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Welcome to the 4-H Home Economics Skill-a-thon Contest

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1 Welcome to the 4-H Home Economics Skill-a-thon Contest
Developed By Roberta O. Rios Extension Agent – Home Economics Rio Arriba County Cooperative Extension Service

2 Today you will: Learn about the contest.
Experience how the contest works. Learn how to set up a skill-a-thon as a Club/project activity.

3 Purpose – challenges 4-H’er to:
Learn more about clothing/sewing; food/nutrition; housing/interior design; money management. Practice consumer decision-making skills. Practice problem-solving skills. Practice team-work. Practice communication skills. Currently for Senior members only. Individuals and/or teams of 3 or 4.

4 It’s like a puzzle! Quiz Class Identification in 3 areas:
Sewing/clothing Interior design/housing Food/cooking Consumer Judging: CDM classes Food & Nutrition class Money Management Life Skills Activity (team problem solving)

5 Step 1 - Quiz Questions concerning career fields and current events related to home economics. Complete 25 multiple choice, and true/false questions in 15 minutes. This part of the contest is completed as an individual. Online study resources available.

6 Activity 1: Quiz Sampler
According to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, a person should eat at least 3 ounces of whole grains daily. True or False. Answer: True.

7 Which of the following is not a recommended tip for walking?
Make walking fun. Dress up so you feel good about yourself. Walk with a friend or pet. Walk in places you enjoy. Answer: B

8 With a degree in Home Economics, you could qualify for which of the following positions?
Marketing Manager Director of Behavioral Health Food & Beverage Director Extension Home Economist All of the above Answer: E

9 Step 2: Class Identification
On a checklist, identify 25 items at 3 different stations, 10 minutes at each station. Com-pleted as indivi-duals. Study materials available.

10 Activity 2: Class Identification

11 Step 3 - Judging Rotate between 4 stations (1 for reasons). Classes in: Food/Nutrition Consumer (CDM classes) Money Mgnt. 10 minutes at each station; 2 minutes for reasons. Com-pleted as individuals. 4

12 Activity 3: Judging Snacks Jeans One Time Use Cameras Credit Cards
Athletic Shoes Insect Repellant Money Management Cameras Snacks Jeans Athletic Shoes Repellant Credit Cards

13 Step 4 – Life Skills Assessment
Only teams complete this activity. 20 minutes to study 3 different scenarios, arrive at a conclusion, and plan a presentation. 5 minute presentation on a scenario of their choice. Scenario topics: housekeeping, safety, personal hygiene, communication skills, organizational skills, job search skills. Study materials available.

14 Scenario Examples: What are 5 signs of possible home indoor air quality problems? What are some things to consider in handling home cleaning products? Describe the steps that should be taken in the event of an accident.

15 Design Your Own Skill-a-thon Activity
What 4-H projects could you develop a skill-a-thon activity for? What supplies, materials or equipment would you need? What resources would you use to get quiz questions and answers from? How can you involve members and parents in planning and conducting a skill-a-thon activity?

16 To Learn More… For additional information, study
guides, and resource materials contact your local Extension Home Economist or 4-H Agent. Thanks for coming!

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