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VVV Reunion July 19 – 22, 2012 Springfield, Missouri.

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1 VVV Reunion July 19 – 22, 2012 Springfield, Missouri

2 A representative from the city of Springfield welcomed the VVV Family.

3 Reba Alexander rang the traditional cowbell to open the 2012 reunion.

4 Anna Welch led the Pledge of Allegiance.

5 Georgene was the hostess for the reunion. She also gave us a genealogy and history lesson.

6 Friday the VVV cousins visited the Precious Moments Chapel, Gardens and Museum.


8 Saturday we went to the Wilson Creek Battlefield National Park and Museum

9 We saw a demonstration of a Civil War rifle.


11 The Ray family lived in this house at the time of the Civil War. John Ray sat on his front porch and watched The Battle of Wilsons Creek. Mrs. Ray hid the children in the basement. Then they displayed a yellow hospital flag and helped with the wounded soldiers.

12 The body of General Nathaniel Lyon was moved to this bed after the battle. He was the first Union General killed in the Civil War.

13 The spring house kept milk, butter, eggs and other food cool and supplied water for the family.

14 Saturday afternoon, the cousins ventured to Fantastic Caverns. The entrance to Fantastic Caverns was discovered before the Civil War, by a man hunting his dog. It was kept secret until after the war.

15 Two loads of cousins in Americas only ride through cave



18 Fred Wicker was chairman of the nominating committee. (He also had a few stories to tell.) Bruce Vawter was elected Vice President.

19 Connie Bugos will move up to VVV President for the next two years.

20 Margie and Roger Vawter gave the memorial service. Krista and Kaitlin Johnston assisted.

21 Jordan Johnston showed features of the website. He also pointed out that there is a Vawter Group on Facebook.

22 Bruce Vawter and his helpers gave away dozens of door prizes. Many were souvenirs of Mississippi to remind us of next years reunion.



25 Seriously, how long do you think that door prize is going to last ? It was a long night for the little ones.

26 Ken Wicker handled the auction, with the help of Norma Wicker and Frederick Cummings. The proceeds go to the Vauter Church. Wow, that football was signed by Eli Manning.

27 Hey Gayle, what are you going to do with those overalls ??

28 Gayle and Roger Wicker invited the VVV cousins to the Mississippi Delta, Greenwood, Mississippi. They will host the VVV reunion in 2013. Press ESC to exit

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