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Mobile Marketing, Engagement & Analytics for the Next Billion Consumers.

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1 Mobile Marketing, Engagement & Analytics for the Next Billion Consumers

2 A bit of what weve done 410 + Million ZipDials and counting… 2 to 50 times more engagement across all customer campaigns Live internationally, primarily in India, Sri Lanka and also Caribbean Patent-pending technology Headquartered in Bangalore with core team of 25 developing the platform in-house and building the business

3 Simple for consumers Text message, Call back, Content 080 3005000 User simply zipdials… …then keeps engaging One ring

4 ZipDial to engage in the real world Follow for ongoing engagement Voice, Text, Smartphone App Users share & recruit friends ZipDial Analytics informs marketing Ongoing engagement & brand loyalty

5 Rich analytics drives higher ROI ZipDial Analytics: Product Performance & Campaign Management – Tracking ROI on Media &Creatives Engagement Flows – Tracking user lifecycle User Analysis – Profiling across campaign engagement

6 2 to 5 Times More Engagement Active Engagement* 141,000 in 2 years 0 435 since day 1 265,000 in 6 weeks 955,000 in 2 years 84 1,900 since day 1 2,100,000 in 10 months 1,119,0000 Pan-India and since day 1 0 147 since day 1 136,000 in Kolkatta alone, in 1 week 37,000 for Anti- Corruption; 2,007,000 for all TOI in 4+ years 0 464,000 for all of TOI since day 1 4,600,000 for only Anti-Corruption in 3 weeks 72,000 in 4 years 1,100 have them in circles 11,700 since day 1 1,000,000 in 6 months *Brand results in India, as of October 2012 ZipDial = Frictionless + Accessible = Big Results *Facebook Likes. Twitter Followers. Google+ Followers. ZipDial Engagements

7 Nerolac Brand Awarenes - Festival Season Promotion Objective: Maximize awareness of the new line of Healthy Homes Paints Sharukh Khan calls you back in conversational style if you want to know about the and the dangers of VOCs This Geo-Targeted campaign allows users from certain circles to get an option to request information on the premium HomeStylers service Users could also download SRKs ringtone Celebrity Interactive Voice Engagement

8 Results 60 Lakh ZipDials (missed calls) in 1 month! Repeat participation grew every day, extending viewer engagement Top 5 Circles: Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Mumbai & Madya Pradesh + Chhattisgarh Interactive Missed Call Contest – Easy for Kids too! The Watch & Win Experience! Disney Channel partnered with ZipDial to provide Disney viewers a toll-free, month-long contest ZipDial provides Missed Call numbers that are flashed on the TV screen astons at different times during the day, one at a time, each with a different point score Viewers ZipDial the number to earn those points Users get a SMART SMS response with the number of Points Earned and their Total Score The highest points for the days are the eligible winners. Total scores are reset each night The ZipDial Touch Automated SMS Group Opt-In management for Push Notifications on Daily Winners SMART SMS gives a personalized user experience for first time diallers, Custom Point Scores, warning messages to spammers, and a special SMS to repeat diallers Real-Time Reporting and Daily Spam Tracking & Winner Reports Mobile partners with user behavior insights

9 Increase Response Rates PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL National Product Sample distribution campaign Over 6 Lakh Razor samples distributed to unique customers authenticated with a ZipDial in paid and free trials ZipDial samples promoted at high-traffic locations by field agents– each agent has own number Daily reports by geography tracked Brand manager & by ZipDial as an independent 3 rd party Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Product Sample Distribution with DDB Mudra Sampling Verifies Users, Builds DB Salman Khan voice message with selling points for Guard Razor Trial message reached 2,000 people from Uttar Pradesh DB from previous Sampling program through a push outbound dial Referral service increased brand message reach by 49%! High value referrals were 2.5x more likely to listen to full 55 sec. message & 2x more likely to make referrals themselves than those being pushed the OBD by the company SMS Sports Content gratification given for 4 referrals; 3.2 Ave. Referrals per Active Referrer Referrals Increase Reach of Brand Messages

10 Pledges & Sponsored Content Channels PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Brand Building in coordination with BBDO Gillettes 1 st National Branding campaign in India, a peoples movement to rededicate the Gateway of India to the soldier in all Indians ZipDial number promoted in TOI (kickoff), Facebook, and in ZipDials Cricket Score Mobile Channel (9 million impressions) Received 10 lakh pledges in 3 months! ~7.4% click through from Cricket Channel Impressions Front Page TOI Ad

11 TV Quiz Contests Warner Brothers The Dark Knight & Cadbury Bournville Joint Contest for a free trip was promoted on Bournville packaging & in TVCs Dialling the Call2Action Number on TV returned an SMS Quiz to reinforce brand messaging & activate Bournville sales Only correct answers were eligible & must keep wrapper to be eligible Contest promoted in TVCs on Disney Channel Two ZipDial numbers with Quiz Response options 1 and 2 shown numbers on screen Viewer must dial correct answer to be eligible for prize. Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Brand Engagement & Activation In partnership with Disney Brand Solutions Cadbury Bournville & The Dark Knight

12 Consumers will keep using mobile differently Projected mobile growth in India They want to engage with brands today ZipDial is for 100% of users

13 They are half the worlds population Over 1 Billion consumers age 13-40 in initial target countries alone give me a missed call Ill just flash you dame sinpa


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