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© Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach,,,

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1 © Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach,,,

2 BeneficiariesProblems that Innoball Helps To Solve Entrepreneurs How to develop great entrepreneurial skills? How to assess the viability of a startup idea? Startup Ventures How to prepare the team for real life battles? How to attract venture capital investors? Business Incubators How to grow startup firms more effectively? How to demonstrate benefits of incubation? VC InvestorsHow to select winning firms better and faster?

3 © Vadim Kotelnikovinnoball Goalkeeper Entrepreneurial dream and investments Defenders Inventions, creative problem solving Strikers Creative marketing of the company and its new product Midfielders Experiments, beta-testing a new product Goalkeeper Resistance of the big market Midfielders Financial and team problems Strikers All types of inevitable failures Defenders Resistance of the first customers InnovatorsOpponents

4 Innovators SolutionAuthorCo-authorExpert Evaluation DescriptionPlayer CPlayer F8.7 SolutionAuthorCo-authorExpert Evaluation DescriptionPlayer APlayer B8.4 DescriptionPlayer D–7.8

5 Team Members RatingGames PlayedTotal Rating Player A9.369.1very strong Player B9.169.0very strong Player C8.648.7strong Player D8.248.3strong Player E7.427.1average Player F4.923.8weak

6 Reveal strengths and weaknesses of innovation teams Identify innovation champions Best University Startup Best Business Incubator Best Business Incubator

7 Great athletes reveal our physical capabilities Great innovators reveal our ability to change the World! Olympics help best athletes shine e-Olympics help smart innovators shine!

8 Best InnovatorsTeamRatingRank Player ACCC9.51 Player EFFF9.42 Player BDDD9.23

9 Name of the TeamAAA Company Name AAA Inc. Current Rating 9.2 (very strong) Games Played 6 Sponsors Sponsor NNN Looking for Investors Yes Project Name AAA Venture Industry Industry C

10 © Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach,,, Thank You!

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