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My Favorite Football Player

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1 My Favorite Football Player
By Adel Issa 6B

2 The player is called Cristiano
Who is the player? The player is called Cristiano Ronaldo, he is from Portugal

3 What club, team or country does he/she play for?
He plays for a club called Real Madrid, and he plays for the Portugal national football team

4 What is the player’s background, how long have they been playing, what positions does he/she play?
He has been playing football for 18 years, and he played for many teams, he started to get good at Manchester United, and he plays attack

5 What does this player do on the field that makes him so good?
What makes him so good is his skill, and his tricks, his passes crosses, and free kicks

6 Why do you enjoy watching this particular player more then others?
I like to watch this player because of his skills and his goals

7 What are 3 questions you would ask the player if you had a chance to interview them for TV and why?
What’s your secrets to scoring goals? How many trophies did you win? 3. Why did you chose to play for Real Madrid?

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