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If it can not be measured it can not be improved. Welcome to the continues cycle of improvement, together we will evaluate, monitor and improve. TQMA Team.

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1 If it can not be measured it can not be improved. Welcome to the continues cycle of improvement, together we will evaluate, monitor and improve. TQMA Team Quality Management Assessment In Accordance

2 Application Implementations and Acceptance Benefits Roles, Privileges, Responsibilities Viewpoint behind the idea Reports, Diagrams and Statistics Elements, Key performance Indicators, reporting 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 55 66 77 Statistics 77 Silent Audits 1 1 What is TQMA TQMA Team Quality Management Assessment We Make the Difference In Accordance

3 What is TQMA What separates one club from the other, and how well can we do that TQMA measures and evaluates each club as a whole UEFA has introduced TMS (transfer management System) and FAME TQMA accounts for all leagues, clubs and elements How do we improve something that we cannot measure TQMA online application Compliance with federations, leagues, sponsorship requirements and standards such as UEFA, FIFA, EPO, Superleague and (OPAP, B-win, Stan James, William Hill) Community based, sharing knowledge, information and standards Presentation of TQMA results Identifying strengths and weaknesses Tailored reports, approved according to league standards or sponsors policy requirements. Setting goals and objectives Periodic assessments ensures continuous improvement TQMA provides a structure to club owners to assess their own management system Compliance In Accordance

4 Benefits TQMA is a simple user friendly tool that assists clubs to measure, evaluate and bench mark its organization and management operation as a whole. Information is processed in order to be readable, printable, stored, loaded, compared, bench marked or pre calculated Provides real life snap shots of each organization on how well organized and managed each club or league really is. Comes with a ready to use base of 21 elements and just over 1100 KPI (Key Performance Indicators), that can be edited, added or removed. Federations, leagues and sponsors are able to monitor trends, set goals, provide clear objectives and identify strengths and weaknesses. TQMA comes in 5 different languages English, Greek, Spanish, German and French. TQMA is community based, bringing competitors, federations, leagues and clubs together with common goals, standards and information. 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 It helps to centralize new and other information which already exists but not managed. User groups can download and view their scores, reports and diagrams Bench marking and goal setting can be put in place for strategic management improvement. All over the world clubs, federations, organizations can exchange status reports between themselves. 88 99 10 11 TQMA report gives direct access to each specific period and element of which can be exported, printed, compared and shared for each relevant department. 12 Provides information to sponsors to make better judgment according to company policies. 13 Creates an overview for each period and element with a clear single total TQMA score. 14 In Accordance

5 Philosophy We keep on repeating the same mistake No change, no system, no results A tool that will provide information to be shared in a clear, readable manner. Information that will be available for presentation, negotiations, bench marking and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Highlighting specific KPIs and specific information requested by the federations and investors The investing companies will soon have sponsorship policies in place Bonuses and awards can be awarded for targets and goals achieved from previous seasons and also allocating specific budgets to overcome identified weaknesses Clubs will have the potential to plan, act, measure and improve their overall operation and organization Management will have a better overview and effective management system in place. Plan Act Measure Improve or correct In Accordance

6 1 1 Users 2 2 Administrators 3 3 Privileges 4 4 Reports 5 5 Support 5 5 Notifications 7 7 Security Application In Accordance

7 Element Description The status of a clubs management system is broken down into elements. Each element of TQMA contains KPIs and best practice for each KPI coaching all users. 1 1 Ticketing Monitor, reward, and improve the quality and growth of the future development by creating opportunity Academy 33 A Mystery Shopper acts as a customer and undertakes a series of agreed tasks, which monitor the quality of customer service. They then report back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way. Silent Audits A well organized and a successful academy is the foundation and the future of any football clubs. Ignoring this aspect will in the long run be more expensive and less profitable for any club. With TQMA we strive to support and award clubs that give emphasis and believe in this for long term success. 2 Sales Forecast Sales Plan Trends Price Averages Packages Comparison In Accordance

8 Roles, Privileges and Responsibilities T Responsibility: Recommendation in alliance between Superleague, EPO and OPAP Joint Venture between TQMA, S/L and major sponsor such as OPAP will implement all necessary elements, KPI, WF and best practice. A substantial foundation base is readily available. Administrators will be able to monitor, export and update elements KPI, WF, BP. Administrator 1 1 Super Administrator Responsibility: General Manager, Department Head or qualified Designated Person Each club user will have access only to their own accounts which can create additional users for each element or one account for all elements. Users are required to have basic computer skills knowledge and an internet connection. The application runs on all windows and Mac Operating systems. User Responsibility: TQMA head offices TQMA will lead this role taking on the full technical responsibility, maintenance, software updates, implementation, server configurations and security measures. TQMA will participate in all presentations, training seminars, and one on one consulting where required and necessary. All silent audits and auditors will be trained and implemented by our qualified staff and standards. 33 22 In Accordance

9 Reports, Diagrams and Statistics Creates reports, diagrams and statistics by giving the ability to compare or benchmark in a modern, stylish format for easy to understand layout presentations. In Accordance

10 TQMA Implementation One on One training session per club Designated Persons 1-2 day general training session General introduction, presentation to federations, leagues, and investors Dummy trial run within a closed period Implementation Enforce, reward, and benchmarking with an obejective In Accordance

11 TQMA will help investors and federations drive their continuous improvement management programs, to plan, act, measure and improve by making use of the continuous improvement cycle. Together we will share the same goals objectives by leaping together into the future. Today we are making history together Working Together Football clubs Football Federations and leagues Investors In Accordance

12 2018 201720162015 2014 2013 3 5 1 2 4 6 Objective: Introduction Trial Implementation Response: Denial, retaliation Obective: Implement, Monitor, Enforce, offer bonus reward Response: Bargaining, retaliation Team Acceptance Objective: Enforce, contract implementation, Monitor, Improve Response: Acceptance, improve Productivity and results Time In Accordance

13 What is mystery guest shopping Will staff know that a Mystery Shop is taking place? How does TQMA ensure quality control? What happens to the information? What does a Mystery Shopper do? What is the purpose of the Mystery Customer research? How long does it take? Improving customer experience Silent Audits 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 In Accordance


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