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Office Minutemen Attendance Sports Staff Mission lunch lockers Gym Welcome to TH Bell Junior High Click on any item for a virtual tour Classes.

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1 Office Minutemen Attendance Sports Staff Mission lunch lockers Gym Welcome to TH Bell Junior High Click on any item for a virtual tour Classes

2 Can you find your teacher?

3 LOCKERS Steps to opening your locker: 1)Clear it by turning the dial clockwise (right) several times. 2)Turn the dial clockwise and stop on your first number of your combination. 3)Turn the dial counter clockwise (left) one complete turn (passing your first number once) and then stop on the second number. 4)Turn the dial clockwise (right) to the third number AND keep turning until you feel the device catch (like a doorknob) and pull. More on lockers More on lockers >>> Click on locker to view a how to open video Open me!

4 Classes Period Regular Schedule Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri Remediation/ Assembly Thursday Period Late Start 17:47-8:347:47-8:32 19:34-10:10 28:38-9:308:36-9:21 210:14-10:50 39:34-10:219:25-10:10 310:54-11:30 410:25-11:1210:14-10:59 1 st lunch11:30-11:55 1 st lunch 5 11:12-11:37 11:41-12:28 10:59-11:24 11:28-12:13 411:59-12:35 5 2 nd lunch 11:16-12:03 12:03-12:28 11:03-11:48 11:48-12:13 4 2 nd lunch 11:34-12:10 12:10-12:35 612:32-1:1912:17-1:02 512:39-1:15 71:23-2:111:06-1:51 61:19-1:55 HomeBase2:15-2:351:55-2:35 71:59-2:35 Classes start at 7:47 and last about 47 minutes each. You have FOUR minutes to get to your next class. If you have 1 st lunch then you report to the lunchroom right after 4 th period. If you have 2 nd lunch then you go to your 5 th period class directly after 4 th period. We follow the regular schedule Mon/Tues/Wed/and most Fridays. Each Thursday we follow the remediation schedule. On many 1 st and 3 rd Fridays of the month we have a Late start – classes start at 9:34 on these days. What is Homebase? Homebase

5 Sports Are you into sports? We compete with the other junior high schools in the following sports: BoysGirls FootballSoftball BasketballVolleyball BaseballBasketballTrack We also compete in National Academic League (NAL) against other schools. This is an academic team competition. 7 th, 8 th and 9 th graders are welcome to tryout for any team. Athletic Eligibility – To represent T.H. Bell Jr. High School as an athlete, a student must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Weber School District Board of Managers Policy which states: Citizenship A student participating in junior high sports would be eligible with one U; or one N and one U; or two Ns for the previous quarter and current quarter.* Scholastic Attain and maintain a 2.0 GPA or better the previous quarter or a cumulative 2.0 GPA computed from the four previous quarters (not semesters) and receiving not more than one F for the previous and current quarter.

6 Attendance Office We have a closed campus which means students must check in when arriving at school (any time other than a normal start time) and check out when leaving school (any time other than normal end time). So, if you come late to school – you must check in at the attendance office. If you need to leave school early for any reason – you must check out at the attendance office. You need your student ID to check in or out. To check out a student, parents or guardians must show ID also. A phone is available in the attendance office for student use to call home

7 Office Access the main office through the window. Go to the WINDOW for help. Office personnel can help you with each of these functions: Paying $ Student ID Counselors Administration School Resource Officer Policies Information

8 Minutemen We are the Minutemen! In colonial times men were asked to be ready on a minutes notice to fight for the country. Our mascot is in honor of those brave men. We stand ready to support fellow Minutemen. Click on picture for more info

9 Lunch We offer a variety of hot, tasty, nutritious breakfast and lunches every day. Choose from one of two main dish lines or choose the salad or potato bar. Lunch costs $2.25 and breakfast costs $1.50. You can pay in line or Students are welcome to bring their own sack lunch. Make sure you bring your ID to get into the cafeteria – otherwise youll have to wait in the hall. Clean up after your self – your mother doesnt work here!

10 Gym Not only do we play our basketball and volleyball games in the gym, but we also hold our assemblies, concerts, dances, musicals and other events here too.assemblies When the weather outside is bad the P.E. classes are held here. We also hold our lunchtime intramurals in the gym. You can go shoot hoops or play volleyball after you eat your lunch.

11 Mission

12 More Lockers Lockers will be assigned at registration, and students are responsible for them for the duration of the year. Students will not share the combination or the locker with anyone. Students will be charged $5.00 for combination changes or locker reassignments. Lockers are provided for the convenience of students and are the property of Weber School District. Students vandalizing, writing graffiti, using scotch tape, or misusing their lockers will be assessed fines and/or may forfeit their locker privileges. Lockers are subject to periodic inspection and must be free from inappropriate pictures, graffiti, or controlled substances. T.H. Bell Jr. High School is not responsible for personal property placed in student lockers. Do not keep valuables or large amounts of cash in your locker, and do not disclose your locker combination to anyone. <<< Back to lockersBack to lockers Keep your locker clean!

13 HomeBase HomeBase is a period scheduled every day for reading, literacy, character education and for teachers to facilitate student intervention. HB is an official class and roll will be taken daily. A Pass or Fail grade will be given for HomeBase. Intervention Day is an extension of HomeBase and will be every Thursday. Students can use this extended time to make up missed tests, labs, assignments and work on other homework. When we have a fire drill and evacuate the building, all students meet out on the football field (west side of building) in HomeBase classes. <<< Back to Classes

14 Paying $ All money transactions (except the lunch line) must go through the main office. Go to the window to pay fees and fines and to make purchases. You must have your student ID to make a payment. <<< Back to Office

15 Student ID All students receive an ID card and a lanyard free at registration. Students need this card to be able to check in at the attendance office, eat in the cafeteria, pay fees/fines in the office or check out a book in the library. If your ID card is lost or damaged a new one can be purchased for $4 from the main office. <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office

16 Counselors Mrs. Camp and Mrs. Garner are our counselors. If you need help with schedules, teachers, or other students talk to your counselor. She will help! schedules To talk to your counselor talk to Mrs. Robinson in the counseling center and she will arrange for a meeting. <<< Back to Office Mrs. Camp works with students whose last name starts with letters from A-K Mrs. Garner works with students whose last name starts with letters from L-Z

17 Administration Mr. VandenBosch and Mr. Patterson are our administrators. You will see them very frequently in the halls, classrooms, lunchroom, etc. Dont be afraid to say HI! If you ever need to speak to an administrator just come to the office and ask one of the secretaries. <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office

18 School Resource Officer Officer Allen is our school resource officer. You will see him in the halls frequently. He is here to help keep our school safe. If you have a need to see Officer Allen come to the office and talk to a secretary. <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office

19 Policies All students receive a Student Handbook when registering. Students need to be aware of all policies and information contained in the handbook. The handbook is also available on the schools website > click under Students> then School Policies <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office Open me Dress Code Acceptable Use Policy Digital Media Device Policy Safe School Policy

20 Information If you ever need more information about any activity – the office is the place to find it. Just Ask! <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office Pick up forms Lost and Found Messages from parents Sick Room Map of Building Schedules Called to office

21 Ask one of the secretaries why you are needed… they dont bite (at least not very often) You may be called to the office for many reasons... maybe your mom brought to school something that you forgot… maybe the attendance secretary, counselor, an administrator needs to talk to you… maybe you are a prize winner for some contest… <<<back to information

22 Safe School Policy Any action that threatens or harms a school, school property, a person connected with school or property associated with a person connected with school is forbidden. <<< Back to OfficeBack to Office The purpose of the policy is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning. Click on picture for complete WSD policy

23 Dress code Students appearance must be appropriate for the school setting. Any clothing or attire that may be distracting to the learning environment is inappropriate. Students who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to change into proper dress or will be sent home. <<< Back to OfficeBack to OfficeRead Dress Code Here Here <<< Back to Policies

24 Acceptable Use Policy Students and staff are subject to the Weber School District Acceptable Use Policy regarding access to computers and networks. Each student must sign a compliance document. Violations to the policy may result in forfeiture of computer access. <<< Back to Office <<< Back to Policies

25 Assemblies Assemblies are planned for student learning and enjoyment. Students are expected to be well behaved and respectful at assemblies. Those who are disruptive are removed! We all stand up and applaud our Student Body President when he/she conducts the assembly. Students sit in assigned areas. 7 th grade left bleachers 8 th grade right bleachers 9 th graders front and center on floor <<< Back to Gym

26 Digital Media Device Policy The use of digital media devices (cell phones, computers, cameras, audio recorders, radios, CD/DVD players, ipods, mp3 players, etc.) have increased in our community and in the schools. If any digital media device is disruptive to the classroom environment it will be considered a misuse of the device. Students are not permitted to misuse digital media devices on the school campus. Click on icon above for complete policy <<< Back to PoliciesPolicies

27 Map of the Building <<< Back to Information

28 Schedules All students receive a copy of their class schedule at registration. If you lose your copy then the counseling department can get you a new copy. Just go to the counseling window and ask! If there is a mistake or if you wish to make a change then go the counseling department. <<< Back to Counselors <<< Back to Information

29 Lost and Found If you find anything of value bring it to the office. If you lose anything of value come check out the lost and found in the office. We have many wonderful students who rightfully turn things in that dont belong to them.

30 Sick Room If you are feeling ill you need to come to the attendance office. Mrs. Stewart will assist you call home for your parent to come get you or guide you to the sick room where you can lie down for a minute. If you are sick we prefer you stay home and get better rather than come to school and make others sick. We have a nurse at the school but only one day a week. She will gladly help you if she is here.

31 Messages from Parents If your parents call us to deliver a message to you then we will take the message and deliver it to you. If you forget some important item at home and your mom brings it to the school we will take it and deliver it to you promptly. It is best for your parents (or anyone else) not to text or call you during the school day. If your phone goes off during class the teacher may take it from you.

32 Forms All important forms can be picked up at the office. Ask the secretaries at the window for any form you may need.

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