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1 Dizza Tobak Anders Lönegård, Project Manager, SAMBA

2 Kraftsamling för barnen and Dizza Tobak Kraftsamling för barnen (in English: Gathering forces for the kids) Drugs and addiction Dizza Tobak

3 Dizza Tobak Collaboration between SAMBA and a number of partners –A Non Smoking Generation 30 years of combating tobacco – and the struggle continues… –American Cancer Society (ACS) –Pfizer Foundation –Pfizer Sweden

4 Dizza Tobaks different parts School Anti-tobacco magazine 2008-2009 Dizza Tobak 2.0 - the Web 2009-2010 Dizza Tobak 3.0 – the Future 2010-2011 – all contributions will be uploaded and kids can promote their school contribution in their network through their social communities Health promotion Lobbying controlled environment underground movement Year 1 - 3 Year 2 - 3

5 Dizza Tobak – anti-tobacco contest Prize contest for 6th and 7th grades –The best anti-tobacco magazine Why do you start smoking and/or use moist snuff? How are you affected by ads, movies etc in society? Is it cool to smoke? What changes are needed in society to decrease tobacco usage among children? 230 contributions –Winners to be announced in May 2009, and all awarded contributions will be up-loaded on (next page shows the winners and first-runner-ups for both the 6th and 7th grade)

6 Dizza Tobak – anti-tobacco contest Winners and first-runner-ups 2009

7 Dizza Tobak 2.0 – the Web Prize contest for 5th and 8th grades –Contributions could be of any kind e.g. music, dance, movies, poems, installations, paintings, happening, etc. It shall be documented in a way suitable for the web –Winners will be selected by voice of the people through an internet referendum, and by an expert jury Teens to promote their contributions using Internet –The base will be and then visible in social communities on the –We shall be where the kids are! –Collaboration with

8 Dizza Tobak - ACS Youth Summit - May 2010 Training of 21 youth advocacy leaders

9 Dizza Tobak – lobbying Proposals for advocacy initiatives from the teenagers are used in lobbying for tobacco prevention, e.g. –Increase the political focus on youth issues –Decrease accessibility on tobacco in society –Ban tobacco ads and commercials aimed for young people –cool not to smoke… –Reveal the truth about the tobacco industry –Show good models to the kids Actors : SAMBA, A Non Smoking Generation, Youth advocacy leaders (trained by ACS)ACS

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