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Button football/Sector ball

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1 Button football/Sector ball


3 Button football is a football simulation game played on a table-top using buttons as players.
Board dimensions,markings,and rules of play are modeled to simulate standard football.It is popular everywhere.


5 Button football is a traditional Hungarian game, now mostly considered as a children game. It is known to be existed in Cheap plastic sets of players are sold in huge variety, and it is usually played on the largest table in the household.


7 There are no fixed rules,it is played differently everywhere.
Sector ball is a sport,with long and detailed rules. It evolved from Gombfoci from Hungary. The first official set of rules was published in The main difference between this and other versions comes from the Sector rule: if you can pass the ball close enough to another player you control,you get another turn.


9 International tournaments are organized regularly. /E. g
International tournaments are organized regularly. /E.g.: National Campionships, Champions Leagues, European Campionships, and World Campionships. Now the World Campion, the European Campion, and the winner of the Champions Leagues are Hungarian.




13 Made by: Vivien Farkas Péter Vajda Grammar School 10.J. Szarvas, 06 Nov 2011

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