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Welcome to KINDER PARADISE. The number of street children is increasing daily It is difficult to categorize these children. They fall under different.

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2 The number of street children is increasing daily It is difficult to categorize these children. They fall under different groups: –Orphans –Children from violent domestic conditions –Children, who were abandoned or turned out by their family –Children with handicapped parents and / or who are living in the streets with their parents –Children in emergency They are unsecure, have no access to education and therefore no opportunities for the future Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise About 30,000 street children live, sleep, work and walk on the streets of Accra

3 Impressions of the Streets

4 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

5 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

6 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

7 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

8 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

9 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

10 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

11 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

12 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

13 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

14 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

15 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

16 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

17 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

18 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

19 Due to liberal economic policies, the macro economic conditions improved As a result of the economic policies the tax bracket was widening and the cost of living is increasing daily, and this has a negative impact on the poorest people especially street children More children will be thrown into the streets Fight for survival in the streets becomes harder Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise The situation of street children will not improve


21 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise Our Vision Orphaned, Vulnerable and Street children become independent and productive citizens

22 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise Mission Statement Kinder Paradise supports orphaned, vulnerable and streets children by providing a conductive home, care and education for self reliance and social integration

23 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise 95 children have found a new home and hope for a better future at Kinder Paradise Home at Kinder Paradise means: Food and shelter Care Family structure and Christian values Medical checkups and health supervision Protection, security and stability Hope for a better future at Kinder Paradise means: Education Support for professional training Counselling

24 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise The aim of Kinder Paradise is to provide a holistic solution for vulnerable children A Day Care Center in Accra serves as the first drop in for street children The younger children live at the Children's home in Prampram with their own school located on the compound Older children and teenagers live in the Youth's home in Adenta, a suburb of Accra, where they attend Junior or Senior Secondary School and skills and vocational training

25 The Day Care Center in Accra Welcome to RAINBOW KIDS

26 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise The Day Care Center in Accra serves as first drop in for current street children The Day Care Center is located in the center of Accra a midst a high number of street children About 20-30 children visit the Day Care Center daily Two social workers, a cook and volunteers take care of the children Kinder Paradise helps to provide a home and hope to the children: –Re-Integrate them to their families or –Integrate them into Kinder Paradise's homes or –Give them a choice of vocational training or skill training

27 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise In the Day Care Center the children can do things that are almost or completely impossible in the daily fight for survival on the streets Take a shower Wash their clothes Eat breakfast and lunch Rest and sleep Medical check ups Classes in maths, writing and reading, English and basic general education Education on Malaria, Family Planning, Prostitution, Aids etc. Play and participate in sport activities Participate in the production of baskets and rattan furnitures Further counseling through experts is offered any time









36 The children's home in Prampram Welcome to CHILDRENS VILLAGE

37 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise For a sustainable growth and development of the organisation, Kinder Paradise purchased its own land in Prampram In the year 2002, Kinder Paradise purchased a land of about 3,600 square meters in Prampram (about 40 km outside of Accra). In 2005 the buildings were completed and Childrens Village was founded. The total number of resident children is 72 (July 2009) In the three residential buildings boys and girls live seperately according to gender There is more room to accomodate at least 30 more children in the near future. The land is big enough to construct more residential blocks. In the year 2006, Kinder Paradise completed its own school with kindergarten at the Prampram premise The home has a seperate kitchen building, a shed for dining and social activities and a own bio gas system

38 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise The children are provided with support in all areas of life The resident children are between 2 and 16 years All children attend kindergarten or school There is a big playing ground at the Prampram premise Public leisure activities like concerts, festivals for children, football matches with other schools and excursions provide contacts to other children and peers and to different social areas There is a special church service for children on Sundays 8 Employees – housemothers, kitchen staff, social workers and watchmen – and volunteers are taking care about the well being of the children

39 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

40 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise


42 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

43 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

44 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

45 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise


47 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise


49 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

50 The school of Kinder Paradise in Prampram Welcome to BONITA SCHOOL PROJECT

51 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise The school of Kinder Paradise guarantees education on a high level and is an important component of re-integration The school of Kinder Paradise was approved by the Ghana Educational Service and follows the guidelines and syllabi of the Ghanaian school system. It consists of a Kindergarten, Primary school (1 st - 6 th class) and Junior Secondary School (7 th - 9 th class) The children were integrated into the school according to their skills and abilities If necessary the children are helped and supported with their homework after school The headmistress and the 10 teachers are well qualified and expierenced Since 2007 a computer lab with 19 workstations is part of the school The school is attended by 88 children from the village who are paying school fees. 10 further children come from poor fisher families. Kinder Paradise enables them to attend school for free

52 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

53 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

54 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise


56 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise


58 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

59 The Youth's home in Adenta Welcome to GIRLS' AND BOYS' HOUSE

60 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise In both homes the teenagers were prepared for their future life 30 teenagers are living In Adenta, 20 boys and 10 girls, aged from 14 years The teenagers attend Junior and Senior Secondary School 4 teenagers also attend skills or vocational training institutions Since the home is located on the outskirts of Accra, the teenagers can easily reach vocational trainings, other trainings and internships offered in Accra Due to their visit of public schools and events, the teenagers get in contact with other teenagers and peers outside the home 1 social worker, 3 housemothers, 1 cook and 1 helper are taking care of the teenagers

61 Boys' House

62 Girls' House


64 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise





69 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise Any questions? Just start talking to me! Silke Roesner (Manager) Email:

70 Kinder ParadiseKinder Paradise

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