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Elenas great grandfather was a professional painter in Russia before the revolution and his expertise was religious paintings in churches. It could be.

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2 Elenas great grandfather was a professional painter in Russia before the revolution and his expertise was religious paintings in churches. It could be that from him she inherited her love and talent for the arts. Elena was born in Moscow to a family of students that later became a judge and an engineer. Her youth was spent in Kazakhstan where she graduated from art school. After graduating she worked as a painter in the Victory club and later on in the Red Knight art club in Tula, close to Moscow. Her next step was in the Ukraine where she started her engineering career after finishing her M.A. studies. In parallel with her work as an engineer she continued her artistic endeavors and showed and sold her art in galleries in the city of Cherkesi. where the new horizons of painting and sculpturing were opened for her. Israels landscapes, natural and human, provided her with biblical energy. Meeting people of new cultures during her trips rekindled her creative engine and provided the trigger to get back to painting and other artistic endeavors. In Israel, Elena studied with the best teachers; Yuri Mazkin, Lea Axelrod and Alexander Charkov. Her works are in private collections in Moscow, New York and in Israel.

3 Blue Lifeguard 90X40X40 Clay 2012 and paint

4 An outstanding student wins a single artist show, Nudity, in the Open University in Tel Aviv In the school of art at the Open University in Tel Aviv Mrs. Elena Gat was chosen to exhibit in a single artist show. The purpose of the show is to provide a perspective for the two years of intensive creation of the student and publicize her achievements that were accomplished by the joint work of the artist and her able teachers.

5 Elena at the opening of womens art show at the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv

6 Elena Gat has an interesting life story. Born in Moscow she finished art school in Kazakhstan at the age of 18, but since lifes pressure in communist Russia in the sixties and seventies didnt give her the option to develop as a mature artist. Elena immigrated with her family to Israel in 1996. The need to integrate into a new country once more blocked all options of pursuing an artistic career. Three years ago she met her life friend, Dr. Arnon Gat, the connection with a new relationship opened for her doors and options. Elena decided to renew her love for the art and experience her creativity as she did in her youthful years. She chose the Open University because of the breath of courses and the quality of teachers that they ofer. In a way, it was a new beginning but it was based on solid talent and a great desire to create.


8 Elena started her new path hesitating, taking the basic courses of drawing and painting. Very shortly her teachers discovered the hidden talent and started to develop it. Her drawings and paintings transformed quickly from innocent experimentations to mature works. In her first year she focused solely on painting. In parallel she spent weeks in tours of Europe and was influenced by the classic works amongst those by the pictures of Juarez Machado

9 In her second year Elena discovered the art of sculpting and started to engage in this art as well. Quickly she transposed her skills to the new medium and her sculptures started to express the same feelings that were so apparent in her paintings. Her works achieved maturity and began selling. Today she is practicing the arts full time and is taking every course possible. Elena paints and sculpts in the classical modern style and almost all her of her works centered around the human body and its beauty, the relationship between two people and partners, love and feelings. In short two years she managed to create a great number of works that are being exhibited in this show. You are invited to join in the celebration of colors and of positive energies that fill every picture since Elena is sharing with each work her own beauty and loving spirit. The Pianist 70 x 100 Acrylic on canvas 2009

10 Elena exhibited her works in Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. From 2009 she started to publicize her works in galleried and shows in Israel. 05/2009 Beit Zikhak Rans studio 01/2010 single artist show, Open University, Tel Aviv 02/2010 single artist show, Zahala, Tel Aviv 05/2010 Studio of the municipality of Givatayim, Cherkov 06/2010 Gun Shmuel art Gallery 03/2011 Center for Russian Art, Tel Aviv 05/2011 Yafo Antiquity Museum 06/2011 Azrieli, Tel Aviv 08/2011 The Sultan Pools, Jerusalem 03/2012 Center for Russian Art, Tel Aviv 08/2012 Karo Gallery, Haifa

11 Stubbornness Clay 2012 and paint The stronger the muscles so is the manhood, but with it his stubbornness

12 The Quire 20X20X30, 20X20X30 Clay 2010 and paint So which song are they singing? Seems like each is on her own playing her individual tune.

13 10-S The Big Cat 50X30X55 Clay 2010 In the inner most of every woman there resides a big cat vying for a warm caress and love.

14 Red Faces (a vase) 30X30X45 Clay 2010 In my youth I was always drawn to the stories of the Indians and the early settlers in America. I sided with the red people that didnt want to give up their land but eventually lost their battle.

15 . Yuval Asleep 30X30X20 Clay 2009 and paint The opulent wedding is about to end and tired children rest their heads on their hands all around. The young cousin in the middle of the noisy fare drifts away on his story book.

16 . Two Gossipers 30X20X20 Clay 2011 and paint Gossip in not always a feminine trade, men like it too and anyhow, it is a healthy habit and is entertaining and fun.

17 Laugh 40X20X20 Clay 2009 In the midst of the festivities I sneak a peek to see a black curly hair guy laughing his heart out

18 Sun tanning 85X35X45 Clay 2010 Dreaming in the sun, what might she be thinking of this pretty young girl?

19 Watching 20X20X35 Clay 2012 and paint Where you sit will determine your point of view.

20 The Unicorn 20X50X50 Clay 2011 The Unicorn, the symbol of purity and connection with the cosmos, the most intelligent animal in the mythology that shows itself only to people with pure soul and finds the goodness and beauty in our world.

21 Giving 15X15X20 Clay 2012 A real MAN can kneel and give whole heartedly to a woman he loves.

22 A Face 30X20X20 Clay 2009 and paint One of the gossipers.

23 . Spiritual Teacher 20X15X30 Clay 2010 He teaches us values, but his white robe is missing.


25 On the Top 30X20X20 Bronze, 2010

26 Nike 55X45X150 Painted clay, 2012 Public garden, Haifa

27 Muscle Fight 50X30X25 Clay and paint, 2010 Stubbornness in a male trait and one said if in doubt, take another step. This type of energy pulls us to watch a bull fight or a tough football game – a dual. It is not agreeable to find yourself in between the winning bull horns

28 A fly away kiss 35X20X20 Clay 2000 You may have not noticed how pleasant it is to see friends in Tel Aviv air a kiss to each other. This can be in Paris, Rome, Moscow or Prague, it is like a butterfly with no strong emotions or expression of love or desire. In a moment he will relax his lips and smile please say hi

29 Expression 55X25X45 Painted clay, 2012

30 Dogs Eyes 50X30X30 Clay 2010 Our heart melts when he looks at us with these kinds of eyes

31 The flower girl Clay and paint 2009 Maybe it is Pygmalion on our hands? or should she move to London to fulfill her dream?

32 The scream 35X50 Clay on Canvas 2009

33 Memories 35X20X35 Bronze, 2009

34 Arnon and his three wives 90x90 Acrylic on canvas, 2009

35 Ballerina 35X20X35 Clay, 2011

36 Laughs 30X20X35 Clay, 2011

37 Laughs 30X20X35 Clay, 2011

38 Elena Gat For inquires and purchases 054 469 0088

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