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S.I.T. Seneca, South Towns Intercommunity Transportation System Presented by Supervisor Leonard K. Pero Chairman of S.I.T.

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1 S.I.T. Seneca, South Towns Intercommunity Transportation System Presented by Supervisor Leonard K. Pero Chairman of S.I.T.

2 SENECA SOUTH TOWNS relax S.I.T. enjoy Intercommunity Transportation Forward with Transportation in the South Towns & the Southern Tier Seneca Nation, &Towns of: Brant, Collins, Concord, Eden, Evans, Hamburg, North Collins Villages of : Angola, Farnham, Gowanda, Hamburg, North Collins, Springville, From Hamburg to Gowanda to Springville to Ellicottville to Salamanca & Olean SPONSORING COMMUNITIES--- Because they care about their residents The 1 st mass transit system in rural America

3 Based on Rural Transit 2011 Budget figures 8 buses travel 156,778 miles last year 19,597.25 miles per bus Operating expenses minus labor & staff costs $122,551 total per year $15,319 per bus.78 cents per mile Staff costs (Ex. Director, Manager, Book keeper, vehicle coordinator, volunteer coordinator) $143,048 per year $17,881 per bus.91 cents per mile In Kind Labor est. 8 hours per day x 5 days = 40 hrs. week 40 x ($7.25) = $290.00 8 drivers & 8 assistants 16 x $290 = $4,640 per week (x) 52 weeks = $241,280 per year $30,160 per bus $1.54 cents per mile

4 Total Costs $122,551 $143,048 $241,280 $506,879 $506,879/8 buses = $63,360 $63,360 per bus 156,778 miles $3.23 per mile Rural Transit Cost Operating Expenses Staff Costs Labor TOTAL

5 Our Costs estimated (6 total buses) Salamanca route appox. 100 miles round trip (x) 4 trips = 400 miles 400 x $3.23 = $1292 per day (x) 5 days = $6,460 (x) 52 weeks = $335,920 (x) 2 buses = $671,840 (8 total trips to Salamanca) Local Routes appox. 40 miles round trip (1 hour duration) Am – mid AM – Noon – Mid day 3 pm – eve 5 PM – Night 7 PM 6 trips per day = 240 miles 240 x $3.23 = $775 per day (x) 5 days = $3876 (x) 52 weeks = $201,552 SUMMARY of COSTS Salamanca trips = $671,840 Local Trips = $201,552 (x) 4 bus routes = $806,208 Total Operating Cost = $1,478,048 per year

6 Cost per mile $3.23 per mile x 457,600 miles = $1,478,048

7 Revenue State Funding $300,000 Federal Funding $400,000 13 communities x $5,000 = $65,000 5 pass through communities x $2000= $10,000 6 major Sponsors at $25,000 each = $150,000 Advertising on Buses = $144,000 Riders on Salamanca Route = $312,000 Riders on local Routes = $117,000 TOTAL = $1,498,000 ($19,952 profit) (6 months ads for $3000) Ski, Bars, colleges, gaming, etc. (4 sides x $3000 = $12,000 per bus times 6 buses = $72,000 x 2 per year = $144, 000 Ridership Fees Salamanca $2.50 per trip x round trip = $5.00 Times 30 people = $150 round trip X 4 trips per day = $600 per day x 5 days = $3000 per week x 52 = $156,000 (x2) = $312,000 Local $1.25 per trip (15 people x 6 trips per day = $112.50 x 4 buses = $450 per day x 5 days = $2250 x 52= $117,000 $500 month

8 Revenue per mile $3.27 4/10 Per mile x 457,600 miles = $1,498,000 $3.27 – $3.23 =.04 profit per mile

9 If we Reduce one time slot local trips = instead of 6 Trips 5 trips x 40 miles = 200 miles per day x $3.23 = $646 day $646 x 5 days =$3230 week x 52 weeks = $167,960 x 4 buses = $671,840 $806,208 - $671,840 = $134,368 savings $134,368 savings (lose $29,250 revenue) = $105,118 PROFIT Save 41,600 miles on local trips

10 If you drive to Salamanca 100 miles round trip At 20 miles gallon You would use 5 gal. of gas At $3.50 per gal = $17.50 If Use 6 gal it would cost you $21 S.I.T and Ride leave the driving to us for only $5.00 round trip

11 The SENECA Nation would take the Lead and receive funds from the Federal Government through Tribal transportation grants. They would use this money to build a terminal & bus garage that would be located on the reservation near the route 5 & route 20 merge known as the v way in the town of Brant. They also would receive funds to purchase the 6 mini buses necessary for the system to work.

12 To make this system more efficient and create a greener & cleaner atmosphere We would Equip our buses with compressed Natural Gas Engines to reduce the pollution and the cost The cost of Natural Gas would be under $1.00 per gal.

13 The SIT Communities would ask for grant Money from the Federal Government to build a Natural Gas filling station not only to supply the S.I.T. program, but to accommodate the 13 communities vehicles as they refit their fleets to natural gas and save their tax payers dollars

14 Operating expenses would come from the 13 communities using Federal, State and local funding with advertising and ridership. S.I.T. consists of 5 bus routes covering over 250 miles which encompasses over 30 communities and connects 4 counties traveling over 1200 miles per day (457,600 miles per year)

15 THE BUS ROUTES WOULD CONSIST OF 5 Colored Routes 2 Yellow, Blue, Red & Green EXPRESS ROUTE: Terminal to Nation to Gowanda to Cattaraugus to Little Valley to Salamanca Terminal to Nation to Gowanda to Springville to Ellicottville to Salamanca Terminal to Angola to Derby to Hamburg (connect to NFTA) to Eden to North Collins to Gowanda to Nation to Terminal Terminal to Langford to North Collins to Brant to Farnham to Angola on lake to Terminal Terminal to Nation to Brant to Eden to Lake View to Derby to the Lake Shore to Terminal The sixth bus would be a rover picking up passengers and bringing them to a bus stop

16 Gowanda Station Springville Ellicottville Salamanca There Would be two YELLOW BUS routes (Irving Brant – Salamanca) with the Express route taking one hour & the other yellow would go through Springville and Ellicottville to Salamanca in about 1 ½ hours Cattaraugus Little Valley Salamanca Nation Route 438 Route 39 EXPRESS route Yellow Routes 4 times a day 8 trips daily

17 Station Angola Terminal Derby Lake View Hamburg Eden North Collins Collins Gowanda Nation BLUE ROUTE 6 times a day This would take the place of the 2 NFTA routes that were eliminated the route 5 & 62 routes Route 5 Route 438 Lakeview Road AM to the Park & Ride Big Tee RoadSouth Park Route 62 Lakeview Road Route 62

18 Station v Langford North Collins Brant Farnham Angola Lake Evans Center Red Route 6 times a day Milestrip Road Route 75 Route 249 Route 5 Lake Street Old Lake Shore Beach Road North Main South Main Route 20

19 Station Nation Brant North Collins Eden North Evans Derby Lake Green Route 6 times a day Route 438 Brant Reservation Road Cain Road Route 62 Eden Evans Center Road Route 20 South Creek Road Route 5 Sturgeon Point Old Lake Shore

20 This program is a collaboration among 13 communities and the Seneca Nation with the support of Erie County, the State of New York and the Federal Government. It travels through over 30 communities with a population over 100,000 and brings about countless benefits to the residents of the area. Seneca Nation Cattaraugus and Allegany territories, Irving, Brant, Farnham, Gowanda, Evans, Angola, Point Breeze, Highland, Derby, Lake View, Town Hamburg, Village Hamburg, Eden, Town North Collins, Village North Collins, Langford, Lawtons, Collins, Collins Center, Springville, Concord, Ashford, Ellicottville, Great Valley, Hinsdale, Salamanca, Olean, Little Valley, Cattaraugus.

21 BENEFITS There are many benefits for our region, by Creating Jobs (the system itself) Stimulating the Economy (shopping with less cost for fuel) Aid to Senior & Social Services (medical transportation etc.) Support the Elderly (Able to live in their homes due to lack of transportation) Green initiative (Environment) Reduce congestion air pollution and less fuel consumed Boost to Agriculture (Amish workers able to help farmers) Parents bring children to after scool activities Commute to Colleges Night clubs safe travel

22 SPONSERS Seneca Gaming, Allegany Casino, Ellicottville Association, New Era Cap company, Goya, St. Bonaventure, ECC Possible Bus Stops Hospitals Health Care Centers Doctors Pharmacy High Schools Colleges Banks Municipal Buildings Prison Churches Stores Tourist Attractions Industry Post offices Parks Libraries Park & Ride connections Nite Clubs Restaurants Beaches Ski Lodges Gaming & Bingo Casino

23 TOURISM An offshoot of this program that is very important will be the development of a tourism industry in our area.

24 Over 60 years ago the New York State Thruway was built to bring about a more efficient mode of transportation across the State & the Country In doing so it devastated many of the small communities that were avoided and by passed by the out of state traffic passing through their Towns & Villages. These communities relied on the income derived by the tourists that spend money in their stores and restaurants. Many business closed & communities were economically hurt.

25 This Program will help to change this pattern and bring new business to our communities and stabilize our existing business with tourist dollars. For Example Tourist can travel by bus and see where the great 1867 Angola train disaster occurred. Tour the Goya Foods facility Watch the sunset at the various beach clubs Try your luck at the Seneca Gaming Hall Visit Frank Lloyd Wrights Gray Cliff Visit the Eden Farm museum & Kazoo Factory Enjoy riding through farm country and when in season the aroma of the grape vineyards Shopping at the various country stores

26 Visit the North Collins old school house museum & the Quaker meeting house Take a ride on the Lake Erie Railroad in Gowanda Visit Pop Warner football museum in Springville Enjoy the many festivals & shop at the various produce markets in our region STAY OVER NITE in one of our Bed & Breakfasts and then tour the Amish country the next day or Stay at the Seneca Allegany Casino and enjoy their hospitality and entertainment. This program alone would create new business & bring tourist $ to our area.

27 The New York State Thruway Rest area between Exit 57A & 58 has over 70,000 visitors weekly By placing a Kiosk with an offering of a local bus tour opportunity, we could tap into an untouched market that would visit our communities many interesting sites. The tourists can feel safe leaving their vehicles in the parking area and could even stay over night in our Bed & Breakfasts. This alone would boost our local economy in the various communities and increase sales tax in WNY.

28 IN SUMMARY 13 rural communities & the Seneca Nation working together to create a unique mass transit system for the residents of over 30 communities situated in 4 Counties of WNY This system will bring about: Less Pollution – with cleaner & cheaper transportation by using natural compressed gas and create an environment with fewer vehicles operating on our roads. Natural Gas is a 3 rd of the cost of gas & diesel fuel and with the towns and villages converting to natural gas vehicles it would save tax payers dollars. Aid to the Seniors & Shut ins – This is a program that will work hand & hand with Rural Transit and help the elderly retain possession of their life long homes in our rural areas instead of having to move closer to the services needed to sustain their lives.

29 Accessibility – It will make the roads safer and become more convenient for workers, students and residents leisure activities. Create Jobs & Boost the Economy – The system itself will hire bus drivers, mechanics, ticket sellers and Administrators. It also would bring about an expansion of new business that would serve the tourist and bring about more jobs. It would create more livable choices for those unable to drive Lower Taxes – The use of natural gas would lower the municipalities expenses and the added sales tax revenue would also keep taxes down. In the long range this system would attract new business and housing thus expanding the tax base which would also lower taxes

30 We are asking our Local, County, State & Federal Governments to help us in this endeavor. We meet all the criteria for economic growth, creating jobs & creating a safer & cleaner America

31 If the Seneca Nation would take the lead in obtaining Federal Funds through the Tribal Transit program to build a transit terminal & garage complex and the purchase of 6 mini buses If the local communities would support and commit their share of funding to help operate this system If the 4 Counties involved would recognize the importance of this program to our WNY economy & support it fully If the State would find grant money to support a program that would benefit over 30 communities in WNY and place a transportation line item that would help to fund the operating of this system of approximately $10,000 per community And IF the Federal Government would like to see Job growth, Economic Development and a Cleaner America

32 Then Grant us the funding to make this program successful and create a model for growth that would reverberate across rural America Thank You Our success is in your hands Leonard K. Pero

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