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Dr. Vicki Souder, D.C 563.585.0800

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1 Dr. Vicki Souder, D.C 563.585.0800

2 Graduate from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts Western Illinois with a Master of Science Palmer College of Chiropractic Internship program at the Pettibon Institute in St. Cloud, Minnesota Work in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Appleton and Green Bay where I was introduced to chiropractic neurology I then studied applied chiropractic neurology at the Carrick Institute and the Erchonia Medical Institute Official Doctor of The Dubuque Bruisers Football Team Regular contributor to the Telegraph Heralds Ask The Experts column Dr. Vicki Souder, D.C.

3 Low Level Lasers Erchonia uses low level lasers to stimulate tissue. When applied to an affected area, it initiates increased micro circulation and enhanced tissue regeneration. The result is a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion.

4 Low Level Lasers The procedure is pain free and there is often an immediate relief from pain.

5 Low Level Lasers

6 Low Level Lasers - Testimonial Because of my laser treatments, I can sleep at night without pain, and not have to medicate with painkillers. Stephanie L.

7 Laser Treatments Promote Healing

8 Low Level Lasers - Testimonial I had a fracture in my foot which needed surgery… after 3 weeks my foot was healed without surgery. Jane H.

9 Adjustments Treatments emphasize joint adjustments of spinal segments to free up joints that are locked into bad positions. This will help to relieve pain and nerve irritation, as well as decreasing inflammation and muscle tension.

10 Adjustments Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic utilizes the most modern equipment to diagnose your problem & to eliminate your discomfort.

11 Adjustments - Testimonial I have been to many different offices [in the area] Dr. Vicki is the only one that was able to help me. Shirley M.

12 Adjustments Help Headaches

13 Adjustment Testimonial I have become more balanced and have noticed a huge improvement in my training routine for running. Les L.

14 Adjustment and Laser Testimonial I had pain in my left shoulder blade that shot up the back of my neck. Ive had these problems at least ten years as well as headaches. Dr. Vicki gave me immediate relief. Janine K.

15 Adjustment and Laser Testimony I was scheduled to have surgery next month and I cancelled my appointment. My heel spurs have healed with adjustments and laser therapy. She worked a miracle. Dan B.

16 Migraine Testimonial I woke up every day for many years with a headache and I suffered from migraines. After my consistent treatments with Dr. Vicki I wake up headache free! Michelle S.

17 Cellular Cleanse Foot Bath Patient is exposed to a low intensity ion field by immersing their feet in the water which enables electrical contact with all the primary meridians in the body.

18 Cellular Cleanse Foot Bath By detoxifying your body, you can enjoy these benefits….and more restored vitality more mental clarity clear skin strong immune system look & feel healthy

19 Cellular Cleanse - Testimonial After the first [foot bath] treatment, I no longer have arthritis [in my knees]! And I can feel a difference in my energy level. Julie H.

20 Examples of conditions that have responded well to our care Neck pain Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Headaches (Migraine, stress, and sinus) Shoulder pain or injury Injuries from an accident Vertigo Conditions related to childbirth (for infants and mothers) Asthma Sports rehabilitation Acid Reflux Arthritis Mid & lower back pain Sciatica Female/Male problems Digestive problems Knee pain Peripheral Neuropathies Ankle / foot pain Sexual dysfunction Muscle tension Fibromyalgia Neuralgia Jaw problems (TMJ) Sleep apnea

21 Team Doc –Dubuque Bruisers Dubuque Bruisers Semi Pro Football Team is proud to announce Dr. Vicki Souder as their Official Team Doctor

22 Sports Therapy As official team doctor for the Dubuque Bruisers Semi-Pro Football team, Dr. Vicki has extensive experience in treating sports- related injuries.

23 Dubuque Bruisers Testimonial As the owner of the Dubuque Bruisers, I picked Dr. Vicki as our Team Doctor because of her state of the art therapy and rehab she uses with athletes and all of her patients. Dominick L.

24 Dubuque Bruiser Testimonial I was taking pain killers for my lower back. I tried other doctors with no relief. I went to Dr. Vicki at one of our games and I have improved. There is a place called Heaven here in town and its Dr. Vickis clinic. I am ready to join my teammates. Chris S.

25 Dubuque Bruiser Testimonial I had problems with asthma. I get relief with adjustments and laser treatments. I am glad she is our Team Doc if I need a treatment at a game. Austin

26 Specializing in Athletics

27 Sports Therapy Testimonial I have had knee pain, ankle sprains, neck and lower back pain for 5 years. Now I am pain free and involved in sports and showing horses. Hannah B. World Champion Working Cow Horse Rider 2009

28 More Happy Patients

29 Meet Dr. Vickis Staff Crystal Wells Office Manager Becky Hauder Chiropractic Assistant

30 Make An Appointment Today

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