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Virginia QSO Party Info and Highlights and Trends of the FARA Club and Members.

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1 Virginia QSO Party Info and Highlights and Trends of the FARA Club and Members

2 What is VaQP? Virginia QSO Party is a radio event and competition to activate and contact as many counties and independent cities within Va. VaQP is sponsored by Sterling Park ARC

3 What is VaQP? Event time: –Sat. Mar. 19 1800Z – Mon. Mar. 21 2100Z –Sat. Mar. 19 2PM – Sun. Mar. 20. 9PM

4 VaQP has multiple competition categories: –Operators: Rookie, Single, Multiple –Transmitters: Single, Multiple –Location: Fixed, Mobile, Portable/Expedition –Power: QRP, Low, High –Mode: CW, Phone, Digital, Mixed (All) –Bands: Single, Multiple, V/UHF only VaQP information exchange includes: –Sequential serial number for each contact completed –Section/Multiplier: Va cnty or city, State or DX (other countries) –Log date, time, band, mode, call sign, serial # snt/rcvd, section Rules and scoring: –You may contact a station once per band per mode –Points per contact: Phone=1, CW=2, Digital=2, Mobile=3 –Multipliers or sections include: Va. counties/cities + States + DX –Final Score = (sum of total contact points) * multipliers + bonus What is VaQP?

5 FARA Competes in VaQP Club Competition

6 The Club Combined Score Race

7 The Club Va. Contacts Only Race

8 2010 QSOs by Band vs. Time

9 2010 QSOs by VA-NA-DX vs. Time

10 2010 QSOs by Mode vs. Time

11 Yearly Trend of FARA QSOs by Band

12 Yearly Trend of FARA QSOs by Mode

13 Member Recognition

14 2010 VaQP Plaque Winners Single Operator Digital Mode –Karen Russo, W4KRN – 11,172 pts (114 QSOs) Single Operator Novice/Tech/Rookie –Ross Primrose, N4RP – 12,988 pts (143 QSOs) Virginia Single Operator Phone/Mixed QRP –Ross Primrose, N4RP – 12,988 pts (143 QSOs) Virginia Mobile Multiple Operator –Henry & Greg Moyers, K4G/M (KI4ZKI & KI4ZKJ) – 14,492 pts (208 QSOs) Virginia Single Operator Phone High Power –Dave Buckwalter, W4VA (K3SK) – 151,079 pts (749 QSOs) Virginia Single Operator Low Power –Andy Zwirko, KW4VA (K1RA) – 310,460 pts (1065 QSOs) Virginia Club - Virginia QSOs Only –Fauquier Amateur Radio Association – 712,533 pts (3,976 QSOs x 109 CCs)

15 Yearly Top 20 FARA Scores #Call SignScore 1K3SK231,768 2 KW4VA (K1RA)231,500 3K5EK174,548 4W4AKO156,480 5K1HTV147,227 6KD6AKC68,375 7KX4O63,215 8W4NHJ51,895 9K4MSG34,772 10KI4FYO30,299 11K4Z (KG3V)29,200 12 K4M/M (KI4ZKJ KI4ZKI)22,323 13KG4YLZ20,130 14W4KRN15,876 15AJ4LL14,780 16W4MOG12,225 17N4CY8,964 28N7DC8,330 19N4YXW7,512 20KG3V/M6,694 #Call SignScore 1AC8Y166,050 2K1RA138,198 3W4AKO95,292 4K5EK/M73,504 5N4CY73,527 6KX4O46,310 7KG3V45,245 8W4KRN44,060 9 W4VA/P (KI4FYO KD6AKC)40,834 10W4NHJ31,205 11KG4YLZ28,775 12 KI4ZKJ/M (+KI4ZKI) 17,225 13W4MOG13,226 14K4GUN/M10,000 15N7DC6,976 16AB4YK/M6,927 17KD5CMI4,460 18WB3BIC/M2,755 19N4JAM2,310 20KJ4CIG/M1,464 #Call SignScore 1AC8Y157,268 2K3SK152,162 3K1RA91,773 4N4CY73,004 5K5EK71,057 6KG4YLZ44,532 7KG3V33,368 8N2VA33,170 9W4MOG24,788 10W4KRN19,089 11 W4VA/P (KD6AKC KI4FYO)12,156 12KX4O8,910 13W4AKO7,136 14W4KTF6,380 15K4JJR/M4,627 16W4KRN2,700 17KX4O/M1,564 18KX4O/P1,514 19WB3BIC/M1,194 20KD5CMI910 2007 20082009 #Call SignScore 1 KW4VA (K1RA)310,460 2W4KKN (AC8Y)307,534 3K1HTV221,756 4W4VA (K3SK)151,079 5N4CY106,403 6KX4O86,050 7K4Z (KG3V)65,791 8KD6AKC46,175 9W4KRN (Mixed)29,126 10KG4YLZ20,450 11W4NHJ17,355 12 K4G/M (KI4ZKJ KI4ZKI)14,492 13N4RP12,988 14N4YXW/M12,865 15W4KRN (Digital)11,172 16N3KTU/M10,776 17W4MOG8,918 18KJ4RKA7,650 19N4RP/M5,950 20K4JJR/M5,210 2010

16 FARA Member Contact Totals Every contact helps. Get on the air!

17 Contest Hints and Kinks

18 Hints and Kinks Pre-Contest Mark your calendars Mar. 19-20, 2011 Check transmitters/amps power, tuners/antennas SWR Check receiver, microphones, headsets, Check and preprogram voice/cw keyers 2m Nets Wed/Sun eves – Run bands

19 Hints and Kinks Pre-Contest Familiarize self w/ logging software (N1MM, N3FJP) Check out FARA spotting page –Or try and learn how to use a DX Cluster (telnet

20 Hints and Kinks Pre-Contest Set a personal goal –Number of contacts and multipliers (counties/cities + states + DX) Mobiles –Plot and publish course –Check terrain maps (avoid valleys) –Use Google maps and Andy K1RA Va county KML overlay All members send your plans to John KX4O Check out for operating links, Ask questions and contact club members for help, assistance and advice!

21 Hints and Kinks Contest Weekend Have a contest plan and most of all have fun! –Set a schedule: time on and time off for, eating and sleeping –Sleep midnight – 6AM, low activity hours –80/75m mainly active dusk through just after sunrise –40m can be a great band all day long, morning, noon and night –20m good sunrise to sunset, make use for working DX –15/10m – will sunspots help these bands open during day time? –2m FM 146.55/58 frequent every ~15 mins, look for mobiles –If any band is slow, change bands, call CQ, search and pounce

22 Hints and Kinks Contest Weekend Work FARA members on all bands –Run the bands (band hop) and modes if possible –Phone 1865, 3865, 7265, 14265, 21265, 28365, 50165 –CW 1865, 3565, 7065, 14065, 21065, 28065, 50165 Russian DX contest overlaps until Sun. 1200Z (7AM) –Work and call DX stations to gain multipliers –Their exchange RST & Serial # (log multiplier as DX) Use spotting web page and/or DX Cluster to boost score

23 Hints and Kinks Post-Contest Save log and back up to second location Get a good nights rest Send copy of Cabrillo log to John KX4O Document experience and lessons learned Share experiences with club members via email reflector, repeater/nets and meetings Make plans for VaQP 2012 !

24 The End – Where To Go From Here Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club VaQP info – –Rules, info, awarded and past results John KX4Os VaQP data base –Contact John via email for URL –Charts and graphs of club and member logs Andy K1RA VaQP County Operating Aid maps – –Counties and independent cities overlay in Google Maps and Google Earth

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