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Intermediate English Conversation Daily 2 Beauty Pageant 3Cb Group 4 Dec. 15, 2010 Veona Nicole Zemi Quincie Karen Cindy.

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1 Intermediate English Conversation Daily 2 Beauty Pageant 3Cb Group 4 Dec. 15, 2010 Veona Nicole Zemi Quincie Karen Cindy

2 Introduction Are beauty contests outdated? Yes or No Critics: Focus on physical appearance

3 Tiara Swimsuit show

4 Miss Congeniality FBI receives a threat against beauty pageant from terrorist, and FBI chooses Gracie Hart as the best qualified to go undercover as a contestant. Sandra Bullock

5 Beauty Pageant Rules Zemi 2008 Miss Russia

6 Beauty Pageant Rules Each type of pageant has its own rules and guidelines. Description of each major type of pageant, along with a few suggestions for each:

7 Glitz, glitzy, or full glitz pageant- These are the "everything goes" pageants. The way the girl walks and acts on stage is important. Natural pageants- The girls usually wear simple flower girl dresses or Sunday school dresses. Makeup is usually not allowed on girls under 6, and even older contestants should wear minimal makeup.

8 Face pageants- The judges are interested only in the contestant's face, usually without makeup. The contestant is usually called in front of the judges and asked a few simple questions. Online pageants and online photo contests- Most online pageants and photo contests have categories for glitz photos and for natural photos, along with categories for boys and girls and for different age groups. monitoring-beauty-pageant-scoring

9 Pageant Interview Tips It is important to know who will be interviewing you and what is expected of you. Your pageant director can provide the details needed specific to your pageant.

10 DON'T BE SHY! Speak with intelligence express your passion Eye contact is a must! enjoy yourself –don't forget that genuine smile! directing-beauty-page ant-interviews

11 Frequently Asked Questions in Beauty Pageants Tell me something about yourself. Who or what inspires you the most? What would you do if we reject you today? Do you believe that everyone is a winner? Why or why not? Every few seconds another Indian becomes infected with HIV. What do you know about HIV and AIDS? 2008 Miss World Winner

12 Advantages & Disadvantages Cindy 2008 Miss World Winners

13 Beauty Contest - Advantages Beauty contest has made an effort to ensure that it does not appear as a "stereotypical" pageant. The competition emphasizes the different aspects of women and highlights their personal successes. 2009 Miss World Winner

14 Beauty Contest - Disadvantages Beauty contests are argued that such contests reinforce the idea that women should be valued primarily for their physical appearance, and that this puts tremendous pressure on women to be beautiful by spending time and money on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling and even cosmetic surgery. 2007 Miss International Travel

15 Western Beauty Contest Quincie

16 Miss Universe Developed from bathing beauty competition in Long Beach, CA Miss Universe 2010 was held in Las Vegas.

17 Process Costume Presentation Opening Dance Top 15 Swimsuit Competition Top 10 Evening Gown Competition Top 5 Question and Answer Evening Gown Competition of Top 5 Top 1

18 Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell

19 Costume Presentation Swimsuit Competition Question and Answer

20 Eastern Beauty Contest Karen

21 Miss Asia Pageant Organized by the Asia Television Limited (ATV, a broadcast company in Hong Kong) They have organized this event since 1985. The contest was stopped from the year of 2000 through 2003, and relaunched in 2004.

22 Introduction Since Miss Asia Pageant was first screened in 1985, the event has injected great vitality into the concept of competition and participation and has been an annual event of great popularity, with many golden moments cherished still by appreciative audiences.

23 Theme Walk Your Own Starry Path 2010 Miss Asia Pageant

24 Final Result Miss Asia 2010 The 1st Runner up The 2nd Runner up

25 The Worlds Most Desirable Man Nicole

26 The Mister World pageant is a male beauty pageant organized by Miss World Organization. Begun in 1996, it was intended to be an annual pageant, but was held only six times in 15 years. The pageant is considered to be one of the biggest male beauty pageants in the world.Miss World Organization Male Beauty Pageant 2010 Male Beauty Pageant

27 Training Nutrition Supplements Contest Prep Motivation For Sports The Broadway Beauty Pageant

28 "Which Body Type Looks Best To You? A, B, C Or D?"

29 Here are the results: Red: Frank Zane Bulking 73% Blue: Arnold Schwarzenegger 13% Green: Ronnie Coleman 7% Yellow: Frank Zane Ripped 7% 2009 Male Beauty Pageant

30 References 1. Book: Ideas & Issues Advanced page10-11 2. Youtube: 3. : 4. 5. : 6. : 7. : Desirable-Man.html Desirable-Man.html 8.Bodybuilding: preview preview 9. : 10. Channel V:!/profile.php?id=609222512&v=wall!/profile.php?id=609222512&v=wall 11.Hubpages: 12. Videojug: 13. Blogspot: 14. Texaspageantscene:

31 Thank you for your listening!

32 Question for class: What are some advantages and disadvantages to take part in it? Advantages Bring the beauty to the media and the world. Be ambassadors for peace or cultural exchange Internationally. Provide personal development and career opportunity for young women. Mu-Lien Ho

33 If over a billion watch the contest, clearly it is not outdated. The argument that it exploits women is absurd. The contestants willingly take part, and hope it will provide lucrative career in fashion or modeling. Dont need feminist permission to participate. (David Gordon, UK) Its simply human nature to look at beautiful people. In fact, when it comes to the level of Miss World or Miss Universe, pageants can promote cultural exchange. Many people can hear small countries represented in these contests. Besides, how many people have an opportunity to travel and be representative of his/her own country like the participants of Miss World do? (Carter Kwong, Canada) Ideas & Issues P. 10

34 Disadvantages Ideas & Issues P. 10 To live up to a ridiculous idea that these pageants promote and celebrate? How about normal-sized people? (Kristen Nicolaisen, USA) It is in the eyes of the beholder and the contest is meaningless. (Yoel Sano, UK) Beauty contests can serve no real purpose in the modern world because women have started to drift away from their stereotypical portrayal as sex objects. (RKR, India)

35 What have come out of those beauty after beauty pageant? Be married to a wealthy family? Be a successful entrepreneur. Be senator or governor. If your child wants to take part in it, would you consent? Mu-Lien Ho

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