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We've climbed the highest summits in the world. We've jumped into the void from 9000 feet. We've crossed seas of the world. We've driven a Ferrari at.

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2 We've climbed the highest summits in the world. We've jumped into the void from 9000 feet. We've crossed seas of the world. We've driven a Ferrari at 195mph. We've fine dined in an old French Chateau. We've been shopping in the most fashionable boutiques in Europe. We've given in to the pleasures for the body and the soul. As Experience Hunters it is our mission to discover the greatest range of experiences across Europe.

3 00 44 2392 681 482 Experience Hunters Since 1999 we have established ourselves as a truly PAN-EUROPEAN gift experience company serving thousands of customers and corporate clients. Why customers select Golden Moments? Golden Moments philosophy as Experience Hunters is the continuous search for and creation of activities, with 3500 locations across Europe. Multi-lingual operation across 14 major EU countries. Innovative and stylish packaging, with interactive USB presentation Personal dedicated team service We have more than 14 years of experience being established since 1999 Complete solution from travel, accommodation, experience activity to feedback evaluation. Golden Moments carries a Worldwide General Public Liability Policy and as part of our requirement as a Specialised Corporate Provider we have additional cover for contingent liability through our Professional Indemnity Policy Cover totalling EUR7Million

4 00 44 2392 681 482 Pan-European Range Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom 2013 UAE Greece Bulgaria Our dedicated specialist team of Experience Hunters make up the passion of our business that operates across Europe from Ireland through to Spain.

5 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study Budweiser >> Sales Incentives Brief Budweiser wanted to increase sales within their distribution and bar sales channel. The sales incentive was to be simple so it could be quickly communicated to busy bar managers by the local sales representative from Budweiser. Solution Golden Moments created a set of Budweiser branded voucher cheques with starting denominations of £20.00. Budweiser sales reps were then simply to use the vouchers as an instant tool to encourage increased on- the-spot orders. The Result Budweiser have been very satisfied with the results of increased sales and have used the campaign for three consecutive years. They highlighted that distributors / bar managers loyalty to the brand had strengthened. Experiences are a great way of motivating buyers to purchase more product. Instead of cutting prices, experiences can be used to add value to relationships. Therefore maintaining margin and at the same time encouraging buyers to drive more sales.

6 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study Hewlett Packard >> Team Building Brief Hewlett Packard needed to improve team relationships with Oracle to encourage a more effective working relationship to complete projects on time. Solution Golden Moments took a 30 strong team to Reykjavik in Iceland on an all inclusive 3 day event. We arranged flights, hotels, transfers, evening meals and activities such as Whale Watching, Skidoo driving and bathing in the world famous Blue Lagoon geo-thermal pools. The Result HP and Oracle received a well organized event that increased the collaboration and motivation for the team and the completion of projects on time. If you seek to motive your employees and encourage them to work closer together, nothing works better then a team building experience. Our experienced organisers will save you time, effort and make your event more memorable.

7 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study AEG >> Fixed Fee on Pack Promotion Brief AEG Power Tools set their marketing agency the task of raising the profile of the brand in the UK, whilst at the same time increasing volume sales in their distribution channel. The incentive budget was set at £50 per purchase with a prize audience of 8000. Solution An Experience Hunter was assigned to select a range of 9 activities that would encourage the typical Power Tools purchaser to select the AEG brand over others. Experiences included Power-boating, Rally Driving, White Water Rafting. The vouchers were co- branded with AEGs logo. An insurance policy was taken out to create a ceiling cost. The Result Sales units increased and many distributers/retailers highlighted the AEG brand in their communications to customers. AEG already plan to re-run the campaign.. On pack-promotions are always successful in delivering increased sales results. These increases can be as much as 22%. It is vital to our brief that we deliver a proposition that meets the brands Return On Investment.

8 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study Hewlett Packard >> On Pack-Promotion Brief Publicis approached Golden Moments to partner with them as their fulfillment and winner management company for an HP campaign with the objective of encouraging sales of printers to families with young teenagers. Solution 350 x 2 nd tier prizes were promoted that included experiences for 300 such as Football camps, music lessons, sporting lessons etc. One 1 st tier prize was promoted that offered a choice of six including a Harry Potter themed UK holiday. The Result Hewlett Packard and Publicis were impressed with our quick response to the initial brief and willingness to tailor our solution to the brief. Vouchers were sent branded with HPs logo and Golden Moments managed the interaction with winners. Golden Moments are skilled in matching client brand briefs with matching experiences certain to encourage consumer ACTIONS!

9 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study Durex >> Digital Consumer Interaction Brief Publicis as the marketing agency for Durex needed to create a web based campaign that encouraged social interaction between its consumers using Facebook, Twitter etc. Solution Golden Moments provided eye catching all- inclusive prize holidays across Europe for couples. These included a VIP trip to London, Luxury trip on the Orient Express to Venice, Whale Watching in Iceland, Romantic break to Barcelona and a sailing holiday to Sardegna. We created a web landing page that promoted the prizes and provided more online content. The Result Online traffic increased to the Durex campaign website and the key objective of encouraging consumers to interact socially online discussing sexual health issues was achieved. Experiences are an excellent way of capturing the attention of consumers. Particularly online with creative images that can bring a webpage to life and appeal to consumers aspirational emotions.

10 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study METRO AG >> Retailing Brief One of Europes leading retailers, Metro AG, asked for gift experiences suitable for their cash & carry shops, aimed at small and medium sized businesses. Solution We adapted our concept to retail by using eye catching packaging, powerful point-of- sale displays and additional in store promotions. The Result Golden Moments gift experiences are an annual feature in the Metro December range, consistently outperforming target sales. It is also perceived to be one of the main drivers of gift related sales. Companies that choose to add our highly appealing and superb attention grabbing gift experience boxes to their in-store product range have seen an increase in sales per square metre with our retail offering.

11 00 44 2392 681 482 Style Trendy & Elegant Hotels >> Event Management Brief Style Hotels were opening a new hotel overlooking the harbour in Barcelona and wanted to encourage delegates attending the hotel opening to stay and enjoy the ambience of the new location Solution Golden Moments created a VIP event on the terrace with fine wines and foods from exclusive brands, Ferrari driving and helicopter flights over the harbour of Barcelona. The Result A truly memorable afternoon and evening was created that created an enjoyable setting for relationship building and a stage to launch the new Style Hotel. Click Here for video Events are perfect for bringing people together in a happy surrounding. An experienced organizer will arrange everything and it allows you to spend more time with your customers.

12 00 44 2392 681 482 Case Study LASTMINUTE >> Reselling partnership Brief Lastminute had an objective to increase their product range to add customer loyalty as not only a travel agency but as a lifestyle agency. Solution Golden Moments where chosen as a pan- European partner to add excitement to their product Range. Carefully chosen gift experiences were chosen and uploaded online into the Lastminute web shop. The Result The sales of the new product range on Lastminute was a success, bringing both old and new customers who where looking for lifestyle gifts, activities and additional excursions to their holidays. Lastminute also highlighted that by adding experiences to their range then this increased revenues through the Christmas period which as a travel agent is typically quiet. With gift experiences you will have something exciting that attracts visitors to your webpage and product range. Highly appealing to a broad audience it will boost your sales!

13 00 44 2392 681 482 Golden Moments… An Award winning exporter within Europe Golden Moments quality in experiences and services has been recognised by the Governments department for Trade and Investment in the presentation of an Excellence in International Trade Award. This award has demonstrated our credibility and a such has helped to secure many new Global and Pan- European corporate clients such as the Hilton HHonors loyalty points programme.

14 00 44 2392 681 482 The gift experience Luxury packaging Golden Moments has a packaging option that matches the uniqueness of our experiences. Each voucher is presented in a stylish box that invites the recipient to become an Experience Hunter! The experience starts by plugging in their 1GB USB stick to launch a digital introduction to their experience. Co-branding Our solution provides for further enhancement opportunities to continue promoting the brand sponsors message: The wrap – our quality printed wrap presents the box with your brand message and logo. The digital page – Within the USB flash animation we can create a dedicated page with video/sound to highlight your brand campaign, whether it is for a product presentation, overview of your brand or endorsement management message.

15 00 44 2392 681 482 Companies that buy from Golden Moments come in all shapes and sizes

16 00 44 2392 681 482 Golden Moments business solutions When your business needs encouragement, then you need Golden Moments to add value to your profits through the following B2B solutions: On-pack consumer promotions Sales incentives Long Service rewards Team building events Loyalty points reward schemes Christmas gifts Customer promotions Employee of the month rewards Bespoke and exclusive experiences Staff motivation packages Event management... speak to your Experience Hunter now to deliver benefits to your business.

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