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Guidelines When Entering the NACAA Communications Program.

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1 Guidelines When Entering the NACAA Communications Program

2 Communication Committee Contacts Norman Conrad, Regional Vice-Chair, North East 343 Chestnut Street, Suite 3, Mifflinburg, PA 17844 Phone number: 570-966-8194 E-mail address: Keith Mickler, National Chair 12 East 4 th Ave, Suite 107 Rome, GA 30161 Phone Number: 706-295-6210 E-mail: David Whitson, Regional Vice-Chair, North Central 201 N. College, Neosho, MO 64850 Phone number: 417-455-9500 E-mail address: Robert Call, Regional Vice-Chair, West 450 S. Haskell, Wilcox, AZ 85643 Phone number: 520-384-3594 E-mail address: Jerry Clemons, Regional Vice-Chair, Southern 640 S. 6 th Street, Suite B, Arkadelphia, AR 71923 Phone number: 870-246-2281 E-mail address:

3 Communications Awards Program Purpose: To recognize NACAA members who excel in communicating programs and ideas to their clientele

4 Entering the awards program Very Simple… Fill out the application. Write the abstract. Submit the application to the State Committee Chair.

5 Eligibility and Judging Members of NACAA One entry per class per individual Entries may be a team effort Individual effort is required only in: Class 2 published photo Class 5 personal column Class 7 individual newsletter

6 More on eligibility Submitted material must be used by member between March 15 th of previous year to March 15 th of current contest year Previous state/regional/national winning entry material not eligible for use during following contest year National winners not eligible to compete in same category during the following contest year State Chairs may enter any class

7 Entry 1.Obtain an application form from The County Agent Special Edition 2.Print neatly or type Name and Position Social Security Number Telephone Number and Fax Number Office Address, City, State, Zip Code E-mail Address County and Region

8 If team effort...... also include Name of group leader Address of group leader Media information Press Releases made directly to the media? Yes/No

9 Important Criteria National Winners and Finalist must register and attend NACAA AM/PIC to receive award Your signature and date must be included on entry form Signature of state committee chair must be included

10 Deadline Entries must be delivered by March 15 th of contest year to the state chair.

11 Special instructions Complete the form and attach it to a manila folder Cut form along dotted lines and attach to folder Consider removing the tab of the folder for easy shipping in large envelope

12 More special instructions Create a pocket inside the manila folder to insert your 3.5 floppy or CD by: Building one or Attaching (glue, staple, or tape) an envelope to the inside of the folder

13 Abstract All entries must be accompanied by an abstract. The abstract must include: Title Group Leaders Name State and County Team members Summary Objectives Purpose (why, when, how, audience number, results & impact) How prepared How was the piece recorded, edited, printed, duplicated, distributed?

14 More Abstract Information Abstracts must be submitted in two forms Submit on a 3.5 floppy disk or a CD. Submit a hard copy of the abstract When writing your abstract, use style appropriate for other recognition programs. Note: Regional and National abstracts will be published

15 Class 1. Radio Submit tape (standard 1 7/8 inches per second) or CD Length: 1 to 15 minutes Include: Date and time used Station aired Where taped (office or station)

16 Class 2. Published Photo & Caption One or more black and white or color photo that tells a story Include the clipping, cut line and story Pictures should be 5X7 If submitting digital photos, send on a disk in jpeg format and a printed copy.

17 Class 3. 35mm slides/Transparencies or Computer Generated Graphics Presentation If submitting slides: Include no more than 80 slides Place slides in clear plastic sleeves Designated portion for judging should be less than 15 minutes Power Point on a disk is acceptable Written script must be included with designated portion to be judged highlighted.

18 Class 4. Direct Mail Promotional Piece Submit one short, promotional item Indicate audience Number distributed Results/impact

19 Class 5. Personal Column Submit clippings and original copy for 2 (two) columns Must be different dates Photo copies will be accepted

20 Class 6. Feature Story Submit clipping and original copy of one article A news feature story will be accepted Photo copies will be accepted

21 Class 7. Newsletter, Individual Two different issues of a newsletter written/edited by member Indicate audience Number distributed Results/impact

22 Class 8. Newsletter, Team Submit two issues written or edited by one or more members of the team. Team may include members from multiple counties or agencies. Indicate audience Indicate results/impact

23 Class 9. Videotape/Television Submit presentation Indicate segment that is not over 15 minutes ½ inch video cassette or DVD Submit only portion to be judged Indicate audience Indicate results/impact

24 Class 10. Fact Sheet Submit an educational piece Single sheet of paper Single subject Indicate audience Indicate results/impact

25 Class 11. Publication Submit an educational publication on one or more subjects More than one page May be bulletin or brochure Indicate Audience Purpose Number distributed Results/impact Agents role

26 Class 12. Home page Submit website address Member submitting the entry must be the primary person responsible for content, design and maintenance Indicate Audience Purpose Number Distributed Results/impact Agents Role

27 Class 13. Learning Module/Notebook Submit the total materials written and compiled as a learning/teaching aid May consist of more than one media Significant portions must be the work of the entrant Indicate Audience Purpose Number Distributed Results/Impact Agents Role

28 Benefits of Awards Program Program Recognition Program Evaluation Financial Awards Lead to improved educational opportunities of clientele.

29 For more information contact your state chair or regional vice-chair. Best of Luck and Thanks for your participation!

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