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Scalda, Terneuzen, Netherlands February 3-5, 2013.

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1 Scalda, Terneuzen, Netherlands February 3-5, 2013

2 Flight Gothenburg – Copenhagen – Brussels and then by car to Terneuzen, Netherlands

3 Our hotel

4 Our hosts collected us from the hotel for a 15-minute morning stroll to Scalda.

5 Meeting at the school before the guided tour. Students from Norway and France also took part in the visit. We did mostly the same things but in different places...

6 VOCATIONAL COLLEGE/ADULT EDUCATION COLLEGE VOCATIONAL AREAS: Engineering, IT, Health, Social work, Retailing, Care, Sport and Logistics. Several sites Age: 16-20 and adult education Levels 2-4 Compulsory schooling up to the age of 18 / follow-up link to other help initiatives

7 This is the science department….. not difficult to work out!

8 Care training. A great deal of scope and space and an abundace of material in every specialisation... Gender??? Wonderful Valentines Day displays all over the school…

9 Answers: Poor matching Work placements are needed for young people Basic knowledge Love and like what you do Flexibility Social skills Responsibility Motivation Self-confidence Experience required more and more Adaptation to the surroundings

10 Bodyline Health Center Works with health and sport, co- operates with schools and companies. For private individuals but also commissioned by others, such as sport for schools, company health departments and municipal leisure departments (sport and leisure). Answer: Motivation, passion for the job, personal initiative, ability to take RESPONSIBILITY.

11 Stimul A care company that sells courses to care staff where the staff admit themselves and have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a patient. Answer:

12 This was the bus used to drive us around when it was too far to walk….

13 A pleasant evening with the participants!

14 Visit to the other Scalda School Vocational programmes. We were met by a military training group

15 Guided tour….

16 We saw the creation of delicious bakery products as part of their adult education programme, which we later found at schools cake shop (Adult education: One day at school four days at the workplace)

17 Catering college…. Our lunch - before and after…

18 Voetbal Experience A group of companies that has, among other things, a play world and a football museum. Answer: Correct attitude! Should want to work and be good at social interaction. Check Facebook, Twitter and call before the interview….

19 Rounded off with a visit to a museum….

20 General impression the visit A pleasant, well-arranged visit with a variety of study visits. Very good discussion with a skilled moderator. It was good to have a clear presentation of the school and the system, which made it easier to compare with Sweden and reach conclusions. An extra plus to our travel guide for excellent planning! It was also enjoyable to have a number of other activities included (skating and the museum). Some of the answers to the Project Question The right attitude to work and the workplace is important! Young people want to work and be good at social interaction. Employer checks Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Thoughts and discussion topics to bring home How do we work to ensure our students are prepared socially for working life? Do we provide sufficient information about social media? Do we provide our students with the tools to handle social media?



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