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By Devin. College…its a word most people know. Most people know it. But what does it really mean? Finding a good college is hard, finding a good one that.

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1 By Devin

2 College…its a word most people know. Most people know it. But what does it really mean? Finding a good college is hard, finding a good one that you actually like is even more challenging. The three colleges I picked, Stanford University, Emory University, and Auburn University, all have positives and negatives.

3 Location is important, from the surrounding area and setting, to how far it is from my home. All factors will be taken into account, as the distance from my family is important to me, as well as the amount of extra curricular activities found in a nearby area.

4 Stanford is set in the Silicon valley, a mountainous metro area amid several clusters of cities including San Francisco. The mountainous terrain offers mountain climbing and hiking activities. The short drive to San Francisco Beach allows a coastal experience. Stanford, being located in California, is the farthest from my family, and it is definitely harder to be able to find time to see them besides.

5 Emory is built in the metro- Atlanta area, with a highly urbanized area. With the proximity to Atlanta, a wide range of activities is available to students. Out of my three colleges it is moderately far from home; being situated in Atlanta, as I have friends and family there as well as its close location to Auburn as a whole.

6 Auburn is set in the twin cities of Auburn and Opelika. It is a small town setting. There is still many activities in retrospect to most small towns. Nearby is lake Martin, a common recreation spot and several forest and nature trails. It is the closest to home, being where I live currently. I wouldnt have to leave and could stay home and live there if I wished.

7 The setting is what the surrounding area is like. This can be anything from a major city, to small town or metro area, which the area surrounding a large city or a area in between a cluster of moderately sized cities that is highly urbanized. This will determine not only what activities are available, but the feel of the college and environment. New York is different from Chicago and so on.

8 Stanford is set in the silicon valley, which is a large, metro area. Being fairly close to several cities, and with the largest campus of the three, it by far will have the most, exciting feel. The terrain also offers many exciting activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, surfing and then just enjoying the scenery. The night life is busy here, between college students and the cluster of cities, its bound to be busy.

9 Emory is based directly outside Atlanta, so students have access to a major city with ease. It is very urbanized, and as such a great deal of activities are available, such as operas, plays, martial arts, libraries, museums, shopping, movies, and aquariums. The city of Atlanta, being a mixing pot, is very diversified in cultures and activities, so there is bound to be something you like.

10 Auburns setting is semi-urban. It is a small town located in a crossroads between Montgomery, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Mobile. It, and its twin city of Opelika, offer less choices than Atlanta or the Silicon Valley, but it is more relaxed. With Chewacla state park nearby, and the common recreation spot of Lake Martin 30 minutes away, it is not at all a bad choice. The football games are the main attraction here, attracting thousands of people to the city in game season.

11 The type of school refers to whether it is public or private, it has a religious affiliation such as protestant or catholic, and whether it is co-ed or separated by gender. It can be an important factor in the decision making process and as such should not be taken likely.

12 Stanford is a private co-ed school. This means that it sets its own policies and standards, and is privately funded. It also means that classes and the school itself will have mixed classes, of both women and men

13 Emory is an independent Methodist co-ed, which means that the school is self reliant, such as a private school, and the school itself is predominantly Methodist and it is mixed gender.

14 Auburn is a state- supported co-ed, meaning that it relies on state funding and has mixed gender classes.

15 Finances are a very important factor in college. Unless you receive a full ride, or full financial support through a scholarship, you have to pay the expenses for a higher education. And that can come with a large expenditure.

16 Stanford is the most expensive of the three colleges, totaling 200,000 plus in expenses for four years. Because it is a private school, it relies heavily on the private donations, funding, and the tuition paid by students.

17 Emory is in the same price range as Stanford, in the 200,000s. Tuition is around 40,000 and the total price is around 53,000.

18 Auburn University is comparably very affordable, topping 19,000 dollars in state. Tuition is 9,992 dollars. Total the cost amounts to 76,000 dollars.

19 What I learned, is that everything has pros and cons, and that I would like any of those colleges for a number of reasons. From an academic standpoint Id prefer Stanford, but Auburn is really close to home and Emory is an accomplished medical school. But I did learn to look at every choice from every angle.

20 Stanford University insignia has written in German, and states, The wind of Liberty is blowing. Emory requires its students to spend their first two years on campus. Auburn university has one official mascot, but the war eagle, is considered its unofficial mascot. There are three war eagles: Nova, Spirit, and Tiger, though Tiger is retired from the War Eagle Flight.

21 ..\College.pdf All rights go to Stanford, Emory, and Auburn University for the images.

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