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Transforming Your Life and Business Josh Bezoni.

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1 Transforming Your Life and Business Josh Bezoni


3 Introduction Websites:, (30 more) We sell supplementsshakes, bars, vitamins 7 year evolutionwant to help you Nothing to sellgift at end The $100,000.00 Slim Body Challenge

4 Slim Body Secret DVD Movie

5 The Contest How it works Prizes –$50,000 sports car winners choice –10 Caribbean Cruseswinner and guest –10 spokesperson contracts--$25,000 How Im going to leverage film – –Piggy back with orders –Lead generation

6 Retail sucks Lesson 1: 10X MARGINS (Affiliates: High conversions; good payouts.) Getting fired Subwaythe franchise model Lesson 2: Test before you invest (dont eat fast food) My Story

7 Painted houses to pay for college Desperate housewives Lesson 3: Retain ownership Hired help to multiply efforts Lesson 4: The power of good people. (Top Grading by Brad Smart) My Story

8 Bar in college basement. Lesson 5: Fill a want (not a need) Became a personal trainerwanted to help Lesson 6: Time and effort economy vs. results economy My Story

9 Began working at EAS/Body for LIFE/Bill Phillips Ultimate entrepreneurial company100 mm + to 300 mm + Lesson 7: Find an Obsessed Market (Jeff Paul) Selling $6 consumable products for $90 (Margins) Lesson 8: Marketing Dictates Price What I learned at EAS

10 Power of celebrity endorsersBroncos Lesson 9: Control your media outlet (magazine), portals/newsletters today Plan your spring boardnewsletter, magazine, supplements, bookNY Times best seller, TV, film. (House next to Sylvester Stallone and Magic Johnson.) Lesson 10: The profits are in the backend. (consumable products) What I learned at EAS

11 Lesson 11: Learn to write magic words (Ted Nicholas) –Jeff Pauls Underwear Course –Dan Kennedys Ultimate Sales Letter –Gary Halberts old newsletters –John Carltons course –Yaniks course Rewrite great sales letters What I learned at EAS

12 Lesson 12: Capture leads with value (SSR, DVDs, information) and build a relationship Lesson 13: Successful people do what unsuccessful people wont (it aint easy) Retail Model: Like affiliate marketing manufacturer to distributor (keystone + 15 to 20%), to store at keystone, store to consumer at retail prices (distributors for most products) What I learned at EAS

13 How it works: Contest of skill, not sweepstakes (consult legal) Reason why marketing and USP Relationship building (brand loyalty) Higher average order and frequency Premium pricing Contest Model

14 Testimonials/social proof (pictures, film, articles) Create social change Makes business fulfilling Works for most businessesgoing to do it for affiliates at Joe Polish exampleBetter Your Best (props) Contest Model

15 EAS soldfor a ton Started GNS Inc: Golf supplements (Jeff Paul) Four week launch (ugly)Neuroswing $89.00 Invested 4K returned 16K in 48 hours 2 page ad Golf Illustrated26k, 50% loss TBI Lesson 14: The art of autoshipdiscount Backendgolf calm, golf energy, bars 300K in sales (Yaniks call came in 2000) Golf Nutrition Sciences

16 Lesson 15: Track your numbersfront / back, LTV aging (, Lesson 16: Live below your means Going broke150K Lesson 17: Follow your passionsold golf weight loss kitjackpot (dropped GNS) Paid off credit cards one month 3MM out of sisters basement (2001)

17 Value creation Started contest model Lesson 18: You cant do it alone (rugged individualist) Lesson 19: Focus on unique ability Lesson 20: Build business brain Lesson 21: Big check theory

18 Expanding contest$100,000.00 Slim Body Challenge Book deal Viral TV show online Paid member site Infomercial / TV spots National radio, space ads, direct mail Retail The Future

19 Review of offer 7.5% conversion rate, cold opt-in email traffic $30.00 + affiliate payout

20 Opt in email PPC JVs Newsletter MySpace SEM Banners / Pops Co-reg Radio TV Direct Mail Space ads PR Affiliates Viral Opt in email Traffic Sources

21 The Make a Wish Foundation Giveaway 1 year supply of products DVD Giveaway My Charity

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