in Caltech from left (Sitting ): Saad Islam of Military College, Jhelum, now in NUST and Saad Zaheer of F.G. Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi and now in MIT. *Honorable Mention

39 Achievements: 36th IPhO, Salamanca, Spain , 2005
From left, Standing, Syed Ali Abbas of Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur, Asim Naz of St. Michael’s Convent School, Clifton, Karachi , GIK-I, Dr. Kashif Sabeeh, QAU, Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, Chair STEM Careers Project, Nabeel Rehman Shami (HM*) of St. Michael’s Convent School, Clifton, Karachi. Sitting, from left, Sheraz Qayyum of Aitchison College, The Mall, Lahore, Guide from Spain, Dawood Tariq (HM*) of Bahria College , Islamabad, Talal Bin Akram, Observer, UET Lahore ^Bronze Medal *Honorable Mention

40 Achievements: 37th IPhO, Singapore , 2006
From left, Awais Sher Bajwa of Resource Acedimia, Fahad Mahmood (HM*) of City School, Saba Zehra Zaidi of Roots Montessori, Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, Chair STEM Careers Project, Dr. Ibrahim Qazi, Coordinator NPTC, Omer Aftab of Lahore Grammer School, Nusrah Hussain of Bahria College with their Guides *Honorable Mention

41 Achievements: 38th IPhO, Isfahan, Iran , 2007
From left front row, Awais Ms Palwisha Khan (observer), Ms Maham Siddiqui, Dr Ibrahim Qazi (Team leader), Al Hasanat Rasul (Deputy Team leader), Ms Maedeh Khademi (Pakistani Guide), from left second row, Mr. Zeeshan Javed (*HM), Mr. Sami Tahir, Mr. Suleman Mahmood (*HM), Mr. Haroon Masood, Mr. Amin (Pakistani guide), Mr. Shehryar Khan (observer) *Honorable Mention

42 Achievements: IPhO-39, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2008
Mr. Hamza Aftab, first silver medalist of Pakistan in International Physics Olympiad. He was born in Multan and proved his excellence during the O levels exam when he secured 11 A’s with world distinction in Chemistry. He desires to pursue his career in engineering and integrating it with basic sciences. He has secured fully funded scholarship admission in the Princeton University, USA.

43 Achievements: 39th IPhO, Hanoi, Vietnam , 2008
From left, Mr. Ahmed Bilal Asghar, *HM, Mr. Hamza Aftab of Aitcheson College, Silver Medalist,, Dr Shahid Qamar, Coordinator NPTC, Dr Masroor Ikram, DCS, PIEAS, Ms Madiha Hussain of LGS, Bronze Medalist who also secured fully funded scholarship admission in Caltech , Mr. Anneq Zia, and Mr. Waqas Raza Jafri, *HM of LGS, who secured fully funded admission in Princeton University. *Honorable Mention

44 Achievements: 40th IPhO, Merida, Mexico, 2009
Pakistani IPhO-2009 Team: From Left Standing: Mr. M Zain Ul Abideen Ali Khas (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Musab Jilani (Honorable Mention), Dr Masroor Ikram, DCS, PIEAS, the Pakistani Team Guide, Mr. Aamir Ayub (Honorable Mention), Dr. Shahid Qamar (Team Leader), Sitting from Left: Mr. Harres Bin Tariq (Bronze Medalist) and Ms Anum Jang Sher., 19 July-2009, Merida, Mexico

45 Achievements:41st IPhO, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010
Pakistani IPhO-2010 Team: From Left Standing: Dr. Shahid Qamar (Team Leader), Mr. Mufaddal Abid Marvi (Honorable Mention), Ms. Amna Shahab (Honorable Mention), the Pakistani Team Guide, Dr Masroor Ikram (Deputy Team Leader), Sitting from Left: Mr. Suleman Belal Kazi and Mr Abdur Rafae (Honorable Mention), Zagreb, Croatia

46 Achievements: 42nd IPhO, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011
Pakistani IPhO-2011 Team: From Left: Dr. Shahid Qamar (Team Leader), Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed (Honorable Mention), Mr. Urwa Muaz (Bronze Medalist), Mr. Salman Azmat (Honorable Mention), Mr. Mohammad Umer (Bronze Medalist), and Dr Aftab Rafiq (Deputy Team Leader), Bangkok, Thailand.

47 Achievements: 43rd IPhO, Estonia, 2012
Pakistani IPhO-2012 Team: From Left: Mr. Usman Ali Javid, Dr Aftab Rafiq (Deputy Team Leader), Mr. Muhammad Taimoor Iftikhar (Bronze Medalist), Dr. Shahid Qamar (Team Leader), Mr. Muhammd Suhaib Qasim and Mr. Usman Ayaz, ESTONIA

48 Benefits OF NSTC: Screening test:
Experience of sitting in a top level test Training Camps If you get selected, you will be invited in any of the four HI’s in a series of a week long camp Training/ Teaching in these institutions by world class teachers Educational visits Rigorous testing Groomed in such a way that they are able to get admission in good foreign and local universities/ colleges International Science Olympiad 4-6 students participate in International Science Olympiad in each subject NSTC Alumni Body Once they leave the camps they will be the part of the part of an Alumni body which is comprised of most talented students PAEC Fellowships As mentioned above

49 How to prepare By encouraging the students to use reference material
Solving/ Interesting assignments Studying/ participating in science project competitions Teaching Syllabus Matirc O Level F. Sc. Part I A level Part I (A’s level)

50 Summary of Achievements
NPTC since 1995 NMTC since 2004 NCTC since 2004 NBTC since 2004 Medals/Honors GOLD No SILVER 1 BRONZE 9 3 10 11 Honorable Mention 22 8 2

51 For more information Website Or
STEM Careers Programme Higher Education Commission, Campus,H-8/1, Islamabad Phone ,

52 Thanks

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