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Interesting facts about American Presidents

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1 Interesting facts about American Presidents
Пухова Л.В., ЦО №204 (Москва)

2 George Washington The 1st American President was a planter and a farmer at his home in Mount Vernon before he became the President

3 John Adams The 2d President’s nickname was “Atlas of Independence”. He built up the US Navy.

4 Thomas Jefferson The 3d President spent more than 40 years designing and building his home in Charlottesville. The President admired classical architecture and incorporated this style into his home.

5 James Madison, Jr. The 4th President grew up as the oldest of twelve children. But he had no children. Madison adopted his wife’s one surviving son.

6 James Monroe The 5th President owned dozens of slaves, and took some of his slaves to serve him when he resided at the White House from 1817 to 1825

7 John Quincy Adams The 6th President was one of only three Presidents who chose not to attend their respective successor's inauguration

8 Andrew Jackson The 7th President’s estate outside of Nashville was known as the Hermitage.

9 Martin Van Buren The 8th President said: "As to the presidency, the two happiest days of my life were those of my entrance upon the office and my surrender of it."

10 William Henry Harrison
The 9th President was the first sitting president to have his photograph taken. He died of pneumonia a month later the inauguration

11 John Tyler The 10th President’s death was the only one in presidential history not to be officially recognized

12 James K. Polk The 11th President had the shortest retirement of all Presidents at 103 days. He was the youngest former president to die in retirement at the age of 53.

13 Zahary Taylor The 12th President was the last to hold slaves while in office, and the second and also last Whig to win a presidential election. He was the second president to die in office

14 Millard Fillmore The 13th President was called a bookworm. He started the White House library when he found the White House devoid of books.

15 Franklin Pierce In his second year of college the 14th President’s grades were the lowest of his class, but he worked to improve them and ranked third among his classmates. Pierce has been ranked among the least effective Presidents.

16 James Buchanan, Jr. The 15th President attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. Once he was expelled for poor behavior, but after pleading for a second chance, he graduated with honors. Buchanan served as Minister to Russia (ambassador in Russia)

17 Abraham Lincoln The 16th President owned only one home during his lifetime -- in Springfield.

18 Andrew Johnson The 17th President was born in poverty, became a master tailor and was self-educated. The purchase of Alaska from Russia was the most positive accomplishment during his Administration

19 Ulysses S. Grant After the end of his second term in the White House, the 18th President spent over two years traveling the world with his wife. He visited Britain, Ireland, the Vatican, Russia, Egypt, China and Japan.

20 Rutherford Birchard Hayes
The 19th President won greater prominence in Cincinnati as a criminal defense attorney, defending several people accused of murder. His honesty was a source of anger for his political allies.

21 James Abram Garfield The 20th President was a preacher. He was the second of four United States Presidents who were assassinated. The wounded President died exactly two months before his 50th birthday. His final words: "My work is done."

22 Chester Alan Arthur The 21st President was nicknamed "Elegant Arthur" because of his "dandy" dressing. He dedicated the Washington Monument on February 21, 1885.

23 Stephen Grover Cleveland
Cleveland is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms (1885–1889 and 1893–1897). Cleveland's portrait was on the U.S. $1000 bill of series 1928 and series 1934.

24 Benjamin Harrison The 23d President is the only U.S. president from Indiana and the only one to be the grandson of another president.

25 William McKinley, Jr. The 25th President led the nation to victory in 100 days in the Spanish-American War. McKinley was the last veteran of the American Civil War in the White House; he was the last president of the 19th century and the first of the 20th.

26 Theodore Roosevelt The 26th President is ranked as one of the greatest US Presidents. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was one of the first presidents whose voice was recorded for posterity.

27 William Howard Taft William Howard Taft is the only President who served as both President and Chief Justice of the United States

28 Woodrow Wilson Before he became the 28th president, Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton University.

29 Warren Gamaliel Harding
The 29th President was the first newspaper publisher to be elected. He is ranked as one of the worst Presidents. Harding's sudden death led to theories that he had been poisoned or committed suicide.

30 John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.
Coolidge's inauguration was the first presidential inauguration broadcast on radio.

31 Herbert Clark Hoover The 31st President was the first president born west of the Mississippi River and remains the only Iowan President. The Polish capital of Warsaw also has a square named after Hoover

32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The 32d President Roosevelt is rated as one of the top three US Presidents. He is the only American president elected to more than two terms. He worked closely with W. Churchill and J.Stalin in leading the Allies against Germany and Japan in World war II, but died just as victory was in sight.

33 Harry S. Truman The "S" in Harry S. Truman's name isn't short for anything. The 33d President was named after both of his grandfathers, Anderson Shippe Truman and Solomon Young. The initial honors them both.

34 Dwight David Eisenhower
The 34th President is the only US President who was awarded by the star of the Soviet Order of Victory. “Eisenhauer” means "iron miner“ in German.

35 John F. Kennedy The 35th President won a Pulitzer Prize in 1957 for his collection of essays, Profiles in Courage.

36 Lyndon Johnson Before he became the 36th President, Lyndon Johnson was a teacher at a small school in South Texas

37 Richard M. Nixon R. Nixon was offered a position as a player's representative to the Major League Baseball Players Association in He declined, stating that he was needed in politics. Nixon served as President from 1969 to 1974.

38 Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. The 38th President lived longer than any other US President, dying at 93 years and 165 days. He is the only U.S. president who was an Eagle Scout, a star athlete and captain of his football team

39 Jimmy Carter The 39th President ran his family's peanut farm in Plains, Georgia.

40 Ronald Wilson Reagan Reagan's father was a salesman and a storyteller. As a boy, Reagan's father nicknamed his son "Dutch", due to his "fat little Dutchman"-like appearance. Reagan is the oldest man elected to the office of the presidency (at 69).

41 George H.W. Bush The 41st President G.Bush played first base on the Yale University team that twice reached the finals of the College World Series

42 William Jefferson Clinton
The 42d President is tied with five others as the fourth-tallest president in the nation's history (1.88 m). Inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president.

43 George Walker Bush The 43d President is the only U.S. President to have earned a Master of Business Administration. The September 11 terrorist attacks were a major turning point in Bush's presidency.

44 Barack Obama Before he became the 44th President , Barack Obama was a U.S. Senator. Before that, he was an Illinois State Senator, and before that he was a community organizer in Chicago.

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